Barbuda Runway To Be Completed By Year-End

Site for Barbuda Airport as seen at start of works in 2018

The company constructing the new Barbuda Airport runway says the strip will be completed at the end of the year.

Two representatives from BHM, the construction and engineering company that is also repairing the two major roadways under construction in Antigua, were invited to Cabinet to give an update on the projects.

“The Barbuda runway is likely to be completed before the end of the 2019 year; its delay is occasioned by the temporary injunction by members of the Barbuda People’s Movement which inflicted a heavy cost, as machines and men remained idle for more than one month.”

The work slowed-down significantly as machines were deliberately damaged and workers moved to other jobs during the injunction shut down.

Meantime, officials say the Friars Hill and Airport Roads are capable of completion in a few months, providing the aggregates required can be delivered to the sites.

A promise was made by the Minister of Works that BHM will be given priority in the delivery of certain sizes of aggregates.

“The stones will come from the Bendals Quarry and the Burma Quarry where new crushers were installed, in order to produce all the crushed stones that would be required,” the government said.

Complaints about payments were directed to the CDB—the bank responsible for making cash payouts.

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  1. Lol….talk about the sink holes on the runway that keep opening up every time BMH dump truck loads of sand in the holes to try and close them up..
    I hope they don’t pay them a cent for that runway.they underestimated the bed rocks in Barbuda which has been ripping up their heavy duty equipments and talking about deliberate damage to equipment,anyways your dealing with a bunch of clowns so lying is truth to them..
    ANR there is a thing called investing journalism,you should try it sometimes.

  2. Can somebody please go and turn on the light in cabinet? as it seems we have idiots fumbling around in what they can’t see. Why don’t cabinet go and investigate the blatant breach of the Prevention of corruption Act 2004 by Gaston Browne,Robert De-Nero and Arthur Nibbs? and call in the Governor General for his part in sanctioning the whole mess by giving it his stamp of approval?. Is the cabinet really upto the task of upholding laws it creates and has on book?.

    • @Alex – DeNiro not there- is Paul DeJoria and Discovery Land Company that running the PLH show on the old Coco Point and Palmetto Point which is to become an exclusive gated community on Barbuda. They are the ones who need the runway for their fancy private jets. Is them going to pay to get the runway finished. What else will this runway be used for ? drug running ? Jesas ! #segregation#notmixingwithbarbudans

  3. The injunction ONLY occurred as the due proceeds of approving such a project was not followed. That is a fact and the Environmental Impact Assessment would.have guided.many of the problems now being experienced, like sink holes etc. But one was not done prior to commencement of works, oh and the law.requires such.
    There is an official report, the PM and.Mr.Deborah that attestes to this. FACT.

    • Exactly @Nemo. That is true. No EIA; no problems spotted early leads to a very expensive development ! It wilol cost twice as much to complete now! the PM must refer to the report before him and the truth of the matter that it outlines, not make up stories saying that there are no sinkholes. Everybody know that areas full of sinkholes – big and small !! shallow and deep !!

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