Bedbugs are ravaging residents of Fiennes


REAL NEWS: Following allegations, by concerned relatives, of an infestation of bedbugs at the Fiennes Institute, an official source has confirmed that these reports are, indeed, true.

Worse, the official says, senior citizens who are bedridden are being ravaged not only by the bedbugs – but staff believe they are being bitten by roaches, as well.

The official tells REAL News that Management of the Government’s old-age care home tried to address the problem by calling in the Central Board of Health, and some fumigation of the premises was done.

However, the problem has not been corrected and the infestation continues.

The official believes the spraying exercise was inadequate because the disabled residents cannot be easily moved and, so, the exterminator was unable to get to the source of the infestation.

In addition, the person says, urine is known to attract vermin and mattresses might not be changed as often as they should.

However, the greater blame is being laid on the Ministry of Health for failing to provide “the right kind” of cleaning supplies and in enough quantity.

Reportedly, even bleach is provided in insufficient quantity – “less than you would use in your house,” the source says – forcing cleaners to “stretch the supply to make it last” or Management to buy items from their own pockets.

“So the place might be cleaned, but it isn’t cleaned properly…like an institution should be,” the person charges.

Asked whether Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph is aware of the situation, the official was dismissive, saying that the staff and residents of The Fiennes are “too low on the totem pole to matter” to the Minister.

“But this is not right,” the source says. “This should not be happening. Our old people deserve better treatment than this.”

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  1. Gaston needs to go up to Fiennes and help address these issues. This is worth going into his pocket to give a few thousand dollars. Every public institution in Antigua and Barbuda is in a state of chaos. Just waiting to hear the excuses, followed by “Coming Soon.’

  2. Is there no end to the negligence?? This is so wrong. So much neglect , starting with the health system,infrastructures, lack of water, electricity, no stimulus, no payment of salaries including overtime or to our Seniors.. Twenty 26+ failed projects, prison in the most horrific conditions . What are you all doing? Where is the $$$$.

  3. Serpent 🐍 went from cussing people in front a Batta and took his rant to the microphone of Observer, as if smaddy fraid he and the 26 ACRES of FARMing FOOL land full up a OLD STOVE, OLD FRIDGE, RUBBISH AND SMELLY PAMPERS 😴 🙄

    • You must be a useful idiot supporter of the ABLP.
      The article is about the neglect of the poor & elderly citizens of Antigua, and you couldn’t muster up a modicum of empathy for them. What a disgusting subhuman you are. 🤮🤮🤮

  4. Molywn Joseph is aware of this, I personally brought it to his attention and he said he is busy for cabinet. Molywn doesn’t care about antiguan and Barbuda health, much less the old people. Only if a group decides to rally and march on behalf of the old people then will change come. If not nothing will happen. As an employee of the government I know this. There are situations where just a phone call, decisions are made and things get done but if no one big is behind this nothing will happen

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