Beaches Ordered Closed August 3rd and 4th


Beaches have been ordered closed on what  would have been Carnival Monday and Tuesday, August 3rd and 4th, state media is reporting.

A notice said that beaches will reopen on Wednesday at 5 am.

It is not clear what led to this apparent change of heart.

It is believed that the decision was made by Cabinet on Friday.




  1. The healthy are being quarantined and denied their basic rights to protect them against a disease that accounts for 3% of all daily deaths! What about cardiovascular diseases that kills 50K every day or cancer that kills 28K daily versus Covid which kills 6K????

    Why are there still meats, eggs, cheese, chocolates, ice-cream, chips, cigarettes, beers etc. still being sold in Antigua? If you really want to protect the people then ban these items and force them to east steam veg and brown rice ebry day.

  2. Just the devils advocate here. You can choose to eat those things. COVID you can choose to not get it if your in contact with someone who has it .

  3. Just the devils advocate here. You can choose to eat those things. COVID you can’t choose to not get it if your in contact with someone who has it .

  4. The beaches are closed on carnival Monday and Tuesday. This is utter nonsense. Their is no carnival and the beaches that would been a nice refuge for citizens and residents are closed. I will be going to either Long Bay or Sandals and will be bathing. If I am arrested, then any tourist bathing will also have to be arrested. We will be in the police lock up on Newgate Street together.

  5. And by the way, if Gaston Browne and his government do not know having tourists using the beaches on Monday and Tuesday and Antiguans and Barbudans are not allowed to use the beaches on those days would be unconstitutional. It would be applying the Regulations in a discriminatory manner and thus contrary to section 14 of the Constitution. I hope the government takes note of this.

  6. Those Members of Cabinet.Are they our parents.And we are their children.Mommy and Daddy could you please let us go to the Beaches on Monday and Tuesday.There are supposedly 365 Beaches on the island of Antigua.No one could go to any of those Beaches on Monday and Tuesday.In my opinion that is unreasonable.Let the people go to the beaches with stipulations.No music,only stick with those who came to the beach with you in your vehicle.Wear your masks while out of the water.Give reasonable guidelines.Not just make up unreasonable crap as you go.Just a bunch of dunderheads,called a CABINET.

  7. Shame on you Charles Tabour (lawyer), if you are the person who wrote the post above! Of course I expected better of you…. A law was put in place by the authorities and yes u do have a right to disagree with it but in my view, it does not give u the right to violate it…. Furthermore, did u ever thought that your post, along with your actions of choosing to breach the law if you so desire, can have an impact on others who may follow suit and take the same actions like you…. ?Remember you are not only an ordinary citizen or resident here, but you are a reputable lawyer who should be law biding and who should exercise more wisdom with your actions, be it your writings or otherwise.

  8. Bluddy Bloke the only point that I wished to bring to Gaston Brown and his administration is that a law cannot be discriminatory in its application. That would be unconstitutional (read section 14 of the Constitution. Therefore, on Monday and Tuesday no guests in any of our hotels should be seen to use the beach. If they do then that would be discrimination against the residents of Antigua and Barbuda. So if I am arrested Monday at Dickenson Bay and their are guests of Sandals also bathing, then we would all have to be arrested since we are all breaking the law. I hope you understand the point I am making.

  9. Mr. Tabor, I have great respect for you and your writings although I do find your post can be thought provoking….. Be that as it may, I do respect & agree with your point in reference to the beach, and rightly so, it will certainly be a discrimination towards us, the locals if the beach is used by the tourists & not by us on those given days. However, two wrongs cannot make a right!! We need to think before we act & think about your audience & what impact your actions could have on them….. Remember, It is not what you do but how you do it. In addition, it is not what you say but how you say it, should be paramount.

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