Barbudan Mother Cries: Son Brutally Battered


by Rawlston Pompey

Without a shadow of doubt, Police retirees, ‘Assistant Commissioner of Police Nuffield Burnette and Inspector Trevor Young,’ may have been critically harsh of yester-years and today’s the Police Service. Given their ‘Professional and Behavioral Standards,’ it may have been for reasons of a desire to see more attention being focused on unseemly behavior and conduct associated with criminality, totally eradicated. In a world of crooked people and rampant crookedness, there shall be no difficulty differentiating ‘Idealism from Realism.’  Both retirees and disciplinarians, may have observed or further seized of information, pertinent to ‘Police Actions’ starved of justification and begged for transparency and accountability.


Even as harsh critics, both may have felt a deep sense of vindication when a ‘Senior Police officer’ fell to ‘Public Corruption’ indictments [IWN: April 13, 2018]. They will have also known of another ‘Senior Police officer [ANR: June 2, 2021]. and a Subordinate Police officer [Pointe Express: February 3, 2022]’ that have disgraced themselves and brought the ‘Police Service’ into disrepute. They have exhibited conduct capable of depriving them of ‘Retirement Benefits.’ Though not of the making of the former ‘Assistant Commissioner and Inspector,’ their ‘Beliefs and Resolve’ may have been further strengthened by the convictions and incarceration of former subordinates; (i) ‘A Police Corporal and Police Constable’ on ‘Public Corruption’ indictments’ [ANR: March 25, 2022]. Even with these, none, in whatever field of endeavor, may claim to be ‘Paragon of Virtue.’


This commentary looks primarily at that which has been universally looked at as growing incidences of ‘Human Rights Abuses.’ These relate to ‘Trending Police Shootings and Beatings.’ It particularly looks at the alleged ‘Brutal Battering’ of Barbudan Residents Shackeal Yearwood 24; and Kenny Morris 22,’ as well as that inflicted upon another ‘20-year-old Antiguan youth.’ It also looks at the predicament of the mother of the 22-year-old, ‘Woman Police Constable Bonnilyn John-De Souza.’ Supporting these discussions, it looks at the behavior of ‘Law Enforcement’ toward investigation of complaints of ‘Unnecessary Use of Police Force and methodologies.’ It refers to two cases; (i) ‘…Vere Bird III v Attorney General et al’ [Antigua and Barbuda; and (ii) …Michelle Andrew, Woman Police Constable v Director of Public Prosecutions’ [St. Vincent and the Grenadines].


Most recently, retirees ‘Burnette and Young’ will have seen manifestations of the disappearance and brutal death of ‘Falmouth Resident, Bruce Greenaway.’ Though a ‘Police Constable’ was slapped with the charge of ‘Murder,’ the family and community still mourns the tragic loss of life [Loop: June 7, 2020]. There may also have been concerns over other reputationally-tarnishing behavioral issues. In the performance of duty, ‘Integrity in Public Life,’ all things considered, those that they have expressed, always have potential to bring discredit on the ‘Police Service.’ From his writings, the former Assistant Commissioner, author of two books: (i) ‘Legend of Integrity and Courage; and (ii) Corruption and Lunacy,’ show a personal desire to see practices associated with ‘Public Corruption’ totally eradicated.


The citizenry will have seen in the early part of the ‘Year- 2022,’ the ‘Fatal Shootings’ of prison-farm escapee, ‘Shannel Thomas 32’ [Loop: February 10, 2022] and the ‘Tragic Shooting’ of adult male, identified as ‘Andrew Noyce 41’ [ABN: April 9, 2022]. He was said to have been of ‘No fixed-place of abode.’ The fact that a person has no fixed dwelling or income, makes him less a human being. As such, every ‘Sitting Coroner’ shall be mindful of the need to expedite Inquisition proceedings for killings that have the potential for grieving families, the citizenry, Human Rights Organizations and the international community to deem ‘Extra-Judicial Killings.’


