Barbuda to be Transformed into Exclusive Luxury Destination, says Prime Minister


Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne aims to turn the island into a high-end luxury destination, rivaling Jumby Bay.

The plan seeks to attract wealthy travelers and investors, fostering economic growth and job opportunities for locals.

The transformation rejects the all-inclusive hotel model, focusing on creating a low-density, green, and organic community.

To achieve this, the government proposes incorporating Barbuda into the country’s land registry, allowing landowners to develop their properties within a legal framework.

However, some residents oppose the changes, fearing the erosion of the island’s unique way of life.

As debates intensify, Barbuda’s future as a luxury haven hangs in the balance, balancing prosperity and preservation.(OBSERVER)







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  1. Gaston is hell bent on gobbling up Barbuda land and selling it off to foreigners.
    Unfortunately the Barbuda Council seems to has no alternative strategy.

  2. Hear Ye Hear Ye!!!! What’s behind all of this ?
    Gaston travelled to Barbuda by helicopter(btw free rides),dined at Nobu with his family and friends during which he learned and experienced what he considered fine dinning.
    Gaston also learned that most of Nobu’s customers were originating from three places:
    Mill Reef Club, Jumby Bay and PLH now known as Barbuda Ocean Club ((BOC). They were flying in by helicopter from Antigua or they strolled along the beach from BOC to dine at Nobu.
    “Gastronomical Tourism” replaces “The Beach is Just The Beginning”
    There are so many head scratchets here.
    The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism is currently running TV ads in the NY market. These type of TV ad campaign to the general public are targeted to the country bumpkins Tom Dick and Harry who are an anathema to Gaston’s stated goals of high-end dining and high-end tourism. Nobody told Max the Minister, and Colin James its high end tourism not mass market.
    If they are going to advertise, Digital targeted “programmatic ads” is the primary way to promote a product like tourism.

  3. Luxury developments like PLH are depleting the water table.
    Any luxury destination requires a robust infrastructure.
    Barbudans depend on their aquifer. many Barbudans depend on well water only.
    The Barbuda Council has a legitimate case that is winnable, on the subject of a depleting water table caused by luxury developments.

  4. This is greed and insane. Nothing is sacred. Don’t people understand beautiful places only remain beautiful without US ? I am glad to be an old lady. To have known and treasured the secluded places which have now become resorts for people who do not care. People who leave rubbish behind and fly away with no concern. My heart is broken.

  5. Gaston Browne is HELL BENT on making Barbuda a playground for the rich, famous – and infamous – to the detriment of the indigenous population.

    As a proud patriot and Antiguan I enjoy travelling to our sister Isle – and sadly tidying up after the tourists who discard their rubbish and leave it behind.

    The Prime Minister has always shown DISDAIN and utter CONTEMPT for Barbudan’s and has always wanted to sell their “jewels” from right under their noses.


    This man hasn’t only sold out the Barbudan’s regarding land rights, but has also sold his SOUL to the DEVIL 👿


    • Brixtonian, you have to be the biggest idiot on here, tourists dumping garbage??? Obviously you spend zero time in Barbuda watching what actually happens. My family and I spend tons of time in Barbuda on our boats, also staying at Barbuda cottages, go exploring the island by foot and vehicle, I am a born and raised Antiguan and to see you put up such an ignorant, uneducated comment like this burns me. At Spanish Point the garbage is left in piles, this is done by the local Barbudan’s who use the beaches and also by the fishermen from Dominica and Antigua who come across in their boats to spend time fishing there. I have witnessed it with my own eyes, they use the beaches to have fun and when they are done they leave every bit of garbage on it that they brought with them. End of story! The village Codrington is littered with garbage from the locals, they take zero pride. In fact, the tourists who go by their own boats are the ones making signs out of old scraps of wood that say “clean up after yourselves” and also go to the shores with their own garbage bags and spend their vacation time cleaning up after these very people leaving their garbage behind. Pls Pls educate yourself before you write total lies and nonsense on here, you know nothing you are talking of!

      • @ Matthew Martin, if the cottage(s) you claim to frequent so often belongs to Uncle Roddy’s family, I have seen the piles of rubbish adjacent, and if they are collected on a regular basis – as you say -, then why when I’ve collected rubbish, I’m picking up dirty old cans and the like, it looks like they’ve been around for weeks?

        Is what you are saying, monthly pick-ups?

        Or did I travel when there was some sort of garbage collection strike? Must be so!

