Bargain Centre workers left in limbo as establishment appears to change hands


It’s uncertain times for workers at the Bargain Centre Supermarket in Perry Bay.

A new sign at the decades-old establishment indicates that the building will soon be transformed into what will be called “Perry Bay Supermarket”.

A worker told state media she and her fellow workers have had no formal meeting with their boss even as renovation work begins for what appears to be a new establishment.

“I feel bad to know what’s happening because Mr. Joseph was somebody that I respect, somebody that I look up to, you know, and I’ve been working with him for 22 years and one month”, the worker said adding , “ then things turn on the bad side and then, you know, I work so many years”.

The woman said she is “really wondering what go wrong because he is not that type of person, he would come and say something ‘cause he love meeting, you understand?”

She added she is concerned that nothing is being said about the monies that are owed to the workers.

“When things is not going good he call and say, oh, things is not going good and he always call meeting every week so I don’t know why he is not calling a meeting, telling us what is happening, when we’re going to get our money.”

The worker said she met a man at the building and discussed the work she has done at the supermarket over the years.

“I tell him I order goods, I pack shelf, multitask and he say okay and then he tell me, he is Mr. Barrett and he tell me if the boss don’t have a meeting with us and tell us what is happening and I tell him no. He says he will have a meeting soon”, she said.

“Until now, we don’t have a meeting and from that time, every day he has workers coming in here cleaning up and doing things and so. So, all now we don’t know what is really happening”.



  1. It’s so sad that they did that with no dialogue with staff especially in these very uncertain times. Speaking of meetings I wonder when Carlisle Bay will have a follow up meeting with their staff. How do you expect staff to survive from March until September?? The Unions don’t even seem to have our best interest at heart in this country. We just get taken advantage of all the time.

  2. It’s so sad! No local businesses will be left. Sometimes these local business men spend money like water and don’t take a professional approach.

    The entire Joseph family fell from grace because of their lavish spending
    The workers don’t deserve this. Please pay them their severance.

    Is not everyone who have money can run a business.

  3. Where did it go wrong.How could it have gone so wrong with Bargain Center.It is the only Supermarket in that area near a major Bus Station and THE MUD.I am from deep in THE MUD.So I know the geography and Socio-Economic situations in that Grays/Green Community.This in my opinion is poor leadership in Management.Before you expanded your business.You should have done a survey in that area of expansion.Did this business owners expanded without doing their due diligence.Get feedback from those in the Community of expansion.I did hear from the Serpent in the Snake Pit last year,on Observer Radio.That the man known as “too big to fail” was taking over Bargain Center.So it has become a reality.

  4. All the best to Mr. Joseph. Sad to see this happen. Yet another reminder of the importance of sticking to good biz principles. Mr Barrett and his group have added another entity to their ownership. Perhaps our people will finally learn that partnership specially one involving diverse persons, has its advantages (better decision making)

    • Now they could bring in more workers from the Philippines to work.Antiguans and Barbudans would be replaced and be on the breadlines.”TOO BIG TO FAILED” IS TAKING OVER THE LAND.THOSE WHO CONTROL YOUR ECONOMY ARE IN CONTROL.

  5. As my mom would say(SIP) when people play pawn up-they usually go belly up.. They ran a Gold mine for years,-that place would be loaded almost on a daily basis especially on Weekends,so the Supermarket was definitely making money but when everything that is on the Market for sale they would be the first to grab and it sits there after-Wont even bother to start naming these places bought and left to decay-it is Money down the drain..Also we Black people seem to like to impress the World-why do anyone need a small hotel as a residence for one and two persons?? Sad but they helped to Dig their own dam ditch.And the Woman who’s crying foul-she has a nasty attitude-she has no idea how to speak to people.I had to put her in her place once…She acts like a Pig..

  6. Well Looking like Barret taking over antigua no more local owners
    But again Antiguan seems to never learn from their predecessors..
    As soon as they start to make money the womanizing start then the money is not invested back into the business..
    They start getting greedy and think they can treat customers as they like.
    Stop Think and listen
    Very sad

  7. No one lives forever including Mr.B and Yearwood . What should supermarket do our LOCAL don’t stop by and support him guess now white man is involved “ white is right “ black lives matter ? Bargain Center for years have back without fan fare and telling newspapers he ALWAYS helped out didn’t know the word NO !!!! Now when help is needed where are locals to help out . No where to be found !!!

    • These comments are so rediculous! I wish Mr. Joseph well, and I hope he is still involved. If he sold it, I am.looking foward to supporting him at the Hardware.

  8. Yes Antiguans sit down and let all kinds of people take over this country. BLACK people will never learn. All some Antiguans will do rejoice at each other down fall. Wnen Antigua is all sold out to serian, Chinese and white people you all will turn second, third and fourth class in you all country. All you all jumping up behind is politics and politicians don’t give a f about you all. The majority of Antiguans living hand to mouth. Pay check to pay check.

  9. A true bunch of HATERS! I wish the Joseph family the best. Whatever situation they are facing, I wish them success and abundance!

  10. Sorry that a native born Antiguan could not have taken over the business. There are too few Antiguans running businesses.

  11. There is another Sir Allen Stanford in Antigua……he will be buying Antigua soon…..that’s what billionaires do!!!!
    So antiguans time to be together or soon Antigua will no more be Antigua but have a name change…

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