Barbuda People’s Movement nominates its 4 candidates for the Barbuda Council


Barbuda People’s Movement nominates its 4 candidates for the Barbuda Council election on 29th March 2023.

The Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM today successfully nominated its 4 candidates for the Barbuda Council election scheduled to be held on Wednesday March 29 2023.

Sharima Deazle-Myers and Devon Warner are seeking re-election while John Mussington and Fitzroy Warner are first time candidates for Council elections.

The Party is seeking to maintain its majority on the Barbuda Council.

The BPM will continue to represent the vision and best interests of the people of Barbuda here and in the diaspora.

We intend to continue to safeguard the existence of the Barbuda Council and its enabling legislation:

The Barbuda Local Government Act (1976)
The Party notes the continued attempt by the central government administration, through its latest Cabinet Report (15″ March 2023 item 2) to gaslight the people of Barbuda.

These gaslighting attempts have persisted since the Hurricane Irma disaster and in its latest display the report attempted to diminish and dismiss the foresight and achievements of Barbudans by claiming that the Dulcina Hotel was being built in the 1960s by Barbudans who lived in the diaspora.

The fact is the Dulcina Hotel was conceived, funded and built by Barbudans living in Barbuda.

It exemplified the collective power and vision of the people utilising our communal land/resource ownership system.

Had it not been for the covetousness of certain functionaries in the top echelons of the Labour Party and the sabotage of the venture Barbuda and Antigua might have been very different places today with ordinary locals owning and controlling the tourism industry and not being mere wage earners.

This covetousness continues today with the questionable acquisition of the Dulcina property lease using the influence of the Bird-Browne alliance that took advantage of the same land ownership system that is now being ridiculed as a myth.

The BPM rejects these malicious attempts and expects that the people of Barbuda will once again demonstrate their wisdom and safeguard their grand children’s future by voting into office the BPM candidates who will work for Barbudan’s best interests and not be mere puppets of the Labour Party in Antigua.

The Party also rejects the attempt by Gaston Alphonso Browne, speaking in Parliament, (Pointe Express: 16′ March 2023, Page 3) to sow divisiveness between the peoples of Antigua and Barbuda by claiming to be enabling Antiguans and holders of Antigua and Barbuda passports to purchase land in Barbuda.

The fact is, this is merely an attempt to justify and cover up the sale of subleases on property totalling well over US$ 300

The average price for these lots is US$4.5 Million. Hundreds more are expected to be sold raking in Billions of US dollars for the principals of the scheme and creating an Ultra exclusive Jumby Bay / Saba type
“blue chip” luxury real-estate market.

Which ordinary Antiguan can afford a US$ 4.5 Million lot? Even if she/ he could they would likely not meet the requirement to gain entry into the exclusive community.

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