Such ‘Inquisitions’ not only provide for a ‘Coroner’s Jury’ to look at the ‘Circumstances Surrounding Death,’ but also to make informed decisions as to: (a) ‘Justifiability or Culpability’ [Coroner’s Act: Chapter 105]. The latter not only has the potential to keep ‘Trigger-Happy Police officers’ in check, but also to make indelible on violent minds, the need to exercise restraint and to show greater respect for the ‘Sanctity of Life.’ Compounding these ‘Fatal Police Shootings’ have undoubtedly, been the shortage of Coroners or inadequacy of time necessary for the holding of ‘Inquisitions’ and allow for the discharge of their ‘Magisterial Duties.’ Even so, some ‘Magistrates’ appear to be mortally afraid of holding these ‘Inquisitions.’


Today, in the minds of victims and by extension, members of the wider society, a very small minority of Law enforcement officers have given many citizens reasons to believe that a ‘Culture of Violence’ exists within the Police Service. Most troubling to some families has been the ‘Reporter’s Narrative’ that has often been; ‘The deceased was in confrontation with the Police.’ As ‘Dead man tell no Tale,’ Then there have been the growing and vexing incidences of alleged acts of ‘Police Brutality’ by members of the ‘Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.’ The other ‘Narrative’ has been, ‘John Doe’ was arrested and charged with ‘Beating Police.’ Even when he was hospitalized, some never check to find out what ‘John Doe’ got. Lacking a sense of intuitiveness and inquisitiveness often suggests, that these are all Reporters know.


That which appears equally as troubling to the citizenry have been the frequency of media reports alleging ‘Police Brutality.’ It has been made easy for the citizenry to believe that some members of the ‘Police Service’ have gone ‘Brutally Crazy.’ From professional knowledge, no one needs psychiatric evaluation to be helped back to reality that the situations have become grave and untenable. Given professional understanding of the word ‘Violence,’ relating this to Police behavior, it might be naïve of any ‘Commissioner of Police’ not to understand the associated words,’ Police Excesses.’


From recent public complaints, the ‘Violence-Prone Rank’ has been identified as that of ‘Constables.’ Incidentally, though rarely, ‘an Assistant Superintendent’ has also been identified as recently exhibited behavior associated with ‘thugs, rogues and vagabonds.’ Such was said to have been exhibited at a ‘Gated Party for Farmers’ [May 8, 2022]. This was confirmed by several attorneys-at-law. Several have been reportedly engaged either in the capacity of ‘Watching Brief’ in those incidents of ‘Police Killings,’ particularly those said to be; (a) ‘Awaiting ‘Coroner’s Inquisition; or (b) Completion of ‘Professional Standards’ investigations.’


In respect to ‘Police Excesses,’ every reading ‘Police officer’ knows that which is contained in the ‘Police Disciplinary Regulations.’ Though the language is written different to the way victims call it, the ‘Statute’ defines this as; ‘Unlawful or Unnecessary Exercise of Authority.’ This appears to have been a daily feature by those seen as not particularly obligingly helpful to the citizenry. Instead, a small minority of officers seemed more transfixed on ‘Extra-Judicial Punishment.’ The ‘Disciplinary Code,’ not only provides for every member of the Police Service to know, but also every ‘Commissioner of Police’ to enforce and maintain effective ‘Force Discipline.’


Parliament knew that some Law enforcement personnel may become ‘Mean and Brutish.’ Cognizance of this, in anticipation, they Legislators enacted some measures for disciplinary control. Thus, they inserted this regulation that states; ‘If a member of the Police Force, without good or sufficient cause, makes; (i) ‘An unlawful arrest; or (ii) …Uses any ‘Unnecessary Violence’ to any prisoner or other person with whom he/she may be brought into contact in the execution of duty,’ commits a disciplinary offence’ [Paragraph (h): Police Act: Chapter 330: Volume 12]. The Constitution Order also anticipates that some officers may exercise authority not reside with their office [CO: 1981: Section 5 (7)]. These might be better understood in the referred case hereunder.


