Barbuda’s secession request goes to Parliament

PM Browne hugs Walker and other Barbuda residents during ceremony in Barbuda on Friday 14 August, 2020/Office of the Prime Minister photo

Pointe Express: A showdown is set to take place when a resolution is introduced at the next sitting of Parliament to address the Barbuda’s Council’s request to secede from Antigua.

The government is taking the unprecedented step of presenting the matter to the Parliament after it received a letter from the Barbuda Council requesting that discussions commence on the separation of Antigua from Barbuda.

In the letter dated 31st August, 2020, Council Secretary, Paul Nedd, informed Cabinet Secretary, Konata Lee, that the Council wished to secede from Antigua in order to determine a separate future for Barbuda and its people.

The letter continued that this move had become necessary as a result of the Gaston Browne administration’s neglect of the Barbudan people which only intensified after the passage of Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Adding that the Council had no choice but to expose the mistreatment the Barbudan people have been subjected to, Nedd went on to cite the Barbuda Land Act of 2007, the declaration by the prime minister that Barbudans are ‘squatters’ along with the ‘derogatory name calling’ of Barbudans by the  head of government as justification for the Council’s move.

Nedd said these and other incidents created a strain on the failing relationship between Antigua and Barbuda.

He further expressed the view that Barbuda was being used as a bread basket for Antigua, which is evidenced by the use and abuse of the island’s resources without benefit to their people.

The contentious issue will be introduced in the Lower House, by way of a resolution next Thursday.

Information Minister, Melford Nicholas, said the matter is not one from which the government will shy away.

“For Antigua and Barbuda to consider at this stage the giveaway of one third of its resources and to let it walk away is incomprehensible, it’s unthinkable. So at this time the government’s position will be well laid out in our presentations. The resolution would likely be a negative resolution but nonetheless everyone will have a chance to have their say,” he remarked.

Nicholas told reporters that Barbuda is important to the country as a whole and there are no plans to change that. “The resources that are on Barbuda get into the national economic mix so that we can build infrastructure and provide services throughout the country.

The almost religious fervor by which Barbudans associate with questions of the land is something that we note, but we are not going to be afraid of it. It is a matter of law that the lands on Barbuda are vested in the crown; it’s incontestable and we are going to go forward on that basis,” Nicholas declared.

The minister acknowledged that the tone of the discussions between the islands could be improved and he expressed the hope that this would be one of the outcomes of the debate.


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  1. Barbudans are the most ungrateful bunch of people on earth, free house, free everything and no gratitude, just show them who’s Boss ,no matter all the lies they put out there the Majority is with You, 2023 we taking all the seats

    • Don’t be foolish. No party should wants to win all the seats. The majority, yes. But not all. It does not make for good government. Remember Grenada? They had headache trying to set up an opposition. All you idiots who talking about 17 none. You don’t understand one damn thing about politics. You’re just ignorant and stupid. BTW, did you call your favorite radio station today to say you didn’t get water and when it came it was like goat water? No. You suffer in silence.You don’t want to derail your party while your representative gets his big cistern full up by the water truck. FOR FREE! THAT YOU PAY FOR! You jokers. Losers. Suckers

  2. Just notice again (on the picture) how Walker holds on to the hand of the PM. What does this tell us? Check Walker’s body language in that photo. He seems to be delighted to clutch the PM, an expression of his love and appreciation for he unitary state and its leader??? The picture says a lot about Mr. Walker. Hmnmm???

  3. If you never walk a day in our life, keep your mouth closed.ungrateful bunch of ppl on earth, really? ABLP will NEVER win that seat back in Barbuda!!! Secession

  4. “Tek yuh hand arf me neck. Ah can’t breathe.” Stop trying to pretend you love me. All you want to do is tief me land and send me and my people back into slavery. You are a disgrace to the black race. My children will never honour you when you leave the government. And you will, even though you don’t think so. You will be the scary man they run from when they hear your name. My island will never let you take our lands and give it back to the white people who we fight so hard to get it way from. Watch Barbuda run. Run, Barbuda, run. Run away from the ALP and their greedy supporters.

    • ARYU no OWN NO LAND!! You are all Squatters. UNGRATEFUL INGRATES!! Antigua NEEDS to cut Ya’ll off like a bad habit. Gaston Brown give them SECESSION. As an ANTIGUAN I really don’t give a hoot.

      • Gaston gives a hoot. He and his gang want the lands in Barbuda to enrich themselves like they do with lands in Antigua. If Barbudans are useless, call a referendum in Barbuda and it they vote yes, let them go.