        I know what I witnessed around the palm trees and in the sand nearby. It was utterly disgusting!

        I’ll be travelling there again soon and taking pictures next time …

        • Why don’t you go speak to Kelcina and Oliver who are the owners of Barbuda cottages and ask them about how nasty the local Barbudans who come to that area right next door to their cottages are. Oliver would pick up all their garbage that these very locals would leave behind in the beach after their limes. The barbudans are responsible for the piles of nasty garbage they leave behind.

        • Why don’t you go speak to Kelcina and Oliver who are the owners of Barbuda cottages and ask them about how nasty the local Barbudans who come to that area right next door to their cottages are. Oliver would pick up all their garbage that these very locals would leave behind on the beach after their limes. The barbudans are responsible for the piles of nasty garbage they leave behind.

        • So your theory is that the guests at the cottages dumping thier trash at the end of the cottages property ?

      • @Matthew Martin…I’ve never being to Barbuda physically, but for the size of its population, I can’t fathom why #trash would be a problem.
        I’ll assume, that most of the trash which they generate, either from visitors or the local population are recyclable.

        For example…
        1…all of the waste, carcasses from their fishing can be recycled into fertilizer to cat/dog food.
        2…plastic/metals are also recyclable!
        3…wood can be converted to wood chips for farming/landscaping/gardening.

        Personally, on a whole, the Nation MUST start the process of RECYCLING from pre-school to the CEO’s of these high end resorts.

        Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

  6. Latest is that Hadeed now grab 300 acres prime Palmetto Point land jointly with Gaston.
    How so- is this how Baba got his latest reward?? Barbudans benefit nothing.

  7. Everyone is playing each other, when it comes to Barbuda land, and land thief.
    You read it here first:
    Instructions to Barbuda Council request to see the DNA .. that’s the Councils biggest weapon in this land deal.
    Speak up ! Demand the DNA; otherwise it may be a property acquisition by fraud of Maria (bird) Brown.
    I’ll expand further at another date about required DNA testing.
    Gaston stated in the Parliament that his business partner in the additional land he is seeking to acquire at the Dulcina in Barbuda, is an Antiguan CIP investor.
    That Investor is publicly known by Barbudans, for he was witnessed touring the land in question that is adjacent to the Dulcina, and frequently helicopters into Barbuda.
    If Hadded jumping in on the land deal one can understand for it’s is consistent with his cosy relationship with the MP who speaks out of both sides of his mouth.
    In addition Haddeds will be the contractor on the long awaited hotel at the old K Club site. Look for Hadded major presence on Barbuda starting with the concrete plant on the way.
    The Privy Council ruling says any land taken from current occupiers, or those who has been using it for economic purposes has to be compensated. This means the acquisition of the additional 300 acres in question will need to be negotiated with the current occupiers whose lease is already in the Land Registry and has used it as a farm and cattle paddock.
    Gaston at el. are hoping to acquire the land for pepper corn price. But unlike in the past there are now comps from the Barbuda Ocean Club pricing.
    The Barbuda Council position remains the same regarding the concept of communal land ownership.

    It’s worse than you stated.
    Gaston is simply looking to take the land for himself and his new partners

  8. @John
    Palmetto Point formally The Beach Club was literally given away to an Englishman with a questionable background by The Barbuda Council.

    This is among a number of unexpected and strange land transactions with fast talking Englishmen made by The Barbuda Council

    You can say the Barbuda Council was hood winked ….for one those Englishman of questionable background simply turn around and sold the Palmetto Point to PLH, who are in turn selling the land for $4.5 million for 1/4 acre lots.

    The Barbuda Council gets nothing ….. .. nada … not a poco poco penny.

    Don’t take my word do your own research.

    Gaston is trying to piggyback on PLH (BOC) by attempting to acquire 300 more acres inland from the Dulcina.
    Gaston very well knows Barbudans would like to see him go away.
    They despise him given how they were treated during and after Hurricane Irma.

  9. @Matthew Martin

    Brixtonian, is not an idiot by any means. He went overboard on this one.
    Matthew, I totally agree with you concerning the trash and litter in Barbuda.
    It makes one question their value of their land their surrounding and the environment. I have traveled widely and the only place I have seen more trash than Barbuda is in Haiti.
    The Village of Codrington is a claptrap of unkept frint yards.
    The best looking business on the main road in Codrington is a gambling den.
    I could go on and on in thrashing the Barbuda, for like you I’m a frequent guest/visitor and inspite of its many flaws it’s still remains a retreat.mfir me and many

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