Though not necessarily unprecedented, the Claimants, allegedly ‘Brutalized and Battered,’ took their beating and battering to the ‘High Court of Justice.’ The case of ‘Attorney-at-law, Vere Bird III and Jim Galloway (deceased before hearing). Seeking redress and ‘Compensatory Damages,’ the practicing attorney instituted litigious proceedings against the Defendants; (i) ‘Attorney General: (ii) Commissioner of Police; and (iii) Alvin Thomas Superintendent of Police (Arresting officer).’ The litigants Claimed inter alia, that they were (i) ‘Beaten; (ii) Unlawfully arrested; (iii) Falsely imprisoned; and (iv) Maliciously prosecuted.’


Practicing attorney ‘Vere Bird III and fellow-picketer Jim Galloway’ were forcefully removed and crudely manhandled. Then likened to common criminals, both were caged in an unhygienic Police cell. At the time of arrest, he and another, were peacefully picketing outside the residence and place of business of non-resident ‘Chinese Ambassador Sir David Shoul’ [January 2013]. The apparent ‘Charges of Expediency’ or invention, included; (i) ‘Obstructing Police; and (ii) Resisting Police’ were dismissed at Summary trial.’ The Police Prosecutor had failed to adduce evidence necessary to establish a prima facie case.  adjudicating Magistrate, necessary to prove that the ‘Picketing’ by the Defendant was ‘Unlawful.’


Seemingly starved of professional knowledge of ‘Evidence and Procedure,’ the invented Charges were duly dismissed by the adjudicator. There may have been scant regard to the rights of ‘Picketer/Claimant Vere Bird III.’ Thus, the action of the ‘Arresting Officer,’ may have his human dignity and worth. He revealed that he had filed ‘Criminal Complaints’ on ‘January 15 and 25, 2018,’ against the ‘Arresting Officer.’ He said; ‘No investigation was done’ [ANR: October 4, 2018]. He described the Police organization as ‘Corrupt’ In the administration and dispensation of justice, ‘His Lordship, ‘Justice Brian Cottle Judgment,’ ordered ‘Compensatory Damages’ of ‘EC$150, 000 [Claim No. ANUHCV2013/ 0578: ANR: October 4, 2018].


In recent times, the ‘Police Service’ has come under very close public and media scrutiny. This has resulted from several incidents of either; (a) ‘Police Shootings; or (b) Police Beatings.’ In the case of the former, several shootings were known to have been fatal. In others, victims were left nursing serious bodily injuries.’ In cases where no firearm was used, ‘Rogue officers’ were often alleged to inflicted blows with whatever was available to hand. These encounters were either in the course of performing duty or while socializing at private/public parties in open public spaces or gated for entry of invitees or patrons paying for socialization.


Now resident on ‘Antigua,’ Woman Constable Bonnilyn John-De Souza’ an inhabitant of ‘Barbuda’ has been recently assigned to the well-known stressful environment at the ‘Grays Farm Police Station.’ Even before the litigants and residents could have internalized the ‘Appellate Privy Council Decision,’ her ‘Barbudan Family’ has been forced to take to social media. This was to complain openly of ‘Vicious Body Blows’ allegedly inflicted on the person of her son ‘Kenny Morris 22. Somewhat faced with a predicament, she may have been forced to take a closer look at the term ‘Police Brutality.’ She must now be convinced that to a very small minority of the ‘Violence-Prone Police officers,’ it means just what it connotes; that Police could become ‘Angrily Brutal.’


Undeniably true that persons that have reached the ‘Age of Majority,’ shall have the ‘Freedom of Socialization.’ It has been the experience that where there will be ‘Lots of Liquor,’ know that at any such social gathering, some persons are either not going to behave soberly walk straightly or stand erectly. Seemingly, as the ‘Liquor’ went in, the ‘Wit’ went out. Conversely, the highly inebriated person, male or female, is always likely to say or do the unthinkable. Thus, one is likely to hear things not normally heard, while one will also see things not normally see. A spectacle occurred when a ‘Police officer’ reportedly video-taped as a transformed ‘Mud-Rolling Pig.’ That was apparently when the ‘Liquor Soaked In,’ [July 9, 2022]. Contrastingly, yet most noteworthy, was that in his uncontrolled drunken stupor, party patrons reportedly rendered assistance to him. He suffered no battering nor beating.


