Benefits of carrying a front pocket wallet


A wallet is among the most essential pieces of men’s fashion. In fact, a wallet will provide you with a more accessible way to access your most essential items like cash, credit cards, and ID. Some years, wallets were bulky and difficult to keep organized. Some studies even show that they caused back pain. If you are still carrying the bulky wallets, then you have possibly not heard about the Kinzd front pocket wallets and the benefits they provide. Here are some of the reasons why some people opt for front pocket wallets in place of the other types. 

– The wallets are more comfortable 

Sitting on a back pocket wallet throughout the day will give you headaches at the end of the day – particularly when the wallet contains many items. The front pocket wallets feature a slim design and they will fit perfectly into your rounded cut of the front pocket. You will sit comfortably without removing the wallet from your pocket.

– A front pocket wallet has a better appearance

Most back pocket wallets are bulky and do not look the best, particularly when the user is wearing skinny jeans or slim fit dress pants. Asymmetry will not be easy on eyes. Due to the slim design of a front pocket wallet, you should not expect an odd shape – one that can ruin your streamlined appearance. 

– The wallet will not wreck your back pockets 

Perhaps, you already have several pairs of jeans but if you have been carrying your bulky back wallet in them for some time, you already know that it is likely to wear down the denim. With a front pocket wallet, you will never put your weight on your jeans fabric and therefore you should not expect any damages to your favorite jeans.

– It is more convenient than a back pocket 

With a front pocket wallet, you will never need to remove the wallet each time you are sitting down and put it back when you stand. The wallets will help you concentrate on the most important tasks throughout the day. 

– Front pockets are hard to pickpockets 

A pickpocket will always target a back pocket. If someone tried to get his hand down your pants front to get a wallet, you will notice it immediately. 

– The wallets are better for your back 

It is hard to sit on a wallet throughout the day. If you did that, the misalignment of your posture will put more pressure on the sciatic nerve causing more pain on your back. With a front pocket wallet, you should not expect the form of pain.

– The wallets are RFID-blocking 

Apart from being hard to pickpocket, the front pocket wallets have RFID-blocking capabilities, which mean that they will prevent skimming attacks against the contactless credit cards. Skimming attackers use simple electronic readers to get your credit card number and name. With an RFID-blocking wallet, you will not have to worry about this form of theft. 

– Come in the right size 

The shape of front pocket wallets allows them to fit perfectly in your front pockets and they will therefore not look like something of its kind in the market. Perhaps, you would not want to look like everyone else in the market, but a properly shaped wallet is necessary. 

– Built to last 

The manufacturer has no plans of closing business soon. Therefore, they take pride in the construction of the front pocket wallets. They make all the wallets to last for many years. They use the most durable leather and test them in bad environments. The wallet will last for many years. 

– A money-back guarantee 

After purchasing one of our front pocket wallets, and notice that it is not what you expected, you just need to send it back to us in the right condition and we will refund you. All your purchases will be risk-free. We have been providing the guarantee for many years and around 0.01 percent of the buyers send the wallets back to us. We have numerous customer reviews on our website showing customer satisfaction. 


Now, you already know why you should opt for a front pocket wallet. You do not have to sit on a bulky wallet throughout the day anymore. Moreover, a front pocket wallet will last for many years compared to a back pocket wallet. 

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