Barbuda records its first case of COVID-19



The following statement was issued by the Barbuda Council: It has come to our attention that a positive COVID-19 case has been recorded for Barbuda. The individual concerned arrived in Antigua on the 4th of January 2021 from the US and was tested on arrival. The test result came back Thursday and was positive.

The individual subsequently travelled to Barbuda.

The Barbuda Council’s Medical Team responsible for the management of the pandemic response was alerted and activated and the necessary contact tracing and management of the case is presently being done.

The individual concerned is presently in isolation.

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  1. This story has some gaps#1. Did they arrive with negative test?
    #2 why didnt they quarantine till they got back test results?
    4 to 7 January is not a long time

  2. ??? The authorities in Antigua knew the traveler was positive and did not quarantine the person in a government facility in Antigua for monitoring but approved their travel to Barbuda, our sister island with limited medical facilities & a population that is covid-free ???????
    What madness is this?

  3. This reckless pandemic management is going to hurt so many people.

    And the clown PM has the nerve to throw shade at Barbados.

    We don’t know of any 20-person outbreaks on A&B simply because the government is hiding everything. That doesn’t mean people won’t continue to get sick and die of COVID in this country.

    At least Barbados is testing EVERYONE on arrival and quarantining until test results are back. That way they can stop the spread of the disease throughout their communities.

    In Antigua, they just let diseased folks roam free and potentially infect many others.

    What an arsehole policy.

  4. Barbados already done over 79000 test. Obviously some thing is very weird in this story. How that person was allowed to travelled and had a pending result? Did they know he or she was positive ? Why the person wasn’t put into quarantine until the result was confirmed?. This is pure madness. I guess the authorities is so caught up in tourist coming to antigua for them to try and boost the economy than the safety of the people . This is definitely going to be a problem with a two tier system . Tourist been told to have a good time and allowed to go about their normal business,but locals are been told to quarantine .

  5. Whenever the ministry of health publicizes the dashboard they never mention where the cases are found. Antigua and Barbuda is one unitary state and therefore the numbers are not published for Barbuda seperately. But of course the Barbuda Council should always go contrary the governments protocol. Great job Council. You have got the spotlight. Perhaps you may tell us who this person is as well.
    Bunch of morons.

  6. Sidelines: It should be always mentioned.The Towns those tested positive for Covid-19 are from.What is wrong with that.Were the Barbuda Council supposed to keep this quiet.I would think not.Typical of you a Labor Party/Gaston Browne Minion.Unlike me I am not a Minion.Just a RED KOOL AID.Is the person a Tourist?

    • What does it benefit you whether cases are found in Grays Farm, Five Island, Point, Villa or any neighbourhood in the country. Does it mean that persons should avoid going in that constituancy. Or people from that constituancy should be screened or avoid contact with. Just follow the protocol. Consider everyone to have Covid and keep a distance from them. It’s like going back to Lepra days. I wonder how you would like to treat people with Aids.
      I guess you make great sense untill it is one of your family members.

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