Unfortunately, it was not the same for ‘Barbudan residents Shackeal Yearwood 24’ and ‘Kenny Morris 22’ and ‘a 20-year-old Antiguan resident.’ For these youthful patrons, they appeared to have received much more than ‘Food; Liquor; and Music.’ Those on the receiving end were said to have been brutally beaten, battered and left bruised and painfully sore. They shall now regard as the two most dangerous parties they may have ever attended, might be the ‘River Dock Party’ [Barbuda: June 26, 2022], and the ‘Farmers’ Party’ [Antigua: May 8, 2022]. Those harboring the misguided belief, would have been seen or heard ‘Inflicting Blows’ when there may no need to act in retaliatory manner.


Sorrowful feelings came upon her, over allegations that in the wee hours of ‘Sunday morning [June 26, 2022], four Police officers, said to have been highly inebriated, invaded the privacy of her son’s ‘Barbuda Home.’ They reportedly arrested and carted him off to the ‘Barbuda Police Station’ to the ‘Den of Lions.’ Allegedly placed under handcuff-restraint and hooded, blows were said to have rained down upon his body more than rain needed by the residents. Moreover, blows were said to have rained down, sufficient to fill in the house cisterns of ‘Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney QPM’ and ‘Justice and Police Minister, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin.’


Forced to take a stand against fellow-colleagues stationed on her hometown, ‘Sister-Island -Barbuda,’ the time came upon a ‘Mother’ to ‘Draw the Battle Line.’ This term was first articulated in a social commentary by ‘King Smartie Jr.’ She may have been reminded of the cliché; ‘Blood is thicker than Water.’ This life-sustaining commodity, hardly flowing through the pipes of the ‘Antigua Public Utilities Authorities,’ has never been the same as ‘Blood’ flowing through the veins. Woman Police Constable Bonnilyn John-De Souza’ may have adopted the philosophy- ‘My Son’ first and ‘My Colleagues’ after.


Incidentally, the ‘Second Quarterly Fixtured Sitting’ on ‘Barbuda,’ as commanded by the Court, the jurisdictional Court of; (a) ‘Summary; (b) Civil: and (c) Criminal jurisdictions,’ the Sitting reportedly promptly commenced sitting at 9 o’clock in the forenoon. Two youthful Defendants, alleged to have been ‘Brutally Battered,’ reportedly appeared before ‘Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.’ When their names were called, one of the Defendants, ‘Kenny Morris’ was reportedly assisted up the staircase to the Court Room by officers that had custody of him. Likened to the brutality allegedly inflicted upon kidnapped ‘Antiguan and Barbudan Billionaire, Mehul Choksi’ [Dominica], both ‘Defendants Shackeal Yearwood and Kenny Morris’ ‘Brutally Pummeled’ were reportedly denied medical attention by the Police.


There were said to be ‘Marks of Violence’ that showed a swollen face. Observed in excruciating and unbearable pain, the, presiding Magistrate appeared well- positioned to observe and ‘Take Judicial Notice’ of the physical appearance of the Defendants.  Both reportedly denied medical attention by the arresting officers, appeared not to have reflected concerns for their health and comfort. Taking ‘Judicial Notice’ of the several visible ‘Marks of Violence,’ reportedly, compelled ‘Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh’ to disposed of the ‘Filed Complaints,’ then directed immediate conveyance to the medical facility on ‘Barbuda’ for medical attention.


Encouraged to choose a career in ‘Law Enforcement,’ she applied for, and gained enlistment into the ‘Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.’ She would have followed several other Barbudans in their career-path. These officers have been identified as; (i) ‘Former Commissioner of Police, Truehart O.M. Smith QPM: (ii) Inspector Hudley Walker (both deceased): (iii) Superintendent Alvin Thomas: (iv) Constable Paul Hopkins; (v) …Constable Kenella Jeffrey (all retired): and (vi) First Female Corporal, Carla Teague.’ Except those of the lower ranks, those then of the upper echelon, have not only acquitted themselves admirably, but also exceedingly and appreciatively well in the field of ‘Law Enforcement.’


