Beaches Re-Open Today


As the country takes the first few tentative steps towards a relaxation of the state of emergency regulations, beaches across Antigua and Barbuda re-open as of today.

As a reminder, the police have announced that they will be conducting regular patrols at beaches on both is- lands to ensure strict adherence to the regulations.

Under the new guidelines, anyone who wishes to go to the beach for the purpose of bathing or exercising must do so between the hours of 6am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Weekends or holidays are not allowed.

Other rules under the state of emergency will apply. Also no more than two persons from the same household will be allowed to be on any beach during the allotted time.

Likewise, no food, music or any form of gathering or picnicking will be allowed to take place. Boat owners, who wish to utilize their boats, may only do so for the purpose fishing, and not leisure. Any form of loitering, liming or sightseeing is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, only two persons from the same household should be seen travelling in a vehicle  and the wearing of masks is mandatory in public spaces.

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  1. This makes not one sense . Opening everyday in the week or on weekends does it matter ? No more than 2 person per household..????? How would they even know who is who
    Suppose one whole village decide to go the same beach today?

    I dont really know what this govt is trying but this n everything else done is senseless.

    If you opening the country just open it n done rather than this n that which literally makes no sense trying to avoid covid. Avoiding covid is staying home and as we can see … no one is staying home so what’s the big deal

  2. I see that the article says that police will be conducting patrols on both islands. This is a joke. It must be redonda that they are talking about. Barbudans have been camping and enjoying the beach since curfew started and the authorities did nothing about it. I am wondering if there is a different authority on curfew and the state of emergency regulations between Antigua and Barbuda.

    • Barbudans are a nation unto themselves. Remember they have the power to close their own borders. The sand mining that the Council engages in has adversely affected the environment. They even succeeded in working to rebuild their kingdom all by themselves after hurricane Irma. They are extremely open-minded and want to see progress beyond lobster and coco plum.

  3. Barbudans would do as they like anyway. They’re just wired that way. Hope they have the resouces to take care of their primitive life syles at their refurbished hospital. Continue to have fun in the wilds, Barbudans. Antguans, let civility and commonsense prevail. Tap a yu yard.

    • Lol lol lol As long as Jim Jones continues to give them the koolaid, they will drink it and stay in the Dark Ages.

      Asha Frank is smart. She saw through the BPM brainwashing and wised up. Guess which company she now works for?

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