Trevor Walker Speaks following defeat at the Privy Council ruling


REAL NEWS:   In spite of the Privy Council ruling that struck out the appeal of the two Barbudans who challenged the Paradise Found Act, 2015, MP Trevor Walker is dropping subtle hints that the fight will continue. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

Antigua and Barbuda’s final appellate court handed down its 21-page judgment on Monday morning, June 13. It ruled that the claimants, Walker and McKenzie Frank, have no realistic prospect of succeeding in their claim under Section 9(1) of the Constitution.

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council was the final legal avenue that would allow Barbudans to continue their centuries-old communal use of the land.

But while many residents believe the Government’s war is over, Walker is implying that the battle has not been won.

In spite of the judgment, MP Walker says, Barbudans are not prepared to play dead or to sit back and act like a certain way of life did not exist prior to the Court’s decision.

Further, Walker says that Barbudans believe the Prime Minister should conduct a poll on the sister island, since many have committed to not subject themselves to purchasing their land – even for the $1 that was offered.

Speaking about the judgment itself, Walker says he was saddened by the ruling, as were many other Barbudans.

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  1. Yes you are so afraid of losing your grip on the richest of Barbuda! For to long you and a small group of wealthy Barbuda families have been oppressing most of Barbuda for your own gain. It is time for others to have a life. You were in power for 10 years and what did you do for Barbuda. Nothing but set yourself up with more wealth. You only fight for yourself. You are finished now! Time for others to prosper!

  2. this JIM JONES is filled with fear. knees shaking, bowels giving out and denying REALITY. His cultish grip is loosening with each passing day. Be a man, not a deranged coward of a LOSER!

  3. So let me get this straight, Mr. Walker, not even the Privy Council ruling you will abide by? I guess if it’s not in your favor you don’t need to respect it. The government would be well within its rights to lock you up for causing trouble now and I hope they do. Work with the government to put proper protections in place to ensure that Barbuda doesn’t become a free for all, now that you know Antiguans will be able to purchase land in Barbuda eventually as they have every right too. We just need to make sure that land can only be passed down to family to keep foreign entities from just buying all of the land without and oversight. Keep in mind all of our passports say Antigua and Barbuda and you have property in Antigua.

  4. “…and seem to be on a protracted path of
    UNPRODUCTIVITY. People don’t want to work
    People badminded and just covet other people
    Council say work til 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock. You warn go home 10 o’clock
    And the last one which I find is the most profound for me:
    ~Member of Parliament Trevor Walker

  5. the lone gas station owner in Barbuda wanna incite unrest in the unitary state of Antigua and Barbuda???

  6. @ Antigua first and born Antiguan why are you fu move a you wicked just lacka the leader talking about give other people wealth . The leader have all the wealth fu he and his family but are you talk about that both a you nothing a bunch of hypocrites but God nar sleep . Talk about the wrong that’s happening in the country but are you afraid fu talk the wicked leader and his old cronies . Move up and tap the hypocrisy

  7. This insatiable, unnatural, obsessive, diseased lust this man has for owning other people’s land will lead to his downfall. God, please send your lightning bolt, and fast. We can’t take it anymore.

    • Trevor Walker is very sick, bad, bad.. sick in he head for bamboozling and preying on the ppl.

      get out yo “feelings”. PRIVY COUNCIL dealt with the F-A-C-T-S, not the “feelings”. ALL LANDS IN BARBUDA belong to the CROWN!!!

      the CROWN
      the CROWN
      the CROWN
      the CROWN
      the CROWN
      the CROWN
      the CROWN

      • After politicians and their families and friends done take the prime lands for themselves, the rest belongs to the crown.

  8. Trevor Walker . The white man has spoken. Now if the Barbuda people are serious about this then do what is necessary to become an independent nation. This mean secession from Antigua.That is your only option left .
    Then with self determination you hold on to communal land holding Or as a government you will determine who you are seeing lands to.

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