Battle Between Jamaica DPP  And Antigua DPP

Anthony Armstrong

 By Rawlston Pompey

Even as those in their respective disciplines and in their own rights as scientists, have sought to influence human’s thought processes and behavioral patterns, human nature is just what it is. It is likened to ‘Murphy’s Law.’ Those that believed in this adage, know that it speaks to a ‘Pre-determined Destiny.’ It says; ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’ Still, there are some things that have ‘Foreseeable Consequences,’ that can be averted. Still, there are some situations that are as inescapable as they are unavoidable. Even so, those that delight themselves in making life more difficult than nature, have caused for their fellow-men, adversities of all kinds, untold miseries and despair.


Likened to other jurisdictions, the ‘Two Most Scrutinized’ government agencies have been (i) ‘The ‘Police Service; and (ii) Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.’ Though their role and functions are practically different, office holders know that key to successful ‘Public Prosecutions’ are; (a) ‘Proper criminal investigations; (b) Martialing the evidence; and (c) A functional approach; (d) Inter-agency cooperation; and (e) Respect for areas of responsibility.’ These agencies are headed by those that have commendably acquitted themselves, as to be seen as competent, efficient and behaviorally, exemplary.


Not infrequently, there have been ‘Changing Scenes of Life.’ There have been man-engineered adversities of one kind or another. Frequently, these are often ‘Reek of Suspicion.’ Through collaboration between the ‘Police Services of Jamaica and Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica,’ needlessly, the global community has been made aware of the experiences of ‘Antigua and Barbuda Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong.’ When Jamaican-born national ‘Anthony Armstrong’ boarded an Airline from ‘V.C Bird International Airport (VCBIA)’ destined to his native Jamaica,’ he knew not what lay ahead.


This commentary seeks not to ‘Defend Faith;’ nor is it intended to invite ‘Fate’ upon the adversity-struck ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Anthony Armstrong.’ Thus, it does not speak to the ‘Merits or Demerits’ of the Case, of which he has been made the subject of criminal prosecutions. Its primary purpose is to lend a ‘Professional Understanding’ of the seemingly misunderstood ‘INTERPOL Red Notice entails.’ It also looks at the behavior and employable strategy of some criminal investigators. It is dedicated to attorneys with a criminal practice. That which suspects seem not to know is that they owe no obligation to no one to voluntary submit themselves to be questioned by any investigator. While some formalities are done, criminal investigation is generally not done at Police Stations or sitting at an office desk.


It is dedicated to (i) ‘An esteemed Attorney-at-law Charlesworth Tabor; and (ii) Dr. Dave Ray.’ The latter, an apparent objective, but seem more critical over the author’s writing style, than of the content. At this juncture, none shall be reminded of what ‘St. Paul’ has said. For the benefit of those who do not remember, he was scripturally quoted saying; ‘Every man to his own order’ [1 Corinthians: 15: 23]. Congratulations to the partly despised/loved ‘J’Truth.’ Not only for sticking to his ‘Own Order,’ but also in lifting the coveted and prestigious ‘Leonard ‘Tim’ Hector Award’ [ANR: November 7, 2022]. Suffice to say, the prestigious ‘Award’ necessarily demands purity of expressions. Many shall find the contents serious, yet humorous.


It shall do no harm reflecting upon the ‘Wrath’ nature descended upon ‘Port Royal.’ Historians appeared not to have been descriptively kind to that ‘Ancient City.’ They have described it as ‘One of the wickedest places on earth’ [June 7, 1692]. That which descended upon the City, saw some two-thirds of the land mass disappeared. Seemingly, without the advent and benefit of ‘Information and Technology,’ before residents shall have been advised; (a) ‘Drop; (b) Cover; and; Hold on,’ likened to a torpedoed ship, it was left listless and helpless by an estimated ‘7.5 Magnitude Quake’ [Wikipedia].


Historical accounts, revealed that; ‘The morning that opened brilliantly fine; There was said to have been glorious sun shining down on the earth from a cloudless sky; …There was no indication, neither to man, nor beast of the coming disaster.’ Under the blazing, yet tolerable morning Sun, and just before midday-11.43 am, there were said to be roaring sounds. Without a Zoo, residents obviously knew they were not sounds of hungry lions. Though it had nothing to do with ‘Inclemency of Weather,’ the sounds were said to have roared like thunder. Still, they were not preceded by lightning.


Eerie feelings gripped those inside. No attempts were made to venture outside. Instead, residents on the outside reportedly scampered inside. In the instant situation, the nearest building was good for shelter. For a great many of the frightened and disoriented residents, it spelled disaster of a magnitude that was never before experienced. To the survivors, it marked the ‘Changing Scenes of Life.’ Violently the city rocked, and instantaneously, it submerged beneath the ocean by a ‘Tidal Wave.’ Today, it may have been called a ‘Tsunami.’ So was the destructive attitude of nature. This appeared evident from the wrath descended upon it by one of the ‘Forces of Nature.’


