Barbuda Public buildings get priority for donated supplies

Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst

“Everything is not for free,” was the response of government’s Chief of Staff Lionel “Max” Hurst when asked about the rebuilding of Barbuda and the distribution of donated building supplies to residents of the sister island.

The 62 square mile island was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in early September and residents were evacuated to Antigua. Reports are that 95 per cent of the island was devastated, with only a small percentage of the homes left standing and intact.

Hurst said the majority of the building materials, which the government received from a number of regional and international bodies, will go towards rebuilding government structures first.

“The whole idea behind the materials that we have begged is so that we can repair government institutions first. We have to repair the schools, the hospital, the airport terminal, the clinic, we have to repair just all the government institutions, the police station and so on. We have to finish the justice complex and so on, so we are doing government buildings,” Hurst told Antigua News Room (ANR).

Hurst said the Gaston Browne administration will do all in its power to assist Barbudans rebuild their properties, but added that they should also seek to get finances to rebuild through the banks.

Hurst noted that there are over 500 houses on Barbuda and there is not enough material to rebuild all those properties.

He noted though that priority would be given to business owners-store operators, persons who sell food-as the government wants to get some commerce back on the island.

The chief of staff said that without commercial enterprise there, Barbudans would not be able to inhabit the island.


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  1. This must be illegal. How can Hurst make such an absurd statement! donation were sought for the citizens of Barbuda, to rebuild and now the donations will be to rebuild Government buildings. The Government should have funding for disaster relief and those funds should rebuild govt. buildings. What happen to people first? So this is how the $1.00 freehold comes in …. go to the bank and fend for yourselves. This breaks my heart. so sad. so heartless.

    • There nothing in his speech about the local resident, ,all the donations are been used by the government for government purposes,so we can forget about rebuilding Barbuda, it’s should be call government building fix up, I will waiting for when the government is held responsible for there misused of Barbuda donations funds,

  2. He full a …excuse my language ….the stuff that is donated is for the dam … people not no government ….that is such …..stop pocket the dam money and spend it and help the people ….. ya all full a …… you the government can dig into your own money and build back your buildings ….you all full a …. pissing me off every day more and more …..

  3. This sounds like it was already planned out, yes the infrastructure is important and should be back up and running as soon as possible but people also need to return home and benefit from the millions being donated instead of the thieves and crooks waiting to get their hands on it. Hope this doesn’t turn into another Haiti!!!!

  4. Chief of staff where is the building materials that has been sent by SunWing from Toronto to build three thousand new homes for Barbuda. Clear you all smoke screen. And cease what gaston browne administration is doing. First it was a forced evacuation. .World this government is a sham and a shame to the world..Your generous donation are being diverted for their personal development. By building a larger airport to have jet planes landing in Barbuda. Which is not needed their. The barbudans are being kept from their homes so this government can execute their sham. Please international community have the government of Antigua and Robert denario stop what they are doing in Barbuda they are destroying a island and away of life for Barbuda.

  5. If you look at the list of donations, you will see that in addition to money for the airport, 10 million was sponsored to rebuild homes and build new neighborhoods, 1 million to repair schools, 1 million for hospital, 3.5 million for lagoon and beach repairs. Apparently the airport was already in the works with the 2 resorts that will be rebuilt and a new built on the Island. On 10/3 the Ministry of Health and Environment posted on Facebook that transportation to and from the Island is free. On 9/25 the Ministry of Health and Environment posted: “Some residents from the sister island of Barbuda will be allowed to move back home in short order to commence the rebuilding process. The assurance comes from Director of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) Philmore Mullin.” Mullin says that as soon as this weekend building materials will be shipped to the island to assist those persons whose homes received minimal damage.

    “Temporary housing will also be provided for individuals whose homes were completely destroyed during hurricane Irma.”

    “The Director notes that Shelter Box, a donor agency, will provide 250 tents equipped with tools for erection, the Billy Graham Foundation will supply 500 temporary housing while the Japanese Government has donated 30 tents. Mullin stresses though that this method of housing will only be for a short period. He continues that two generators have been issued to the tire repair shop and a supermarket on the island so that services in those areas can be provided.”

    As people return and clean out their homes and see what is needed, NODS will being working with the people. They are strongly encouraging the clean up as to gage what will be needed.

  6. I see a few political shit heads surfacing,priority must be givern to much needed government facilities if anyone is going to live a normal life in Barbuda.yes the people will get some assistance,but they must also find ways in helping the rebuilding of the homes..After Luis many many Antiguans got money from their insurance,but am not hearing much talk about insurance in the Barbuda situation.listen I understand how hard it is for many not to play politics while in opposition,but sometimes if not played smartly,it might just keep you there for a very very longtime 😀😀😀😀

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