Barbuda Council holds meeting today to discuss the issue of land-allotment certificates, despite AG’s warning to desist



The Barbuda Council will be hosting a very important village meeting this afternoon, November 14, at 4 p.m., to address matters pertaining to the issuance of land certificates, and Barbudans are urged to attend.

Former Senator Linton Thomas says this meeting is important to all Barbudans, whether they are home-owners or not, and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

He declares that Barbuda belongs to the people and any plans being considered should be discussed with them first.

Meanwhile, Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin is warning the Council against going ahead with its plans to issue Certificates of Allotment, claiming the body has no legal authority to take such an action.

Benjamin brands this move as “wholly unlawful and unconstitutional,” and says it would make the certificates void.

In a November 4 public notice, the Council’s Land Department indicated that the certificate is a “Collective Title,” conferring the ownership of lands on the sister-island, as it seeks to upgrade the land registration and distribution process.

However, Benjamin says that any allotment of land on Barbuda has to be done through the sanction and approval of the Cabinet, since Antigua and Barbuda is a unitary state.

Despite the Attorney-General’s pronouncement, the Council’s land officers have been going through the small community to obtain the required information from persons occupying land.

This is to expedite the registration process in order to distribute the Certificates of Allotment.

Registration is also possible through the lands office with the relevant documentation.

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  1. The lawlessness will have to stop one day. The highest court has spoken, but they refuse to accept the verdict. These are lawless people, and you need to deal with them according to the law. Lock them up if you have to. No one is above the law.

    • @ CUTIE

      HE MUST BE ABOVE THE LAW, when he forged someone’s signature like the DPP of Jamaican heritage but yet still never charged ….he is not only ABOVE THE LAW, HE IS BELOW THE LAW AND SO BROAD AND WIDE THAT HE ENCOMPASSES THE LAW;

    • Don’t you like your fellow Barbudan’s @ From The Sideline?

      I now understand better why you WORSHIP Gaston ‘Emperor’ Browne … 🤣🤣🤣

      • Boss i now convince you are gay… and need a male companion … not even straighr prostitues behave the way u do… u sit in the slips and refute nonsense … if its man u looking go to dicky lake … them man will help u out.. and please dont come back with the nonsense no one can debate with u .. u are totally sheep shit waiting to be baged .. BRIX LOVE TONE

        • Boring … 🥱 this is why I thoroughly enjoy these ANR threads, they expose the ignorant; the uneducated; and those that cannot write coherently – even if they tried.

          Recognise any of these GLAIKIT traits @ Curious?

          Brixtonian, still camping inside your empty and brainless head 🤣🤣🤣

      • Many of my friends and close friends too are Barbudans, but they are not the deracinated imbecile that the PM was referring to. And once again I do not like country men or women that think they are above the law. The law is for everyone to adhere to. Cause without it we may as well life in the Wild wild west. Perhaps we should be like Gizelle and suggest we live like the Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s and start killing each other. I’m a law-abiding citizen and I do not expect anything less from my fellow citizens.

        • @Sideline
          Are your close friends from Barbuda happy with Gaston taking their land in Circumstances that don’t benefit them? Except now the PM says that Antiguans and Barbudans should train as custodians.
          Gaston talks about all the money to be made from land transfer taxes and property taxes from the rich in Barbuda. He should have also mention all the money he and family will Likely make. All this man sees is money but the country only sees debt.
          I guess when the transplanted rich people don’t pay property taxes he will seize their property and be destroyed by Uncle Sam. If Gaston is your friend, you should advise him to leave Barbuda lands for the future generations.
          Anyway when he sells out the lands and gives these people Antiguan passports, they might just vote for independence from Antigua. He can then go to the UN and see who they will side with.

    • Who is the minister of finance?
      Gaston Browne
      Who is the minister of Lands?
      Maria Browne
      Govt owned 3 pieces of lands of equal value at long bay. The govt sold 2 pieces to an investor for $120,000 each. The 3rd piece was sold to the same investor for $4,000,000. Sold by whom?
      Gaston Browne Jr
      More to Come!

  2. Hooray for Barbudans. I can hear the resolve in your voices. Don’t let them come in and tell you what to do. Gaston has no interest in you all. Just your land where he can make more money. What a greedy fellow.

    To hell with Cutie and Gaston and their land grabbing tactics. That is your land. Get every piece back that they stole and sold, including Dulcina. My advice is to demand a DNA test for the current owner to confirm that she is a Bird. Vere said the family knows she is not.

    • @Simple Simon
      Gaston said on his radio show on Saturday that she is not a Bird, she is a Browne. Right out of the horse’s mouth. Is the man who is suppose to be her father a Barbudan?

  3. Wow 😳😲 wow Wow BARBUDANS be prepared for War Fighting sometimes is a way for peace I remember a Movie Name CHATO he fought for the Land they were a famous Quote If CHATO Land Doesn’t Kill CHATO Will

  4. Barbudans time to CUT THE PUPPET STRINGS FROM BPM. It is 2022. In 1870 – the Codringtons surrendered their lease back to the Crown b4 it expired. Check the National Archives.

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