The earth shook with such violence, that buildings collapsed. Dust rose to the heavens, while debris fell down. The earth opened up with rents that took in everything. Men, women and children’ submerged under a turbulent wave, leaving some ‘2,000 residents’ to rest quietly in ‘Watery Graves’ [Wikipedia]. Whatever their hopes and dreams and aspirations, in the twinkle of an eye, the occupiable land mass of the ‘City of Port Royal’ disappeared. in the twinkle of an eye, a sizeable portion of the ‘City of Port Royal’ became non-existent. So too, were their hopes, dreams and aspirations. For in the twinkle of an eye, the occupiable land mass disappeared from view. The experiences of ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong,’ bears no comparison. Yet, he bears witness to his world being collapsed, firstly by an embarrassing ‘Red Notice,’ and secondly, by ‘Apprehension’ [November 6, 2022].


The unpredictable ‘Nature of Man,’ has been no different. Man continues to ‘Deceive; Deprive; and Destroy.’ Though he has peacefully transitioned to another place, the name and social commentaries of ‘Sir Rupert Philo, Dean of Calypso,’ lives on in the memory. Whether or not a fan or follower, friend or foe, his social commentaries are stark reminders of man’s evilness and wickedness to man. Many shall recall the lyrical contents of one of his most telling commentaries; ‘Man to Man.’ Sharing his experience, he said; ‘They say man to man is so darm unjust; …You don’t know who the hell to trust.’ The deceased artist appeared to have been prompted to perform this song when, through ‘Deception and Treachery,’ friends and work-colleagues; ‘Bad-talk me to an Airline company; …In the end they make ‘LIAT’ fire me.’ [1978: Mighty Swallow].


There have been some developments that have been seen as ‘Stranger than Fiction.’  Conversely, there have been human behaviors, though not fictional, when exhibited, have often boggled the mind. The ‘Creative Miracles of God,’ saw humans being born of flesh and blood. Each is presumed to be endowed with ‘Reason and Conscience.’ In men and women of the attained age of majority, these combined, are said to guide human behavior. Today, as has been in the distant and recent past, humans have been exhibiting behaviors that are as ‘Devious,’ as they are ‘Dangerous.’


When criminal investigators, seemingly sown ‘Seeds of Deception’ in his mind, and wooed him back to Jamaica for ‘an Interview,’ they had successfully disguised their prosecutorial intentions. Moreover, when factually and unprofessionally, law enforcers with ‘Reckless Abandon’ breached ‘INTERPOL Protocols,’ by sharing ‘Confidential Electronic Mail’ with those in whom no ‘Police Powers,’ reside, know that the ‘Die of Criminal Prosecutions’ had been cast. When Jamaican-born national ‘Anthony Armstrong’ boarded an Airline from ‘V.C Bird International Airport (VCBIA), destined to the ‘Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA)’[Jamaica], he knew not what lay ahead [November 6, 2022].


Whether or not ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong’ traveled to Jamaica, China or India,’ on the premise of being interviewed by criminal investigators, criminal suspects know that the wind blows from the four cardinal points of the earth. Some East: some West; Some North; and some South. On the ocean, there are usually ‘Choppy Seas.’ In the open airspace, there are usually ‘Turbulences.’ On terra firma, people are blown all over. Some to Church and some to jail.’ Clearly and emphatically, there was no evidence or even suspicion that he has been on the run from ‘Jamaican Justice.’ Factually, the world now a ‘Global Village,’ and with the advent of ‘Information and Technology,’ it certainly does not allow him to have been that elusive for very long before the ‘Long Arm of Law’ pulled him in.


Privilege information revealed he was officially informed that his travel was specifically for the purposes of ‘Criminal Interviews.’  He appeared not to have been alerted that he run the risk of ‘Forfeiting his Liberty.’ Informally, he may have been given an inkling. Though he was destined to his homeland, with such inkling, true or false, even ‘Angels’ would have been fearful to leave ‘VC Bird International Airport (VCBIA),’ let alone travel to his ‘Twice-Yearly Itinerant Destination- Jamaica.’ Inflight restrictive movements, may have been extended only by visits to the onboard sanitary facility. These may either have been due to gripping fear and/or ‘Calls of Nature.’


Inescapably, he was ‘Entrapped and Nabbed’ by a ‘Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) female detective. Reportedly exhibited behavior that seem neither to have reflected professional knowledge, nor professionalism.’ Such exhibition was said to speak to scant respect for ‘Human Dignity.’ Fully cooperative, the unsuspectingly tricked, lured and nabbed Antigua and Barbuda Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong,’ was reportedly left ‘Dejected and Flabbergasted’ over the unexpected turn of events He maintained both self-control and his mental faculties. Then irate, befuddled-brain ‘Attorney Hugh Wildman’ appeared not to have concealed his emotions. Embarrassingly, he too felt ‘Deceived and Tricked.’ In -pre-arrival discussions, he may have taken a ‘6 for a 9.’


Likened to the fabled story of the ‘Spider and the Fly;’ he saw his client flew carelessly into a ‘Police Web.’ Then all flying was over. Though clearly not a fable, he shall have been mindful of the ‘Spider/Fly Story.’ He could never have been naïve in believing that such exercise, he would have been airborne on the Army helicopter to take in a spectacular view of ‘Waurika Hills.’ When he traveled out of ‘Antigua and Barbuda,’ for reasons then best known to ‘INTERPOL’ and himself, it shall have been obvious that it was a ‘Cardinal Mistake.’ He may have taken a ‘Calvin Ayer Chopper’ and fly right here over ‘Antigua and Barbuda.’


