Barbuda Council Senator Robbed At Gun Point



Senator Fabian Jones, who represents the Barbuda Council in the Senate, was reportedly robbed at gunpoint Saturday.

Reports indicated Jones and another man were held up by two masked men and ordered to lie on the ground.

One of the robbers reportedly brandished a firearm as they demanded money from the duo.

The thieves reportedly stole Jones’ Samsung cellphone and drove off in the vehicle of the other victim.

The incident reportedly happened around 3am at Point Wharf as the men prepared to travel to the island of Barbuda by boat.

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  1. It is about time they have security camera on building and on street corners. It is about time hero police officers are not charged to stopping inherently dangerous crimes.

    I want to take this time and say sorry to the senator and I do empathize, I hope these criminals are brought to justice and not the senator being charged or further victimized.

    And I know this idiot will respond to my post.

  2. Oh was wondering where this incident happened since I couldn’t imagine guns being on Barbuda.

    Senator wha you ah do travelling so early…want to reach before the first set of frigate birds start rising or you wanted to catch the first set of lobster?


      Sicker! Nah! If that was the case, except you, can’t take the place to ‘…Mount St. John Medical Center (MSJMC).

      More ‘…dangerous by the second.’ Guess it is time to take a ‘…Bite out of Crime’ by eliminating some of the vicious gunmen.

      Yes! You have heard right. Time to out some light.

    Saw and spoke with the former Council Chairman and Senator at Chase’s Supermarket last Friday afternoon.

    He may have spent most of his money then to replenish business back on the Sister Isle then. Good thing if he did so.

    From crime perspective, this is what the criminal element has over the ‘…unsuspecting and hapless victim- man or woman, the ‘…Element of Surprise.’

    You ‘…Never Know’ when they are coming. No Sah! Do not keep too much in pocket or purse.

    In certain isolated or high-risk areas,’ if you must be there, tell yourself that someone is coming to take away something ‘…money; …jewellery; …cellular phone; … vehicle and sometimes life.’

    Yes! Harsh realities of life. Do not be naive or careless. Remind yourselves that it can happen and it does happen. Take the necessary precautions.

    If you are so equipped, aware and alert, you must be the one to speak to the police, while the priest will be the one to speak to the living of life and time of the departed.

    Then all will sing, ‘…When We All Get To Heaven.’

  4. Eh, and down there always busy especially when the boat come in and leaving; them brave bad. Lyckerky they safe.


      Not unusual.

      Obviously, the gunmen knew the boat was leaving and any passenger at the time of the hold-upmost likely would have been a victim.

      Unlike the Mighty Sparrow ‘…Ten badmen to one calypsonian/badman,’ two gunmen to ‘…10 unarmed passengers,’ still murder.

      Normal time to get merchandise aboard to make the trip across to the Sister Isle.

      So that by 9 am, they are there at the ‘…River Wharf’ (near to the Martello Tower).

    • Nothing there to add…..boat leaves early and bright……there is not always a story

    • CERMLE:
      They always leave early for Barbuda from Point Wharf.They have been doing this for years now.So there is nothing more to this story.

  5. What a thing to tell the king.

    All our little islands are not safe anymore. Too many foreigners. In my time only Dominicans from the land of many rivers. Peaceful people.


      Crime is crime and ‘…Insularity’ has nothing to do with crime.

      But then if a person do not understand that ‘…criminals do not discriminate’ and when opportunities present themselves, those so inclined often attacked the unsuspecting victim.

      Except ‘…When we All Go To Heaven,’ there might be a problem finding all ‘…Peaceful People’ down here.

      Might still be worse if ‘…We Go To Hell.’ No one, and no time to rob. ‘…Fire and Brimstone.’

      Can’t run either.

  6. A cell phone can be replaced. Thank goodness neither of them were hurt. That place should be gated off with lights cameras and armed security.

  7. Why they never rob Paul Nedd, Jones is a good man and goes out of his way to help people, unlike the black deceiving two faced puss Paul. He’s always in Antigua too. They would have gotten anything because he bruk and just poor boast but just to scare his wicked ass so he will learn to be fair and considerate

    • Lol lol. You certainly living up to your name. Sounds like you have a sour belly gripe in your stomach against Paul. Are you his ex? Lol

      • I don’t believe is his x but one of the council workers who have supported the labor party, he has victimized. I believe the government should look into and manage the wage and salary system in Barbuda. Persons in Barbuda who barely made it past secondary school are making over 5000 monthly and persons with degree in Antigua barely touching that kind of money. Something has to be wrong. The administration should rectify that.

        • @on the inside. Making over $5,000 by doing what?

          If my memory serves me correct, I believe I heard that the central government is asking for an account of monies (subvention perhaps) paid to the Barbuda council.

  8. And if we shoot and kill them to defend ourselves and property, we will have the law against us defending the criminals saying we used excessive force.

    This is the reason, the criminals don’t care anymore and are coming out in full force as the laws are seemingly on their side. The punishments no longer fit the crime and criminals are free to move and do as they like while we have to lock our doors and protect our lives and property. It’s been way too long and over due that society needs to get a lot more tougher on crime and these criminals.

    These lazy criminals prey on law abiding citizens taking items and money they worked hard for. It only takes a few incidents where they are killed on the spot for them to think seriously about committing the crimes. Instant rehab and guaranteed those particular criminals never commit another crime and we will save tax dollars all around.

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