  5. @Creole
    As an Antiguan, I give a hoot. Barbuda is very much a part of my cultural heritage and history. Barbuda belongs to me AS MUCH AS IT BELONGS TO THE THOSE CURRENTLY RESIDING THERE.!!!!

  6. UNGRATEFUL BARBUDANS. Hon.Gaston Browne the MAJORITY is behind you. We shall win the Barbudan seat in 2023. The YOUNG Barbudans appreciate what you are doing. We shall win all the seats. ABLP 17. UPP 00. DNA 00.

  7. I don’t understand why we’re ungrateful, Cause we don’t agree with your point of views and vision of just selling our lands to every and any investors .Let is be clear Barbuda never wanted to go independent with Antigua. We fed up of the inhuman treatment. We have rights too.

    • And who said Barbuda land will be sold to any investor. you have been lied to. and you believe that. so sad.

  8. As an Barbudan we don’t care either. We must cut all ties. We have a mind to think for ourselves, and this is not working out. We’re not treated equally or fairly. We pay taxes just like everyone in Antigua. The Cinderella story end.SECESSION now

  9. When Haiti demanded Independence from France, France gave them a hefty bill to pay for that. We should do the same to Barbuda. Give them a hefty bill for all monies spend and all revenue that would be lost in the foreseeable future. And see if they can sign to pay us that back.

    Hope you have strong FEET . You have a LONG LONG Time to stand. I am surprise Melchisedec that you support this stupidness . You should know better. Barbuda must improve. 500 cleaners with POPULATION OF 1200 People. This is MADNESS.

  11. Barbudans, just a word to the wise!! Ungratefulnness can be worst than witchcraft…. Do not think only about yourself presently, but think about the genrations to come…… Be penny wise and not pound foolish!

  12. Melchisedec, stand with Barbuda. At the end of the day, in the UNLIKELY event that they succeed, they will spit on your carcass, declare you person non grata and kick your carc ass to the sewer where it belongs. Here at “home” you will be looked down upon as nothing more than a dirty traitor unworthy of showing your face in our presence. Brainwashed and brain dead.

  13. Barbudans it is selling your lands and much much more. The type of development that Gaston Browne is forcing on Barbuda will spell doom and decimation of Barbuda as we know it today. Barbuda has a small resident population and to build 450 homes on Barbuda (for mostly wealthy whites) who will become citizens of Antigua and Barbuda will be the beginning and end for Barbuda. In a few years you will be outnumbered by these new citizens and their offspring. More importantly, this will be the genesis of a racial divide and the establishment of an Apartheid system like what existed in South Africa. The type of development suited for Barbuda is low density hotel plants (on a leasehold basis) and not residential CIP development as is the PLH project.

  14. Have anyone of you been to barbuda? If you never live a day in our life keep your mouth closed. Y’all never have nothing nice to say about us, now we want secession it’s a problem. Every time you listen to the news Chinese man own this and that in Antigua , go mind that. 500 cleaner what a big joke. Talk facts. We been rape over and over again, And not a damn thing to show for it, time for us to go our separate way. Secession

  15. @ Luihill Why low yourself and answers them, eh hot them we don’t have to buy land in Barbuda. let them talk. Gaston Browne have no hold on us, and that’s what’s killing him. Common sense goes a long way.

  16. Gaston Browne is already describing Barbuda’s call for secession as treasonous. I only hope when they go to Parliament to discuss the issue it will be done in a very tasteful and respectable manner and that Barbuda’s will not be further subjected to the derogatory names of the Prime Minister such as squatters, in breeders and deracinated imbeciles. The latter is further support for Barbuda’s call for secession.

    • deracinate
      uproot (someone) from their natural geographical, social, or cultural environment.
      “a deracinated writer who has complicated relations with his working-class background”

      plural noun: imbeciles
      a stupid person.
      When you don’t the meaning of a word just look it up.
      And this is what the PM called those stupid Barbudans that were demonstrating in London while he was trying to raise money for the rebuilding of Barbuda. Which to me was a very nice way to put it. I would have called them the names Trevor Walker called them in church. But he you don’t seem to have issues with what Trevor Walker called his own Barbudans. Its like a black person can call another black person a nigger but a white person may never do so.

    • Squatting is the action of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied area of land or a building, usually residential, that the squatter does not own, rent or otherwise have lawful permission to use.
      A prescriptive easement is a property interest acquired through a party’s unauthorized use of another’s real property for a certain period of time.
      So the PM said they claim to have squatters right, and that is offensive but the BPM claims they have prescriptive right and that is acceptable. English language sure is a difficult thing for some people. 6 or half a dozen are the same thing.

  17. Gaston Browne behavior will never changed against the people of Barbuda that don’t support his ideas. Secession now

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