There might be a lesson to be learnt from ‘Law Enforcement Instructional Guide.’ It states; ‘Beware of Subterfuge.’ Notwithstanding his constitutional prosecutorial role, where citizens either perceived or harbored belief that there were some courses of action may have been influenced by the environment, he is still owed; (i) ‘The protection of law; (ii) Presumption of innocence [CO: 1981: Section 15]; (iii) Due process; (iv) Equality of treatment; and (v) Fair and public trial before the Court’ [1948: UDHR: Article 10]. From a strictly professional perspective, the apparent ‘Ill-advised and Ill-Fated’ return to ‘Jamaica’ of ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong’ appeared merely for the completion of arresting formalities.


Today, as has always been the case, given certain employable ‘Investigative Strategies,’ persons shall know that ‘Red Notices’ or not, law enforcers have never been starved of ‘Investigative Ploys.’ This is so, whether or not a ‘Notice’ exists or cancelled. That which occurred on arrival at ‘NMIA,’ speaks more to the ‘Corruptible Influence’ of the environment, than of want of professional and procedural training. Even so, the ‘Jamaican-counterparts of certain members of the ‘Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda,’ appeared to have exploited ‘Confidentiality Chinks’ within the local chapter of ‘INTERPOL.’


It is also widely known that most ‘Commonwealth Nations’ have international obligations that as requests are formally made, they shall discharge those obligations. None shall feign ignorance of these. Whether or not persons are seen as ‘Fleeing Justice,’ they shall, with utmost suspicion, take all ‘Red Notices’ serious. They shall always regard them as ‘Red Flags.’ As in the case of ‘danger,’ they shall see such ‘Notices’ as indicating the ultimate, but inescapable- Arrest.’ Given his ‘professional adversities and legal troubles,’ inferences might reasonably be drawn that ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Anthony Armstrong’ may have been unsuspectingly deceived and tricked.  Then likened to a length of invisible thread, ‘Lured and Entrapped’ for the ‘Jamaican Nab’ [November 6, 2022].


Consequent upon the initiated course of action, it could hardly escape reasonably drawn inferences that shall cause ‘Administrative Worry’ to ‘Commissioners of Police Atlee Rodney KPM and Major General Antony Anderson CD, JP, MDA, BEng (Hons).’ That which shall so cause worry, shall be their supposedly ‘Confidentially Impenetrable INTERPOL Units’ within their respective ‘Police Service.’ Whether or not acting collaboratively, one or both of these ‘Units’ seemed to have been ‘Environmentally Exploited.’ Thus, without explicable and/or justifiable reasons from ‘Law enforcement Heads,’ an openly shared observation was an apparent organizational activity, capable of being identified as ‘Corrupt Practice.’


Those familiar with law enforcement and have dealt with ‘Cross-border or organized-crimes,’ shall rely upon the assistance of the ‘International Police Organization (INTERPOL).’ Whether or not from ‘China or India; or Antigua and Barbuda or Jamaica,’ the membership of this organization may seek such assistance by requesting the issuance of a ‘Red Notice.’ This has brought internal terror, but only to those taking ‘Flight from Justice.’ The often misunderstood, ‘Notice’ has never been ‘an International Arrest Warrant.’ Among the primary purposes are (a) ‘Alerting every Law enforcement jurisdiction of sought-after notorious criminals on the run; and (b) Ascertaining the whereabouts of fugitives.’


In fact, it silently speaks to apprehension when a ‘Request for Extradition’ has been formally made; and (d) A Provisional Arrest Warrant’ has been duly issued by the ‘Appropriate Authority’ [ANU: No.12 of 1993: Section 9 (4)]. The Cases against; (i) ‘Convicted former Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC), Leroy King; (ii) The wealthy-lucky Indian Billionaire, diamantaire Mehul Choksi; and (iii) Convicted rapist former British Police officer, Lee Martin-Cramp’ make the point. In the case of both convicts, no ‘Red Notices’ were necessary to be circulated to the universal membership of ‘INTERPOL.’


Both nations knew where the accused had residency. Instructively, the young ‘British Bobby,’ then vacationing on ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ was said to have been on a ‘Social Rendezvous’ with a female medical student. She was then pursuing medical studies within the jurisdiction. Seemingly overwhelmed by desires of a sexual nature, and with apparent reckless abandon, got ‘Entangled with the Law’ He was accused of committing a sexual act of against her. [May 2015]. However, before completion of criminal investigations, the accused reportedly made his way back to the ‘United Kingdom’ [May 2015].


In respect to the e ‘Fraudster (King) and Rapist (Cramp),’ the ‘United States and Antigua and Barbuda’ complied with requirements of the ‘Extradition Law.’ Both nations made ‘Formal Requests’ for their return to face prosecution. Ironically, the ‘Extradition Request’ for the return of the alleged rapist was made by ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong.’ Seemingly satisfied and overjoyed with his ‘Prosecutorial Performance,’ an ecstatically happy ‘Attorney General, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin’ was quoted in media reports saying that he was ‘pleased with the hard work of the DPP, who is determined to ensure that all delinquent persons are brought to justice’ [Observer: September 4, 2018].


