Belize woman, 25, hoping to connect with her Antiguan father for the first time


UPDATE: 8:01 P.M.-Vanessa has sent thanks to Antigua Newsroom and all those who assisted her in connecting with her family in Antigua.

UPDATE 2:15 P.M.-Since the publication of this story several family members have come forward.

Earlier report: 10:46 P.M:

25-year-old Vanessa and her brother Shaquille are desperately trying to connect with their father believed to be in Antigua.

Vanessa is from Belize and says she has never met Trevor Duberry.

According to Vanessa, “the reason I’m writing is because I’m in desperate need of your help for the pass 25 years I’ve been wanting to know about my father he is from Antigua.”

“My mom met him in New York in the early 90’s him and my mom share a son Shaquille and myself we’ve never heard or seen him. I would like to get to know my family and my culture.”

“That’s all the information I have on him and he has a sister named Carmen. Can you please post my story and see if I have relatives willing to reach out and give me the answers I’ve been wanting for all these years thank you so much.”

Anyone with information can send a message to Antigua Newsroom social media accounts and we will provide you with Vanessa’s number.

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  1. Laaaaad!!! Wondered if he current woman know that he have 2 children in Brazil.
    But seriously, hope they find their father and have one happy reunion. 🙂

  2. Lawd, so many men all over the world have children they don’t even know about. Who knows, maybe brothers are wedding sisters. Cousins, aunts and uncles wedding family members. Shes doing a good thing trying to find her fadda.

  3. This problem is more common than we think . I’ve been privileged enough to know two outstanding youngsters who are not only being ignored by their father Colin O Browne but he has never spoken to them a phone , a penny or even acknowledge them . Their future is bright inrespect .

  4. It is very important that we know our relatives. I was watching a program in the US a few years ago of six siblings whose parents died when they were young. They were all adopted by different families, two were in the same family and they others were in different families. After grown the two that were in the same family decided to find the others.They were found one by one but when came down to the last they had difficulty finding her. Long story short, after careful investigation it turned out she was in their midst all along. She was the wife of her brother. Her name was changed and she was living in the same county with her brother, now husband, went to the same high school where they fell in love, and never had a clue. They had two children together. The world 🌎 isn’t as big as we think, knowing your family is important.

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