Bars remain closed until further notice


Information Minister Melford Nicholas on Thursday confirmed that bars will remain closed until further notice.

Nicholas made the announcement during the Cabinet press conference.

The decision to keep bars and gyms closed has been heavily criticised especially by young people.

However, the government maintains that COVID-19 is spread by people congregating at bars and other entertainment venues.

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  1. Good decision! Bars and night clubs are places where people go to socialize, drink alcohol, get intoxicated and then social distancing goes out the window. When people have a few drinks, they feel good and are no longer interested in masks or keeping 6 feet apart. Masks come off and they only want to have a good time. Those places are super spreaders. Keep them closed for the time being to keep Antigua healthy!

    • Seriously? Since bars closed there’s been way more infections than when they were open. When the ladies that worked on a bar resort to prostitution and guys want that good time that becomes very economical all protocols out the window. Prostitution has no possible social distance, no mask wearing and no sanitize hands when in progress.

  2. Not so common I am appalled by your support of this nonsensical decision to have Bars closed! Is it because you are one of the socially insular people? Don’t the bars and the people who are employed not human beings? Don’t they deserve to have a life and eat? Are they not supposed to be able to provide for their families? Are you aware of how many people employed by the entertainment industry as their only source of income, who have been displaced financially?
    What has been done by this government to help alleviate the hardship presently being experienced by these unemployed workers and employers who have not been able to earn a dime since the lockdown?

    I am bemused by the popular insensitivity around to the people who are suffering in this pandemic. I differ that opening bars mean that more people become vulnerable to covid-19 infections. People still have to observe and follow established protocols. People have to eat and live. People need release from this prolonged and torturous captivity. Why must we continue to be suppressed and have our freedom confiscated by the authorities?
    But , having said all that, I blame a lot of you people out there who gave not come out in your numbers and protest, demand that your problems be addressed! I am not a Bar owner, but I feel your pain. If you do not right for yourselves, who will fight for you?
    It’s time to do something, say something. How long must we continue to suffer and have our right to freedom hijacked by menacing authoritarians? Wise up people!!

    • Money can never trump health and life. Plain and simple. You clearly have not had any family member contract covid and die. That is why you are more interested in money than keeping Antigua healthy. Selfish.

      • How can Antigua be healthy when u having more depression, more mental cases, stress weakens ur immune system how can it fight off anything? Covid is not a death sentence check the numbers. Mortality rate with the numbers provided is less than 3% and with the absence of an autopsy those numbers are still questionable. So save me from a virus that has a 0.0026% mortality rate compared to world population to force me into starvation, depression and mental illness? U need to wake up and stop ur foolishness. This whole plandemic is about mass murder with the use of their systems they have in place. Its a devilish act and the fear that they have placed within weak hearted ppl like you makes it easy for them to carry out their agenda. Or ur bread butter on both sides so starvation and depression is not ur concern. God not sleeping.

  3. Not so common, seems No one for u is affected by this decision. Continue to support the foolishness until it affects u

    • How can it be foolish for the government to make decisions that keep the country and its people free of covid? Seems you would rather all restrictions be lifted so you can do as you like and who ever catch covid, that is their problem. If they dead then they dead. Selfish

  4. Think before you talk, don’t let fear control your mouth by agreeing with stupidity. Bars are remain closed what measures are in place for those who are displaced? The country is open for business is that not a risk also?

  5. So bars and gyms that employ persons who have families to support remain closed, but churches that just do nothing but take money remain open? Kinda ridiculous to be honest.

  6. @ SAD TITAN:
    Churches are opened to 25 Worshippers at a time. Do you think that is enough? Then you are comparing the closures of Bars with Churches being open.

  7. And at the end of the day all the jackasses in the current govt expect to receive their full salaries while we the people who they supposed to be working for are all suffering. We the people are their financial slaves.

    Vote them all out and put people in positions who will serve us the people.

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