From a professional perspective, it was never said; could never, and could never have been said that the ‘Antigua and Barbuda DPP,’ had been a ‘Fugitive-at- Large.’ Though it may not be necessarily so, likened to many other ‘Global Police Services,’ some personnel seem to savor that which appeared to be a ‘Clique Culture of Corruption.’ Research has shown that he was never accused of committing a cross-border crime. Neither has he been evasive or has opportunistically taken fight from justice, thereby sought ‘Haven’ in the jurisdiction of ‘Antigua and Barbuda.’ Though ‘Jamaica’ has been his country of domicile, and he enjoys ‘Freedom of Movement,’ he may have been the victim of ‘Unsafe Advice,’ Conversely, if he acted on his own volition, then it shall be seen that he ‘Riskily and Unwittingly’ traveled back to Jamaica.


Moreover, ‘Sir Ron’ may have known that whether or not considered a ‘Suspected Person,’ no one is obliged to incriminate him/herself in any criminal wrongdoing.’ He had not employed or relied on his special skills. That which may have distinguished ‘Diplomatic Skills’ from ‘Prosecutorial Skills,’ may very well have been the ‘Spirit of Discernment.’ A local news portal reported that ‘Detective, Superintendent Nuffield Burnette’ made a ‘Media Request’ for the former Ambassador to ‘present himself to the Police.’ Investigators not only had sight on him as a ‘Person of Interest,’ but also wished interview him on the ‘Controversial Ishikawa Jima Heavy Industries (IHI) Fraud Investigations’ [Martina Johnson: Antigua Observer: January 4, 2012].


Irrespective of ‘Reason or Request,’ likened to ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong, ‘Sir Ron’ was never declared a ‘Fugitive from Justice.’ From a professional perspective, ‘Fools’ were never known to have successfully committed certain ‘Frauds.’ Thus, it may take a ‘Fool’ to expect ‘Fraudsters’ to present themselves to criminal investigators to be handcuffed and slapped with ‘Fraud Charges.  Sir Ron, sent no media delivered ‘Messagesto ‘Superintendent Burnette.’ He seemingly never contemplated sending messages or travelling anywhere to be penned. He possesses no ‘Praying skills’ nor ‘Singing talents,’ comparable to those of ‘Silas and Paul’ [NIV: Acts 16: 16 40]. Thus, whether or not he was wanted for an ‘Interview or Interrogation,’ even if his name was ‘Deed Poll’ to be called ‘Carl,’ ‘Sir Ron’ would still not travel to ‘Antigua at all.’


None shall deny that the ‘Prosecutorial Prowess’ of ‘Antigua and Barbuda’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), was widely known. None may also deny that he has caused ‘Substantial Revenues’ from ‘Confiscated Monetary Assets’ flowed into the ‘Cash-strapped Nation.’ None may also deny, that likened to water flowing downward to the sea from ‘Country Pond,’ the ‘National Economy,’ breathed sighs of relief. If so indulgently craved, attestations to ‘These Truths’ may come from ‘Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh and Director of ONDCP, Lt Colonel Edward Croft.’ He was not ubiquitous. His ‘Whereabouts’ were well known within the ‘Caribbean Community (CARICOM); the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS); Canada; United Kingdom; Russia; and the United States of America.


None, therefore, shall feign ignorance of these facts. Research has shown that he recently participated in a ‘Virtual CARICOM Conference,’ as background to his photograph suggests. The Conference, reportedly hosted by the ‘United States and United Kingdom.’ The ‘Conference’ brought together ‘Crème-de-la-crème’ of ‘Public Prosecutors. Their representatives provide irrefutable ‘Evidence of Knowledge’ of the whereabouts of ‘Anthony Armstrong.’  The identifiable participating territories, included ‘Directors of Public Prosecutions’ from: (i) The apparent ‘Wolfish ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA: (ii) The Bahamas; (iii) Barbados; (iv) Belize; (v) Commonwealth of Dominica; (vi) Grenada; (vii) Guyana; (viii) The apparent conniving and cunning fox JAMAICA; (ix) St. Kitts/Nevis: (x) St. Lucia; (xi) St. Vincent and the Grenadines; (xii) Trinidad and Tobago; and (xiii) British Overseas Territories’ [ABN: February 8, 2021].


Ironically, representing ‘Jamaica’ was ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),Paula Vanessa Llewellyn CD, KC,’ while ‘Anthony Armstrong’ represented his adopted nation, ‘Antigua and Barbuda.’  Research has revealed that this esteemed female legal luminary,’ has held the prestigious office of ‘DPP’ for ‘some 14 years’ [Jamaica: 2008]. She has done her ‘Internship on Antigua and Barbuda’ [Wikipedia]. Given these ‘Truths,’ none, inclusive of those with ‘Forked Tongues’ shall deny not to have been seized of ‘Facts and Knowledge.’ Moreover, no regional ‘Director of Public Prosecutions’ and no ‘Minister of Legal and Foreign Affairs’ shall depreciate the value of his prosecutorial practice.


