BBC corrects article linking Antigua to COVID-19 variant


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has corrected an article that linked a variant of COVID-19 to Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda diplomat Sir Ronald Sanders, who spoke with regional news agency Caribbean News Service on Wednesday, said the information had remained uncorrected despite British health officials walking back claims that a new Covid-19 variant originated here.

Sir Ronald accused the BBC of damaging the country’s tourism industry.

On the BBC’s website, in an article updated Thursday, the British broadcaster wrote that the story has now been updated to reflect new information on UK variants on the Public Health England (PHE) website.

The broadcast company says PHE previously reported two cases of the VUI-2021-03-01 variant had been found in the south-east of England in individuals who had recently been to Antigua.

PHE now says that despite the travel history of these cases, there is no scientific evidence to determine where this variant first emerged.

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  1. And I thought Antigua would be the first island with its own Variant.Because Antigua wants to be the first in all things good and or bad.I saw a picture sent to me on my phone.I thought it was that of a woman.The person who sent me that picture.Then told me it was that of a man in Antigua.I could not believed that.Because it is the very first time.I have seen a man in Antigua exposed parts of himself like that.Very disgraceful, very distasteful,in my opinion.

    • Antiguans are extremely promiscuous with no loyalty to one another or relationships or marriage.

      No wonder the COVID is spreading like wildfire around the little island.

      Some discipline and morality needs to be brought to the little island nation.

  2. Now the “Moustache” can get off his knees , standup like the DICTATOR HE IS and the other fella that he so fashion himself after and STOP 🛑 the public bribery of 100000 vaccines .

  3. Everyone knows that it is not with 100% certainty that the South African variant originated in SA or the Brazilian variant originated in Brazil.

    Similarly, it’s not with 100% certainty that the Antiguan variant originated in Antigua.

    There would be no talk of Antiguan variants at all if the Antiguan government didn’t let in any and all diseased folks with no testing or quarantining though.

  4. Reading thses comments and other comments on past post I really cant believe that some of you people are really praying for the downfall of your own island just because it serms y’all don’t like the current administration. Its just so tragic to see a country which is prodominatly black tear one another down for the sake of politics and yet still all the politician opposition and government alike are ha ha he he ki ki together behind closed doors. Y’all need help in this place.

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