A ‘14-year veteran, Woman Police Constable (WPC) Bonnilyn John-De Souza’ will have heard stories of atrocities committed by her colleagues against the citizens. Not so positioned to have intervened, she will have quietly confided and conveyed her concerns to superiors and people she trusts. Today, she is distraught and distressed and openly expressed her concerns over the alleged ‘Battering and Arrest’ of her son ‘Kenny Morris 22.’ Provoking a particular state of mind, was said to have been the alleged ‘Vicious and Brutal Beating’ unleashed by her colleagues on her son and another fellow-Barbudan, Shackeal Yearwood 24.’ These incidents were said to have been officially reported to the ‘Police High Command,’ some three weeks ago.


Laboring at the ‘Rank of Stagnation,’ the ‘WPC’ appeared not to have commanded the attention of ‘Commissioner of Police Attlee Rodney QPM.’ Had this been evident, he would have been assisting career development, necessary for aspiration and achievement. This would have been consistent with the line, ‘Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s Grandfather, ‘Sir Novell Richards,’ purposefully and encouragingly inserted into the ‘National Anthem.’ That line says; ‘Each endeavoring; All Achieving’ [NA: 1981]. As if the ‘Retardation of Progress’ was not sufficiently demoralizing, and such environment was not psychologically harmful, her very own colleagues, with ‘Thuggish and Brutish Behavior,’ have given her ‘Something to Remember.’


These social gatherings were reportedly held on ‘Sister Island Barbuda’ and on ‘Mainland Antigua.’ It is instructive to note that the ‘Beating and Battering’ reportedly took place at the respective ‘Barbuda and St. John’s Police Stations.’ These were alleged to have been dished out on these youth by officers who were also said to be in attendance. The victims reportedly sustained ‘facial and bodily injuries’ that necessitated medical attention. In the case of that which transpired at ‘St. John’s Police Station,’ the irate father of the ‘20-year-old youth’ was also caged in a Police cell. This occurred when he reportedly visited the station to enquire of his son’s whereabouts and well-being [May 8, 2022]. A merciful Arthur Edwards, an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), ensured that the son who reportedly sustained ‘Internal Injuries,’ was reportedly rushed and immediately warded at the ‘Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John Hospital.’


Likened to responsibilities undertaken by others, ‘Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney,’ needs no reminder, no matter how gentle or noble. Very recently, media reports indicated that the Police were ‘Stonewalling the Police Brutality Investigation’ [ANR: July 13, 2022]. Even as family members have found it disconcerting those formal investigations have not yet started, media reports suggested that ‘Police Press Liaison officer, Inspector Frankie Thomas’ reported that investigations were underway. This was researched and found not to be consistent with administrative truth.


Credibly sourced and ‘Privilege Information,’ revealed that an investigator has encountered administrative difficulties in having ‘Flight Arrangements’ completed. If only for academic interests, but specifically for the benefit of the distraught mother ‘Woman Police Constable Bonnilyn John-De Souza and ‘Justice and Police Minister, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin,’ that an ‘Administrative Duty’ to investigate or caused to be investigated to the satisfaction of an aggrieved party. This is so, whether or not the conduct alleged is criminal, or that which has, or likely to have brought discredit on the reputation of the ‘Police Service’ [Chapter 330].


The disciplinary provision states; ‘Where a; (i) ‘Report; (ii) Allegation; and (iii) Complaint’ is received by the Commissioner of Police, from which it appears that a ‘Member of the Force’ committed an offence, the matter shall be referred to an investigating officer who shall cause it to be investigated’ [Section 4 (1): Police Discipline: Chapter 330: Volume 12]. The purpose of ‘Internal Investigation’ has always been to unearthed evidence that shall enable the institution of disciplinary proceedings. It appears such has been the focus of attention. However, in view of that which was publicly known and observed by the Magistracy, supported by ‘Medical Evidence,’ a criminally conducted investigation, shall point to a ‘Grievous Bodily Assault.’


