Barbudan Residents Continue Legal Battle Against Runway Construction


Barbudan residents John Mussington and Jacquline Frank are continuing their challenge against the construction of a runway for the international airport on the island.

Their appeal has been allowed by the Privy Council, enabling them to re-file their case for a Judicial Review.

This decision has inspired other Barbudans to bring their own legal challenges against the government, particularly concerning development projects they believe may harm their environment and livelihoods.

The Privy Council’s ruling, made on February 27, 2024, following a hearing on November 8, 2023, may have far-reaching implications, potentially opening the door to more litigation.

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  1. “Their appeal has been allowed by the Privy Council, enabling them to re-file their case for a Judicial Review.”

    This decision in no way, suggests that they will be victorious in the courts. It only allows them to exercise their constitutional right to have their placed in the case on the docket.

    It never fails to amaze me how the self-proclaimed leaders in Barbuda seem to always find themselves on the opposing side of every potential project.

    Yet they inspire no real source of income to create sustainable financial growth to their own economy.
    Shame on them for retarding the future of their youth.

  2. Howdy @ Dave Ray, nobody has suggested that these two high profile Barbudans “will be victorious” as you put it.

    However, the Barbudan’s aren’t a people that rollover so easily like we Antiguans.

    Example, the damage caused by building contractors and excavators to our mangroves that protect our shorelines; and yet Antiguans – including me – made a lot of noise by ‘harking and barking’ and doing absolutely nothing.

    Win or lose they have shown us that actions speaks louder than words.

    Barbudan’s don’t kowtow to this government when it comes to the ABLP putting the super rich over the autochthonous.


    Didn’t thinks so …

  3. Most of the citizens in Barbuda work for developers. When you visit the island during the day, it’s like a ghost town as everyone is at work.
    They make politics their lives, even when projects can benefit them. They cut off their noses to spite their faces.

  4. … praise the Lord my partner has STRONG Barbudan blood in her – she is bright, forthright and doesn’t suffer FOOLS gladly.


  5. Listen to Dave Ray trying to denigrate the Barbudan’s for working mainly in the Private Sector; and yet the Public Sector here on mainland Antigua is so top heavy and overstaffed, and you can go and witness ANY government office or department and see half a dozen people doing the work that ONE person can easily do.


    Stop being disrespectful of hardworking Barbudan’s in the private sector …

  6. With all the changes taking place , climate change and its global impact affecting all the social and economical challenges, diversity and migration with new political mandates that threatens the economic fabric of developing countries creating that vulnerablity of hardship for all except for Guyana and its oil rich find and the confirmation of the IMF of a 6 percent growth of its economy for Antigua and Barbuda yet people find the time to protest and object to National development an Airport that would be a bread winner to their own development and a life safer of the movement of people in the case of an emergency for the traffic of aircrafts into their country , who does this kind of thing?

  7. It still amazes me that having your island full of hotels and tourists is considered “Development” even if that means destroying natural resorces and the inhabitants way of living…..sigh


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