Barbuda Council Men Arrested, Released


Barbuda Council member Devon Warner and Paul Nedd were arrested on Friday only to be released later for breaching COVID-19 protocols.

A police officer told the men they were being arrested for not wearing masks.

According to reports, about 100 Council employees allegedly gained access to the PLH project site via the beach to deliver a stop order.


It is unclear if they were successful in their efforts to deliver the stop order and if they were, whether the principals of PLH will comply.


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  1. I really admire the Barbudans for trying to preserve what is theirs for the generations to come. When you check on the internet and see the acres and acres of Antigua lands for sale you wonder what is the rush to sell off Antigua. I am not talking about housing plots but acres. They don’t grow more land and when it is sold off the future generations will have nothing. Barbudans, fight for your land as there are greedy hawks in Antigua that no matter how much money and lands they have they will never be satisfied. They are hell bent on doing in Barbuda what they are doing in Antigua.

  2. Barbudans stand up for your RIGHTS, Rose Parker, Dr Martin L King and Nelson Mandela was all arrested and jailed. We have to take a stand to accomplish CHANGE ,Fight on.

  3. Why some Barbudans are against developing the Island ? In life you cannot remain the same way forever. Development brings PROSPERITY. I have NOT seen a plan put forward by the BPM for development for Barbuda. We are living in the 21st CENTURY. Barbudans CANNOT live in the sixteenth century. Now Two Barbudabs arrested and will be chsrged THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS..For What ??? Wake up Barbudans. You should listen to RICARDO NEDD and NOT Trevor Walker. Hon. Gaston Browne is trying His best to improve Barbuda and Barbudans. Barbudans DO NOT be FOOLED by TREVOR WALKER and the BPM.

    • @ PHILLIP G.

      Totally in agreement with you . Barbudans aee very smart People. Let’s get Barbudans on the right track. Hon. Gaston Browne has the answer for Barbuda .

      • PHILLIP G. and CARSON have you ever heard the expression “killing the patient to cure the disease.” Well, that is symptomatic of the type of development that Gaston PLH project will mean for Barbuda. You provide a few jobs today without giving a damn about the repercussions of the so-called development a few decades down the road. The present PLH development in the environmentally sensitive Palmetto Point area will not be sustainable because of the negative environmental impacts. First to commence it is in a RAMSIR Convention protected site and should not have been allowed to go forward. The government is breaching the Convention that it is a signatory to. Second a similar project on Beef Island in Tortola (marina, golf course etc) was stooped by the Court in 2009 because of the damage it would have caused to the wetlands and mangroves etc. However, in Antigua we don’t give a damn about such things. If the type of development that Gaston has in mind for Barbuda is not stopped, when the environmental degradation and destruction of the sea defences from surges in a number of years threatens the very existence of the island, it won’t be Gaston that will suffer but the entire population of Barbuda. All your so-called financial genius Gaston is is nothing but a penny wise and a pound foolish. Barbudan’s are not against development as many of you keep foolishly repeating. There have been hotel developments in Barbuda in the past. What they object to is Gaston’s misguided and environmentally unsound development. Is that too difficult for you to understand PHILLIP G and CARSON? It should not be development at any cost.

  4. When idiots in Antigua continue to encourage lawlessness by rogues and vagabonds anywhere within the State of Antigua and Barbuda, they are only contributing to prolonging and promoting ignorance usually among the most vulnerable sections of the population – those most intellectually and economically challenged. This practice serves only the Agenda of the promoters, enablers and so-called supporters. Pity the fools who have no knowledge of or respect for their ‘racine’ i. e. their roots.

  5. There is a certain element in Barbuda who are encouraged to do WRONG things and the so called INTELLECTUALS just watched as They performed the WRONGDOINGS. Devon Warner and Paul Nedd should be FINED large sum of money for just being IGNORANT. Trevor Walker and the Others should show example. With the ABLP plan, Barbuda could be one of the best Island in the Caribbean. It is besides me why some Bsrbudans cannot see the BRIGHT future.
    I finally came to the conclusion that there will be disturbances in Barbuda unril the Younger Barbudans is in control of the Council.

  6. DEVON WARNER and PAUL NEDD are looking for PUBLICITY . The Media should stop mentioning Their names. Now Devon Warner and Paul Nedd will have a CRIMINAL RCORD. I hope that They will pay the legal fees from Their Pockets. Teach Them and Others a Lesson.

  7. If the police in Barbuda doesn’t curb the lawlessness in Barbuda they will sooner rather then later have a much bigger problem on their hand and will have to send reinforcement to Barbuda and in the end the PM will have no choice but to send the defense force to maintain law and order which is what the police should be doing. Mr. Chief of Police you are hereby warned. And if it come to that you will have to step down for neglecting your duties.

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