Such represents the gravity of the punishable criminal offence as stipulated in the law. [Offences Against the Person Act: Chapter 300]. Since there have been media reports of ‘Stonewalling the investigation, there has always been ‘an Alternative Way.’ Where the Police show no urgency in responding to a criminal complaint, an aggrieved citizen reserves the right to institute proceedings, ‘Civil or Criminal,’ against any person offending them. The Case of ‘Woman Police Constable Michelle Andrew 36’ makes the point. She had alleged that a regional ‘Prime Minister ‘Sexually ravaged her,’ while assigned ‘Security Duty’ at his ‘Prime Ministerial Residence’ [January 3, 2008].


Having made a formal report to her ‘Commissioner of Police’ [SVG], the apparent high-profile nature of the accused, saw slow and meaningless criminal investigations underway. Eventually, a ‘File’ was reportedly submitted to the office of the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)’ [Paragraph 52: SVG; Claim No. HCV: 41 of 2008]. It appeared that they had in fact ‘Stonewalled the Investigation.’ The victim, undaunted and adamant that justice shall be served, she reportedly retained, instructed, and was advised, two ‘Private/ Criminal Complaints of Rape and Indecent Assault’ [Nos: 62/2008 and 62/2008]. These were reportedly filed at the ‘Magistrate’s Court of; (a) ‘Summary; (b) Civil; and (c) Criminal Jurisdictions.


However, as ‘Positional Power and Constitutional Authority’ often dictate, the judicial records show that the then ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),’ exercised a ‘Constitutional Power.’ Such provides for the office holder to; (i) ‘Take over criminal proceedings instituted bay any person or authority; (ii) To continue; or (iii) Discontinue.’ To all intents and purposes, the ‘DPP’ discontinued the matter [SVG: CO: 1979: Section 64]. Likened to a ‘Non-Judas Kiss,’ that course favored the accused. Filing an application for ‘Judicial Review.’ [February 4, 2008], saw insurmountable judicial obstacles. The Complaints were eventually dismissed on a ‘Notice of Discontinuance’ by the DPP’ [St. Kitts Vibes: September 23, 2008].


Researching for this particular commentary, the undermentioned references were sourced from the ‘International Association of Commissioners of Police (IACP)’ Quarterly Publication’ [Washington: United States]. Members of the Association unanimously agreed that as; ‘The role of the Police in modern-day society, is undergoing rapid change, not only those traditional methods of law enforcement must change, but also Police behavior toward the public. Amore particularly interesting is the work of a researcher who wrote; ‘The Police officer must reflect a feeling and purpose of interest and ‘ASSISTANCE’ [Momboisse:  1973: 149 a].


The ‘Rastafarian Elder’ believed that if the word ‘Force’ was removed and members of the ‘Police Service’ were provided ‘Sensitivity Training,’ they shall have a better understanding of their role and function within the society. Such training was to assist in changing a mindset and an apparent pr-conceived, but baseless idea, that ‘Rastafarians’ were a threat to the society. In fact, the ‘Rastafarian Community,’ saw as the real ‘Threat to Liberty,’ were officers prone to inflict ‘Extra-Judicial Punishment’ on the innocent, hapless, defenceless, poor and lowly citizens. While it shall be understood that individual officers may react differently in the environment or situations faced, those that command Police Services, shall know that responsibility is not delegable.


Thus, Police Commanders, shall know that; ‘The responsibility of the Police Department is not merely to upgrade the attitude and behavior of individual officers, but also to identify and use community resources which will help to influence the attitudes and behavior of the citizens’ [IACP: Vol. 8: 11]. Some officers were said to be religiously looking for ways to start trouble. These are always the ones that were of seen as displaying arrogance, incivility and insensitivity. These are the officers that often destroy public trust, confidence and respect for the Police organization. Contrastingly, there are those that are ‘Courteous and Polite.’ They are ever mindful that apart from enforcing the law, that they shall also render lazy and whenever situations arise. Unfortunately, these are the ones that have often been overlooked, while the incompetent flourished.


