Benjamin calls on parents to play part in curbing crime among young people

Steadroy "Cutie" Benjamin, Attorney General

Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin said parents must play their part to curb a recent trend of young people engaging in criminal activity.

“I’m calling upon the parents of this nation. Be responsible, look at your parenting responsibility seriously, make sure you know where you children are at all points in time, especially in the nights between seven and eight in the night until six in the morning”, Benjamin told state media.

The police are currently investigating several reports in which minors were accused of crimes.

Last week Monday, the Attorney General called an emergency meeting with high-ranking police officers to discussed ways to deal with the issue.

“We are satisfied that there are no gangs in Antigua, no organized gangs in Antigua but we are concerned that there are groups of young people who get together and create mischief”, he said.

The Attorney General promised to stamp out the trend.

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  1. Look who talking about stamping out criminals activity…
    Yes, parents need to take a serious responsibility into their child/children behavior. Fathers for these young men need to help the mothers in the parenting. Some single mothers parenting can’t handle these young boys/men alone once they turn a teenager, so fathers please assist in the parenting for the better of your bloodline. The curses from the fathers to 3rd and 4th generations.

    • So what’s your point about look who is talking? i am almost certain he was a real father to his Children..Sounds like you are soo political that you cannot see anything beyond politics,even if you are on the same page..

  2. What about curbing crime and corruption at governmental level?, doesn’t the AG believe that what happens at the top won’t filter down to the bottom?.

  3. Alex N De-Azle, at least I can walk the street at night with respect to your so-called government corruption, but not with these young dangerous criminals roaming the street.

  4. “young dangerous criminals roaming the street”..are there because those at the top have promoted “self enrichment ” amongst other unsocial and unethical practices within their circle and this is the school these young people are taking class from.

  5. Yes we as parents do have a major role in the development of a our children’s lives. However, peer pressure, style & fashion are external pressures that we should not over look. Many of our children comes Christian homes & schools but when they enter the real world, their behaviors change…… The fabric of our society needs looking at seriously……. Complexion, jobs, status and materialistic things determine the value of an individual and how much that person is recognised… It is for this reason why persons find themselves committing criminal offences bcuz they are seeking a sense of belonging in our society just improve their self imagery.

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