Left abandoned, jaded and dejected, distraught and despaired, ‘Anthony Armstrong’ appeared to have been ‘Reputationally Wounded.’ If it shall not to be believed that ‘Environmental Influence’ was not at work, then it shall beg no question as to; (i) ‘At the highest level, ‘Why did it take the ‘Andrew Holness Administration’ and ‘Major General Antony Anderson-led Police High Command’ this long to cause ‘INTERPOL’ to disseminate a ‘Red Notice’ to the international community? (ii) Why caused the issuance of such ‘Notice,’ when his; (a) ‘Place of residency: (b) Employer: and (c) Prosecutorial position’ were well known to all a sundry? (iii) Why was the Notice immediately cancelled? and (iv) Why were his prosecutorial services retained with disciplinary proceedings precariously hanging over his head for seventeen (17) years [October 17, 2005 – November 1, 2022]?


When Law enforcement personnel, knowingly and seemingly collaborated with foreign agencies by employing ‘Treacherous Strategies,’ intended to destroy the professional careers of others, the ‘Treacherous’ shall know that they run the risk of traversing down dangerous precipices to their own professional destruction. They shall also know that ‘Spiritual Fire’ shall burn their consciences to ashes. The ‘Plot Thickened.’ Privilege information revealed that mere hours before flight time, confirmation of travel by ‘DPP Anthony Armstrong to Jamaica’ [November 6, 2022]. Such revelation suggests incubation of a ‘Plot of Collaboration.’ That which shall not be omitted from this commentary is this. It is to be understood that universally, Law enforcement shall ‘Cooperate and Collaborate’ in the fight against ‘Organized-Crimes.’


In the case of the ‘Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and Office of Director of Public Prosecutions,’ likened to many others, the officers in their respective fields of endeavor, appear to have distinguished themselves exceedingly well. These are the highly reputable charactered; (i) ‘Major General Antony Bertram Anderson [March 19, 2018]; and (ii) Jamaican Crown Prosecution Service, DPP Paula Vanessa Llewelyn Surely, these two highly visible and upstanding ‘Public Figures’ have been under constant public scrutiny. Research has shown that crime and a recent public spat, have placed the spotlight on their respective ‘Roles and Functions.’


Disabusing public of spotlighted ‘Perceived Prosecutions/non-prosecutions of 40 Cases’ [OCG: Jamaica Gleaner: November, 25, 2011]. Such perception is bad for everything; bad when a conviction is obtained, and bad when an acquittal is given. More fundamentally, ‘Bad’ when no prosecutorial proceedings have been expeditiously instituted against those of ‘Affluence and Societal influence.’ Respecting the ‘Jamaica Police Service,’ the former, charged with superintendence of this ‘Disciplined Organization,’ has always been deemed to know those personnel inclined to breach ‘Organizational Discipline,’ or breach ‘Standardized Operationalized Procedures.’ Such procedures were purposefully designed to enhance professional competence, efficiency and effectiveness. Consequent upon such procedures, there shall be no ‘Rush or Bomb Jobs.’ Neither shall there be ‘Shoddy Criminal Investigations.’


In the ‘Eastern Caribbean,’ more specifically ‘Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica,’ persons holding the constitutional position of ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),’ have been as visible as the sun shining down on ‘Darkwood Beach’ [ANU], as on ‘Dunn’s River’ [Jamaica]. Privilege information suggest that mere hours before travel, a law enforcement officer reportedly initiated a call to a ‘Person of Interest’ to a regional jurisdiction. Instructively, this was said to ascertain if he/she was travelling to a particular destination. As one of the ‘Collaborative Strategies,’ know that such person would be greeted by criminal investigators upon arrival at the designated ‘International Airport.’ Those endowed with an ‘Inquisitive Mind,’ shall have anticipated that adversity was not only looming, but also about to strike.


Even without the use of ‘Diplomacy,’ this had not, and could not have happened to ‘former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Sir Ronald ‘Ron’ Saunders.’ He appeared to have been legally and properly guided. He knew that no matter how crafted or how fanciful the language, there has been no such written ‘Legal Concept’ as ‘Persons of interest.’ That which he also may have known was that no person has any obligation to surrender themselves to criminal investigators for questioning.’ He appeared to have known that except ‘Compulsion by Arrest,’ no person may visit a ‘Police Station,’ whether or not on; (a) ‘Request: (b) Appeal; or (c) Instructions of investigators.’ These are merely informally-developed ‘Investigative Strategies.’


Even if in hindsight, it could never be said that recent developments within the ‘Crown Prosecutions Chambers,’ was the result of ‘Diligent Negligence.’ arrived in this jurisdiction and capped the ‘Directorship’ of the prestigious prosecutorial position, it was a position not nationally appreciated by both the electorate and public officials [ANU: October 17, 2005].  Seeds of ‘Division; Doubt and Disillusionment’ had been firmly sown in their hearts and etched in the ‘Mind of the Nation.’ Some have harbored, and firmly held views of justice as one of ‘Expediency.’


Interestingly, his appointment came when a particular administration seemed to have been playing ‘Gymnastics’ with the office of the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions.’ Thus, for reasons of; (a) ‘Prosecutorial expediency; (b) Administrative distrust; and (c) Allegations of political interference,’ two (2) ‘Directors of Public Prosecutions (DPPs)’ had been hired and fired, while a third had been hired and retained. That which was considered ‘Privilege Information,’ was an apparent ‘Prosecutorial Agenda,’ foisted upon the office holders. This came after the removal of ‘former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Cosbert Cumberbatch’ [2004].


