Benjamin found NOT guilty of murder


Toby “Seeka” Benjamin was found not guilty of murder in the High Court today.

Benjamin was on trial in relation to the shooting death of Charles “Bush” Hughes, 37 of Cashew Hill.

The jury was not convinced the defendant was the person who shot Benjamin at his home on the morning of February 11, 2014.

The mother of the deceased testified she found her son’s lifeless body lying on the floor.

Another witness said she saw the accused in the victim’s backyard on the morning of the incident.

The court also heard from two witnesses who claimed they saw the accused with a gun prior to the day of shooting.

However, no one actually witnessed the shooting and no DNA evidence was produced to link the defendant to the crime.



    • Why don’t you hush ya skunt ah bawl bout menace. You ever see him do anything?Wa tf you do? Fu u time go come.

    • Why don’t you shut up bawling bout “menace”. You saw him do anything? Wa you do? Eh? Your time will come.


    Clearly there may have been two people who were reportedly seen on the premises of the deceased;

    (i) …Mother of the Deceased’ (discover lifeless body); and

    (ii) …The accused’ (no gun in hand and doing nothing).

    No evidence was led to show the Jury who was the murderer

    The question is, ‘…Who killed the deceased?’

    This is like ‘…seeing a man driving a motor vehicle at high speed on the Sir Sidney Walling Highway’ at 9 am today.

    He reportedly got into an accident at ‘…Freetown’ at 2pm on the same day.

    Could the person who saw him driving at 9 am, say how fast he was driving on the Freetown Public Road?

    Now, seeing a man with a gun a day before a ‘…murder’ was reportedly committed, could that person say what the possessor of a gun did with it on the day of a murder he never witnessed?

    Not sure what the ‘…investigator and prosecutor’ were thinking.

    Do know what the Jury thought.

    It is better to ‘…allow 100 guilty men to go free, than punish one innocent man.’

  2. A lot of our young men go into prison on remanded for years because our law enforcement do not do a good investigation. There should be a holding cell somewhere else than that filthy prison to hold these accused until their court hearing is complete. Some of our young men go into prison remanded and came out mentally and physically messed up.
    Does this young man have a case if he wants to sued the state for falsely accused? Just asking…

  3. Oh my God. The Government should really compensate this young man for losing five (5) year’s of his freedom.

    I have three boys!

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