Barbuda For A Day Tour to continue until October end due to high demand, know deets


wic. Antigua and Barbuda: The Tropical Adventures Authority was delighted to announce that the “Barbuda For A Day” tour will continue until the end of October because of high demand. The tour began with Excellence Cruises every Friday from June 2. 

The tour will include 2 Beach Breaks (Low Bay and Princess Diana Beach), a Frigate Bird Sanctuary Tour, an Open Bar, and a BBQ lunch, costing $175 per person above the age of 7. “Please call us at 480 1225, WhatsApp us at 1(268) 464-7245, email [email protected],” said Tropical Adventures, asking everyone to book their slots at the earliest. 

It is to be noted that Excellence Cruises will be on dry dock for annual maintenance from September 2 for two weeks, and the Barbuda Tour will continue from September 22 until the end of October (every Friday).

The tour begins at 9 am and lets people experience a breathtaking 90-minute voyage aboard the Excellence Cruises as they sail to the stunning island of Barbuda. The check-in location for people is Lower Recliffe Street, St John’s Antigua. 

The Excellence Cruise will take the travellers across the beautiful sister island of Barbuda for a day. Everyone will get a cool drink of their choice as they see Barbuda by boat. During the tour, turtle tracks will also be visible as some species return every two weeks or so to lay up to 20 nests of 300 eggs. There are also chances to witness pockets of Pink Sand, which is a beautiful site.

The authority further added, “Learn all about these magnificent birds and get up close in their Natural Habitat. It is a major highlight of the island and our tour next to the unbelievable beaches.”

There are special rates for locals and children aged between 7 to 12, and guests must show their IDs to get the special discounts. 

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  1. Excellence Cruise is connected to the man that killed Andrea Hughes in a road accident and has not yet accounted for in the courts. I therefore in protest will not support their businesses. Not the Gym nor the restaurant nor the Lipstick perfumery shop. I stand for justice. Not even playing golf with him.

    • Reply to, From the Sideline; would you provide us the pleasure of knowing how Excellence Cruise and victim Andrea Hughes are connected?
      Thank you and kindest regards,

    • who cares?

      What about justice for NIGEL CHRISTIAN?
      I would never support Gaston’s gyms, his farms, his printery, his restaurants, his radio stations, for how he has gouged Antiguans and Barbudans of opportunities to prosper.
      What a man. I have one question?
      How much of it will he take to the grave?

    • It’s unfortunate that no judicial process has been carried out up to now for a 2014 fatal road accident where a motorist killed a pedestrian and left the scene.

  2. As one father to another, if my son committed a heinous crime such as murder, I would not do everything to hide him from the law. I would let him man up towards the crime he committed, and I would stand by him whatever the consequences are for his crime. Being part of him evading the law makes me guilty of his crime. You cannot help anyone cover up crimes committed.


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