Even when elements within the environment sough to impose their will, as to be seen as seeking to influence prosecutorial decisions, ‘Crown Prosecutors,’ shall show no tolerance to any such overture, no matter if incentivized. Thus, they shall fiercely resist any attempt to derail or ‘Pervert the Course of Justice.’ It shall be made sufficiently clear that ‘Justice’ is neither for sale nor barter. Today, the ‘Prosecutorial Duties’ of current ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Anthony Armstrong’[ANU], has been overshowed by events and actions that clearly seem adverse, both to his reputation and practice. Now placed awkwardly in a reversed position, though energies might be sapped, he shall pour his energies and imaginations into achieving a successful outcome. He shall also use his wit in directing his efforts and energies in activities necessary to overcome reputational damage, as he endeavors to seek ‘Justice and fair play.’


Recognizing the constitutional right to the ‘Presumption of Innocence’ [CO: 1981: Section 15 (2)].’ ‘Public Prosecutors’ shall primarily concern themselves with the administration and fair and equitable dispensation of justice.’ Though his ‘Fate and Future’ now rest awkwardly in the hands, heart and head of a counterpart, he shall find some comfort in the ‘Constitutional presumption of innocence.’ Moreover, his spirit shall be fortified, and hope strengthened in a ‘Judiciary,’ that has often been promoted by ‘former OECS Chief Justice, Her Ladyship, Dame Janice Pereira’ as the ‘Bastion of Hope.’ This he shall keep alive. That said, it shall be shown, nationally, regionally and internationally, yet non-discriminatingly, that every legal practitioner engaged in a ‘Prosecutorial Capacity,’ are all ‘Subject to Law.’ They know what the concepts: (a) ‘Prima Facie Evidence: (b) Prima Facie Case; and (c) Prospect of conviction’ are all about.


Not infrequently, ‘Commissioners of Police’ are subjected to punishing uncomplimentary sentiments by the citizenry. When it was not about spike in crime, it was ‘Disciplinary Exhibition’ by a small group of ‘errant, corrupt and depraved personnel.’ For the purpose of this commentary, and as far as was known, for reasons of ‘Fairness and Balance,’ it has neither been the delight, embracement, nor condonement of any ‘Commissioner.’ Rightly or wrongly, some were perceived as being impotent and ineffective, when behaviors that have the potential to bring discredit upon ‘Police Services,’ appeared not to have been given immediate corrective or sanctionable attention.


Given the apparent ‘Shoddy Treatment’ reportedly dished out to ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong,’ reasonable inferences might be drawn that exuberance and intolerance, seemingly compounded by lack of supervision, may have been the ‘Influential Factors’ in the manner reportedly acted. In ‘Attorney/Client Disputes’ over property, seemingly starve for legitimacy, such may have been alternatively looked at as a ‘Tortuous Wrong.’ In such case, an aggrieved party may have been advised to litigate against his attorney. Conversely, acquisition of property by means capable of being described as ‘Proceeds of Crime,’ public interest’ often dictated particular courses of action.


Those well-positioned to guide the thinking of a ‘Population of the Ignorant,’ saw no wisdom in enlightening those starved of intellect and knowledge of what the administration and dispensation of justice, are all about. Added to the difficulty in delivering ‘Promised Justice,’ policy-makers are no more dangerous to ‘Personal Liberty,’ than are criminal investigators, doing ‘Rush Job’ and presenting ‘Crushed Results.’ It has been the professional knowledge that investigators guided by the ‘Influence of Corruption,’ have done the unthinkable. Some have not only brought ‘Discredit to Police Services,’ but also ‘Self-destruction’ upon themselves.’ A Case that makes the point has been the ‘corrupted, disgraced, convicted and jailed criminal detective, ‘Mark Fuhrman’ [United States].


Corruptibly seeking to have admitted into evidence, a ‘Blood-stained half-pair of Gloves.’ This reportedly occurred in the high- profile ‘O’J. Simpson Murder Trial.’ To all intents and purposes, he sought to present ‘Tainted Evidence,’ reasonably suspected to have been ‘Planted’ at the crime scene. The single issue had been the cogent legal arguments advanced by then ace Defence Attorney, the venerable ‘Johnnie Cochran.’ He simply sought to, and impressed upon the mind of the Jury; ‘If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit’ [4NBC: June 10, 2014: USA]. It shall never be seen or heard that the ‘Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF)’ has cloned females of the persona of ‘Mark Fuhrman.’


It now behooves ‘Commissioners of Police,’ to be seen as administratively strong and purposeful. Should there be Commissioners not positioned to be seized of ‘incompetent, inefficient and errant’ among rank-and-file members, then ‘Laisser-faire Commissioner’ can expect the expected.’. Should the courses of action, initiated against ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong,’ including the ‘Leaked Interpol Red Notice’ not considered purposefully engineered and seen not as serious ‘Breach of Confidence,’ then ‘Commissioner, Major General Anthony Anderson,’ may wish to explain to the ‘Accused DPP,’ just what is?


