Barbudans want discussions on their own flag


Discussions have commenced among Barbudans about having their own flag as a national symbol for the island.

In the weeks leading up to the Barbuda Homecoming Reunion, the discussion started on social media.

But it’s not the first time that the issue of having a flag has been discussed among Barbudans.

In 1997, Hakim Akbar had the vision to create a national flag for Barbuda and together with Darlene Beazer, an unofficial flag was born.

The issue of the flag and other symbols were also discussed at a Barbuda summit in the US earlier this year.

According to a post on its Facebook page, the flag represents Barbudans unending respect for each other, their strength and resilience and honours their commitment as stewards of the land.

The issue of national symbols for Barbuda is expected to be discussed at the ongoing homecoming celebrations as residents of the island and the diaspora look to the future.

The very first Barbuda Rising Homecoming offers a full week of activities designed to support the community of islanders and diaspora to restore hope, reaffirm Barbudan values and identity, and to proactively rebuild Barbuda together with vision, purpose and fortitude.

The organizers who are based in Barbuda and Antigua and across the world (United States, Canada and United Kingdom) have designed a week-long program that aims to encourage a sense of belonging and also continue the discussion led by the local community, towards an ethical and sustainable future for generations to come. This year has been one of Barbuda’s toughest and this move to return home has become a powerful vehicle to mobilize the diaspora with their support and presence in light of the impacts of Category 5+++ Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

“Out of tragic events, you often see communities come together, working hand and hand to restore their dignity and lives.” Said Tamara Huggins, BRH Organizer. “Barbuda Rising Homecoming will show the world that a global community is behind the people of Barbuda as this island rises again from Hurricane Irma, and rebuilds stronger than ever, at the will of the people.”

Activities started on Saturday 21 July with another productive #REBUILDBARBUDA village beautification and clean up, the week is packed with engaging and inspirational activities, including a long-awaited intensive consultation, Envisioning Barbuda for 2030 and Beyond, designed to empower and encourage Barbudans to come together and plan the future. On Sunday all 7 churches on the island were unified to deliver a Thanksgiving Service that has included an invitation to the complete Antigua and Barbuda Government, Caribbean dignitaries and NGO’s to give thanks and a moment of spiritual focus.

Attendees will get the chance to experience some indigenous Barbudan delicacies, a Barbuda Then exhibit, screening of a Barbuda Documentary followed by a discussion on The History of Barbuda and Know Your Heritage: Family Tree Activity, alongside a photography exhibition featuring the work of professional photographers who have played an important part in the coverage of the Barbudan narrative post Hurricane Irma.


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  1. Is that the photo of the “proposed flag”?? Remind me of a logo for swimwear shop or tropical drink. Secede first, THEN get your own flag, coat-of-arms, PM Trevor Walker, national anthem etc etc. But first you will need to show that you can make it on your own. Good luck. Onward towards the precipice and over the cliff you go with Trevor Walker!!

  2. Didn’t Barbuda had their own flag before became Independence twin island state with Antigua? I don’t see nothing wrong with them wanted their own flag…let them. They can go on their own or back under England.

    • They can go on their own under Trevor. He has enough money from his gas station to sustain them all. Subvention is not enough.

  3. For Christ sake let us mind our own business, we jumped, waved and sang ” Dem flap, Dem flap” and now we have no freaking water bathe.

  4. There is nothing in the article to substantiate the headline. Let us focus on why your pipes have no water and why international criminals have our passports. Malicious and Fake news.

  5. Barbudans want there own flag , the idea is ridiculous, it’s a disgrace and it’s very offensive to Antiguans aren’t we 1 people , 1 nation . That’s considered treasonous to the entire State in my opinion. Jail all who is involved.

  6. Please it’s not all Barbudans want this, so I would like the writer to change Barbudans to few Barbudans. I am so tired of this ignorance right now. These people are making life hard for the innocent Barbudans

  7. I think it is high time for us to start talking about treason. These Barbudans constantly seem to be crossing the line. They obviously do not believe in a unitary state.
    By the way has anyone seen Trevor in Parliament lately. I mean since the PM is back on Island. I guess he is running from the PM. The PM goes to Barbuda he runs away. The PM comes to Parliament he doesn’t show up for work. Why is he so scared from this man. He really think he gonna lock him up?

  8. I think Antiguans should start colonizing Barbuda. There is nothing that prevent us to live over there. Just like they, Trevor and others can have a house here in Antigua so can we have our home in Barbuda. And I’s sure we are more than 1500 strong and will be in majority soon over there. And if he council refuses to give us land we just take them to court because the law has been past. Antiguans can own land in Barbuda the same way that Barbudans can own land in Antigua.

  9. Trevor and others can by land here because we sell land and they don’t…..I wish I was in the same position like Barbudans, I can’t afford to purchase land here so I lease land. When the landlord tell my backside to go I have to go… Some of us Antiguans too badminded, I wouldn’t careless about the ppl them land….. Some arwe can’t buy land yah n wah talk bout buy land a barbuda, we just lub too much mix up…..

  10. Please change your article to some Barbudan. This Barbudan doesn’t support such stupidity. Some Barbudan believe that Barbuda belongs to them alone and the only way Barbuda can move forward is through them. Barbuda has a flag already it’s the Antigua and Barbuda flag. Each endeavoring all achieving 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬. This home coming reunion is all political

  11. The so-called “#Barbudan” posting about homecoming reunion is political. Because most of the organizers came from parents who supported BPM the reunion is political. Smh. The reunion is for All Barbudans, not some. Why don’t you GYPG or join the Barbudan Wagon and stop being a suckup to the PM… It’s people like you who are selling out BARBUDA for a few extra dollar and some bedroom time with the world a**

  12. I live in the U.S. and every state has their own flag separate from the stars and strips…I don’t see the big deal.

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