Battle between Antigua investors as Yida sues Western Imperial


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  1. This is what investors do when they ain’t got money after.they would have already gotten some core benefits including title to land.

  2. Gaston good at sniffing out so-called investors who can’t pay their bills. Watch Western Imperial start selling off the lands. You think they have money? What is the due diligence? Getting big time rent for my house and son’s property and contributions for my party?

  3. One thing about some Antiguans especillly those who support the UPP is they love to speculate. Remember when Lux sued Yida, the same voices now, said the same thing. Even though the court ruled YIDA was right (5th June 2019 ruling). Yet watch the speculators continue to to speculate that because someone sues means there was a legitimate debt. Allow the court, to hear all voices, evidence and make a decision

  4. Tenman: You say,allow the Court to hear all voices,evidence and make a decision.Why you did not say that in those cases of the Buses that involved three Politicians of the UPP? You have a very convenient way of seeing and saying things.This matter involves two Investors brought into Antigua by your twin,Gaston Browne.It is an embarrassment as I have seen it.

    • Its not you people (well those like you who ethics depends on party) arguing against the DPP for taking the matter to a higher court? Cleary the DPP, is off similar mind like me that the judged erred. If you were to check the history of this matter, you would find it would not be the first time (magistrate Clarke was found to have made an error)

      • Everyone erred but you. I am coming into Antigua very shortly. To look at one of my many properties,the one near WIEZ. I am a bad minded Antigua and Barbuda National and proud of it. LOL

    • “Rat”, the whole thing IS a mess. These “outsiders” are giving the nation a bad reputation. Too much nonsense. Chuups. Somebody needs to tell them “enough is enough”.

  5. Well Gaston made sure to put in the lease that, if Singh is late with his rent; he will have to pay 1000 US per day in late fees.

  6. Just hope they don’t build a base down there. We don’t need another Cuban missile crisis or a Grenada saga. Don’t think for one second that any of these “investors” are not answerable to their own government

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