Those that sought courtship with the environment shall know that they are ‘Flirting with Danger.’ They shall know that ‘Environmental People’ invariably ‘Kiss on one cheek and bite on the other’ [Former Commissioner of Police Alvin Goodwin: RPFAB]. In hindsight, ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Anthony Armstrong’ may have been somewhat naïve not to have been circumspect over information that a ‘Red Notice,’ purportedly issued by ‘INTERPOL’ at the request of his native ‘Jamaica,’ had been cancelled. A ploy had seemingly worked. He may also have been too naïve in believing that cancellation, meant an interview.


That which now seems to have deleterious effect on the relationship between the ‘Police Service’ and Office of the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions,’ might be law enforcement behavior and resulting ‘Turn of Events’ in Jamaica.’ A legal practice and a nurtured and successful ‘Prosecutorial Practice,’ spanned over ‘17 years [October 17, 2005], appears to be on a collision course, should ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Anthony Armstrong’ be indicted on ‘Conspiracy and Forgery Indictments.’ Except; (a) ‘Prima facie evidence; (b) (b) Reasonable prospect of conviction; and (b) Events of some kind prompts recusal,’ it seems likely that his female Jamaican-counterpart ‘DPP Paula Vanessa Llewelyn CD, KC.’ The latter with prosecutorial longevity of just ‘over 14 years’ [March 5, 2008-], may be a force with which Defence Attorney, Hugh Wild man may very well have to reckoned. Finally, whatever, if anything, he may have conceived removable at trial, and whatever thoughts he may have long harbored, it shall be nothing ‘Wild.’ Only an acquittal based on ‘Reasonable Doubt.’  ***


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  2. Pompey the episode is truly wild. I took the time to also read the disciplinary committee report. Tellingly those judging him came to the conclusion there was no fraud as he is now being charged (they did not believe the claimant and believed the hand writing expert). They judged Armstrong wrong for signing a document claiming he did so with his client present (Many persons are guilty of this sin). Reading your article it seems to me (unless the evidence from the disciplinary hearing is wrong) we have someone pushing this who wants a high profile notch in their belt.

    • @Tenman
      When as a lawyer you sell off drug dealer’s properties when he is in jail and then has to depend on handwriting expert to say it was his signature when he was in jail, something no smell right. The lawyer knew that according to Jamaican law, the lawyer has to sign documents in the present of his client. It is alleged that the lawyer said he paid the millions of proceeds to his client’s family member in crocus bags. When you are above board you pay proceeds into a bank account or cheque so there is a trail.
      There are a lot of crooked and thieving lawyers all over the Caribbean, and Antigua has plenty of them..They don’t think they have to do the job for which they were paid or be accountable to their clients. I have dealt with some of them in Antigua, so I know what I am talking about.
      I am not sorry for mr. Armstrong. The authorities in Jamaica must have the evidence to convict him. He felt right at home in Antigua, where corruption rules.

    • Antigua News Room:Please do not distort this comment.This matter was adjudicated in the Courts in Antigua.
      @Tenman: Did a Lawyer in Antigua signed a certification that he knew a person and swore by it.Then it turned out the person to whom he swore he knew was already dead. That dead person’s mother from Grays Farm was sent to Prison for 2 years in that matter.However,that Lawyer who signed the documents did not spend 1 minute in Prison.Where is that Lawyer now? That matter of the Passport was a travesty. In that only the poor unknown was sent to Prison.

      • @Bugsy I recall the COP appointed under the UPP, standing in court and pointing out they had insufficient evidence to proceed, hence the case had to be dropped. Seems he needed to meet with you since you had evidence neighter he nor the DPP (appointed in 2005 under the UPP) could find sufficient for a conviction. I also recall a Observer article, where one of the investigators pointed out the the then UPP headed AG office was illegally involved in the case, hence political interference .

  3. Harold used to cuss out Lamin and Driftwood telling them to be aware of serpent and they must keep off the radio and stop be backup singers for serpent.
    He used to say serpent don’t love nobody.
    He wrongly believed that these guys use to carry the party business to observer
    Harold dont like or trust serpent up to this day!

  4. Good article as usual Pompey!!! Here is where I should have paid more attention to math in school because 2+2 simply not adding up at all…… it is fair to say that the article clearly supports that point and that there is something more sinister afoot… Anyway, in the meantime Mr. Pompey you think Hon Harold Lovell, Jacquie Quinn and and the pit bull feel it for him??? You think they losing sleep as to the black eye to Antiguas legal enterprise… on a separate note the MP for St.Peter did say a Magistrate Walsh is involved in bobol… Do you know if any light has been shed on that point?? I haven’t heard anything since then.. I haven’t seen Mr. Michael in recent times so I haven’t had a chance to ask him what that means!

  5. Lawyers in Antigua are stealing people’s money and property left and right. If they aren’t stealing it for themselves they’re helping there buddy. They deliberately dragged peoples cases out for years so they can bill, bill, bill $$$$$$ until there is little to nothing left. It’s a way of life here. They should be called out and locked up.

    • @Nevaeh. Take your concern to harold loveLIE or the “Gunman”. They are both lawyers who want to govern the country for the next 5 years. I’m sure they will take pity, compassion and mercy on you. One is even the Shallow AG for the UPP.