With a sense of understanding on the part of the Police, those with contact with members this emerging ‘Rastafarian Group,’ may have been intolerant and overzealous. There may have been very little need to be seen as intimidatory by those fearful of men and women who have subscribed to the ‘Oath of Office.’ Those that framed the ‘Oath’, prudently and purposefully inserted, ‘With knowledge and skill.’ Those without these tenets, are often a threat to ‘liberty and citizen safety. Those familiar with the ‘Performance Principles,’ know that duties shall be performed; (a) ‘Faithfully and without favor or affection: and (b) …Without malice or ill-will’ [Section 17: Police Act: Chapter 330].


Now, of the ’52 Weeks in the year, a ‘Police Commander’ shall know that ‘Good Public Relations,’ cannot be packaged in the ‘One Week,’ set aside to repair damage done to the image and reputation of the ‘Police Service.’ They shall also know that after the ‘Week’ is over, that was often the time when those exhibiting ‘Hooliganism and Hoodlumism’ and thuggish behaviors, slipped right back into the same routine in upping the ante with ‘Brutality.’ Police Commanders, therefore, shall also know that apart from uncontrolled international influences, those of that group, this small minority were usually the ones responsible for creating environment conducive to societal lawlessness, crime and violence.


Long before his transition from this life, ‘Rastafarian Elder Franklyn Francis ‘King Frank I,’ advocated an organizational name change. In public forums and on ‘Talk-Radio Programme,’ he suggested the name ‘Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB)’ be changed to the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Police Service (ABPS).’ That which the ‘Rastafarian Elder’ appeared not to have considered is that while a name can be easily changed, it has never been so with a ‘Culture, mindset and practice.’ The ‘Rastafarian Elder,’ believed unto his death, that Law enforcement officers would have better understanding of social and behavioral change within a dynamic society.


He was adamant that ‘Cultural Change’ in any ‘Societal Groups,’ including ‘Rastafarians’ across the globe, was an emerging phenomenon. In the early days of ‘Rastafarianism’ he spoke disconcertingly to encounters where the group’s members either complained of (i) ‘Police Brutality; and/or (ii) …Illegal barbering of Dreadlocks.’ Their only crime, was growing ‘Locks’ that ‘Looked ‘Dread’ and consuming the partially decriminalized vegetable substance scientifically called ‘Cannabis Sativa.’ That era of ‘fear and brutality has not yet completely passed. Law enforcers and administrators shall not be unmindful of their mandate, which has always been to ‘Protect and Serve’ the citizenry.


In conclusion, that which Police Commanders shall know is that the success of the Police, depends not only the development of their own skills and capabilities, but also the creation of an enabling environment in which the citizens see them as service-oriented and rendering assistance where situations so demand or circumstances, so dictate. No ‘Police Administration’ shall counsel subordinates prone to exacting ‘Extra-Judicial Punishment’ upon offenders, then slapped upon them criminal charges of conceivable description. Moreover, a ‘Commissioner of Police’ shall never cause his professional and administrative competence, to be subjected to serious public and media scrutiny for the ‘Thuggish Behavior’ of a ‘Depraved Small Minority.’ Moreover, ‘Rogue Elements’ shall not be allowed to multiply within the Police Service. Where necessary, there shall be an approved way for ‘Streamlining. ‘As it relates to citizen complaints of ‘Police Excesses,’ to ease public disquiet and appease minds, a Commissioner shall guide his ‘Command and Control’ functions by ‘Transparency and Accountability.’ Thus, after thorough and fair investigation, those that shall not be spared the ‘Rod of Correction’ and the ‘Wrath of the Citizenry,’ shall not be so spared.  They shall always be mindful, that effective maintenance of the ‘Rule of Law’ is dependent upon public support and cooperation.  By so doing, they may not be seen as ‘vicious and violent; brutal and deadly’ as to be seen as abysmal failure to society. ***

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