Beach access laws to be strengthened

Deep Bay Beach

The Gaston Browne government has announced that the law governing access to the beaches of Antigua and Barbuda, will surely be amended to make it stronger.

The current law addresses only public access, but does not make clear that automobiles, buses or other transport ought to be allowed where it is possible.

The Cabinet which met yesterday determined that while hotel owners would wish to secure their visitors’ safety and property, systems to allow broader access must in the law.

“The Attorney General has been directed by Cabinet to strengthen the law, and to put on notice those who may have intentionally restricted access in order to discourage use by citizens,” a brief Cabinet statement said.

Parliament will next meet on September 11, 2018; however, amendments to the DCA Law will likely not be ready by that time, according to the statement.

Residents have been complaining that more and more land owners have been restricting access to beaches and called on the government to do something about it.

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  1. Beautiful now the alp working for the ordinary people hmmm keep this up alp and i can change my name …..alp you get a A+ for this one

  2. So from my understanding the beaches are indeed public, below the high water mark ! The reality is that this does not make for much space to use the beach; say two feet from where the water meets the sand, how will this be handled?
    Take Dickinson bay as an example you would be trespassing walking one foot to seaward Sandals wall.

  3. I strongly agree with this… Can you imagine having a family picnic at valley church beach and the of the restaurant on the beach telling you to hurry pack up cause he is closing his gate?

  4. Finally some good work for the people by this administration. If they go through with this it will be a victory for the beach picnic lovers of Antigua and Barbuda. They will also need to strengthen the litter act also because ‘ are we too Narsey’ we love access to the beach and we go and enjoy ourselves and leave all our garbage there even ‘ pickne pampers’ oh how we are a Narsey’ nation…smh

  5. Land owners will fight this all the way to the Privy Coucil or the CCJ
    And I can see them winning their case . How you going to treat land were there is a beach different than land where there are rocks or mangroves
    It makes no sense to me and it infringe on people’s right to peacefull ownership of property.

    • @From the Sideline- I have to disagree with you on this. If my memory serves me,the Law always stated that there must be reasonable access to All Beaches on the Island,since i was a little Girl, i always heard my Parents saying that..The Beaches have not moved,we never had any problems..The only Beach i know had a long time issue is Mill Reef.. It seem like what has been happening lately is the Property Owners are trying to block access to the Beaches all of a sudden,maybe they are looking confrontation.One thing that is sure and that is they cannot move the Properties ,they can choose to shut their doors,someone else will take over..They simply cannot deny Antiguan’s entry to the Beach,we will never settle for that,and rightly so.. I will be prepared to stand with any group or whomever against this..They must be a compromise, we respect their properties and they respect our rights to have proper access to our Beaches,because that’s ours for sure..

    • I also believe the government did its assessment before coming to this conclusion.. I heard the PM say,he would have the DCA do an assessment of all Beaches before he made a move..I guess there are evidence that they may have been violating some laws as to how they are fencing their properties.

    • Well go on a hill so no one trouble you simple like that…….before they bought the land they knew whats up

  6. @ Fooley-Finally some good work for the people?? Why finally- This Administration has always been working for the people..The PM is no push over,the color of the Skin and the wealth does not intimidate him.. A real soldier to the cause Sir-The father of the nation would be proud of you-Keep standing for the nation and we will stand with you..

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