      “Mr. Lovell that is not true! That is not true Mr. Lovell”

      • @ Hmmmmmmm

        why not take it to cutie…..the most corrupt and dishonest lawyer in the land….did not cutie swore that he knew someone when in fact the person was dead?

        Someone was sent to jail for that for two years but he never spent a day, so y don’t you comment on that you USEFUL IDIOT

        • well Nevaeh can’t ask Lenworth Johnson….he JUMPED OFF SINKING UPP SHIP!
          well Nevaeh can’t ask Dr. Errol Cort because he JUMPED OFF SINKIND UPP SHIP!
          well Nevaeh can’t ask Kema Benjamin because she JUMPED OFF SINKIND UPP SHIP!
          well Nevaeh can’t ask Joanne Massiah because she JUMPED OFF SINKIND UPP SHIP!
          and worse can’t ask Justin Simon because the PRIVY COUNCIL HAS ADVISED HER MAJESTY THAT “the claimants have no realistic prospect of succeeding…”
          “the claimants have no realistic prospect of succeeding…”
          “the claimants have no realistic prospect of succeeding…”
          “the claimants have no realistic prospect of succeeding…”
          “the claimants have no realistic prospect of succeeding…”
          “the claimants have no realistic prospect of succeeding…”
          “the claimants have no realistic prospect of succeeding…”

    • @Nevaeh: Do you know for a fact. That Lawyers are stealing their clients monies and properties? I have dealt with Lawyers in Antigua for many years. The ones I engaged to do business with have been very honest with my monies.I do not live in Antigua and all transactions were handled in a professional matter.So just as all of us humans are not alike,the same holes true for Lawyers. They are not all the same.

  6. @Really Let’s stick to the matter at hand. Armstrong is in a spot of bother and we wait to see what his future here as DPP will be. It is clearly stated in the constitution that the DPP, creature of the constitution and all, can be dismissed for, get this, “misconduct. ” If this is not misconduct, I don’t know what is. You had comments about Lovell, Serpent and others, but nothing about a lawyer who has been involved in all kinds of skulduggery involving passports, and whom the Privy Council ruled should stand trial. He now sits as AG. But hey, check history, this is commonplace for these guys.

    • @Watching, clearly you never read the Privy counsel decision re Benjamin. Though it agreed the police had the right (legally) not to bother with the DPP, they pointed out it would be unwise for them to do so. They stated he is the one, even more than the police, who has an understanding of whether a prosecution would be successful. Notice, in the end they were right since the police ended up dropping the case, claiming lack of evidence

    • @Watching As Harold Takes Us Back to IMF.

      You can stand by and watch, while others vote to keep Lovell OUT OF OFFICE PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!

  7. As the DPP he should be an example and at this point he cannot. It’s the case of your past coming back at you. Take warning, take warning, better do good. The evil you do today will affect your tomorrow.

  8. Mr. Pompey you are so on point! The only thing you may have forgotten is that one week before the DPP was red flagged, he was advised that the two police cases were now ripe for prosecution. He ordered the police to proceed with arrests for the Customs murder and shooting, and the forged signature as both are connected.
    This would overturn all election raves, as big people in Government would have to be interviewed. The Government authority overruled the DPP, told the police to shut down the cases until after the election, and got rid of the DPP with a little friendly help from his female namesake in Jamaica, using a convicted drug man in an 18 year old issue, claiming fraud!
    This is called Caribbean diplomacy!

  9. @tennman. The fact remains, in spite of all your ramblings, the Privy Council rule that Benjamin had to abide by the ruling handed down by the high court and answer to fraud charges. Here is a direct quote from an ABS news clip.
    “The London based Privy Council has ruled that the Director of Public Prosecution has no authority to instruct the police not to press charges against someone.
    In a case that has dragged on for almost five years, the five judge panel also ruled that ALP Parliamentarian and Attorney at Law Steadroy Cutie Benjamin will have to abide by the orders of the High Court handed down in 2009 to answer to fraud charges.”
    Up to this day, has Benjamin ever been to court to answer to fraud charges? Of course not. Just make him AG and disregard the Privy Council ruling?

    • @Watching.. Then the police (COP- Vere Browne) stood in front the court and dropped all charges arguing insufficient evidence. Some including you have wrongly argued that the Privy counsel found there was sufficient evidence for Benjamin to be prosecuted. The issue was who had the call. The CCJ as you quoted stated the police (as the law was at that time). Again, they never stated Benjamin must face the court. Recall Justin Simon when AG arguing the decision should be for the DPP and starting the process to change that, arguing that the police tend to waste accused persons time with frivalous charges. The CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS SERVICE ACT, 2017 (yes completed under ABLP) is an attempt to fix that

        • I just wish Tenman would stop making excuses for the corruption in Antigua. Think of the kind of country you will like any children or grandchildren you have to inherit. Anyway most of them will leave Antigua, never to return, as no future here for them.

          • @Observation.. Unlike some of my friends, I ensured all four of my children were born in A&B. They all go to public schools. Eldest daughter has ambitions of being the PM of A&B. Seems unlike you they understand what a blessing it is to not only be born here, but also live here. Probably get that from me because I thank God each day for same

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