Barbuda Council Proposes $5 Head Tax On Ferry Passengers


The Barbuda Council is seeking to shed light on what it says is a proposal for a $5 head tax on ferry passengers to the sister isle.

The Secretary of the Barbuda Council, Paul Nedd, says the charge if implemented would help to fund the development of the port on Barbuda.

“The council is looking at the possibilities in implementing head tax base on the introduction of a by-law to help with the port development because we have four ferries coming into the port and currently nobody pays any kind of charges to help to maintain the port,” Nedd explained.

Nedd highlighted the bathroom facilities and shed as some of the areas in the port that would need maintenance.

He added that the council is aware of the necessary steps to be taken before this measure can be implement, if at all implemented.

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  1. Since the Council knows the necessary steps that need to be taken why then put out a statement just to feel out the waters. Go do your homework first. You do not want development there yet you want to find ways how you can benefit from workers coming to work on the project. You think that is how you can discourage them to come to Barbuda. Cause the bathroom and other cost were there all the time and you saw no need to impose taxes. Suddenly Covid hits you and like the central government you have to find creative ways to earn revenue and the first creative way you can come up with is to tax the people. Please use your God given brains. Start with cutting your salaries.

      • More than 400. Their MP has accused them of being LAZY and leaving work early. To paraphrase him, all them good fah a drink rum. gamble, have badmind and the worst of all, turn away from godly things. Ask Vivian Michael for the clip.

  2. Member of Parliament (MP) for Barbuda Trevor Walker yesterday lashed out at Barbudans for their dependence on the Barbuda Council.
    Walker accused Barbudans of not doing enough for the sister-island while relying too heavily on subsidies from the central government in Antigua.
    “It’s so amazing to me that 1,500 people cannot get together to try and organise themselves in a way that they can help themselves, and I take blame for that too,” he said. “All that we do is to go to this broke Barbuda Council that has no money, borrow everything that we want, and the same Barbuda Council depends on the central government every week every month for transfers. IT’S JUST NOT SUSTAINABLE.”
    Walker said given the financial crisis, Barbudans had a responsibility to do more for themselves.
    “Based on the economic crisis that exists, our people have to learn to help themselves and I’m calling on them to do that and look at some of these small things that we can do,” Walker said.
    The Barbuda MP made the comments during the debate on the Co-operatives Societies Act before it was passed in Parliament on Friday. He suggested that one way Barbudans could move to reduce their reliance on the council is to form co-operatives.
    “How do you solve these problems? Simply, you can start small,” Walker said. “Nobody’s saying you can start the Bank of Barbuda tomorrow. You can start small; start a co-operative, start a credit union.”
    He got support from All Saints West MP Chanlah Codrington, who is trying to form All Saints West Co-operative in his constituency.
    Walker admitted that he might suffer politically by speaking out but said he felt obliged to do so in order to lead the country in the right direction.
    “At the end of the day, we cannot have it both ways. We cannot want to live the Antigua life and want to have the Barbuda lifestyle … and so LET US WAKE UP,” Walker said. “I mean this might cause me some political problems but at the end of the day, I want to be recorded as THE PERSON THAT MOVED THE COUNTRY FORWARD IN A POSITIVE WAY.”


    • You sure King Trevor Walker did not have in 2 shots of English Harbour 10 year old rum when he said this?🤣🤣🤣

      • Nope. He was sane and sound. Note that this was when UPP was in power.

        He said that he wants to be the one known for DEVELOPING Barbuda. Wind how that’s coming along 11 years later.

  3. You sure King Trevor Walker did not have in 2 shots of English Harbour 10 year old rum when he said this?🤣🤣🤣

  4. This is a great idea,

    The airport taxes are through the roof and the government finds all the reasons to keep increasing it. No matter how people or experts suggest to them to reduce the airport taxes they have a million reasons why they cannot reduce it.

    Barbuda needs revenue.

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