Barbuda Council has no choice but to provide sand says government


The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda says that the Barbuda Council “shall” continue to provide sand to the Central Government.

The council has denied reports that it refused to provide the sand to the government while supplying other countries.

The government claims that it has had to buy sand from Montserrat as a result, costing it a quarter of a million dollars.

“The Crown, through the Cabinet, exercises control over land in the unitary state of Antigua and Barbuda,” a statement said.

“The sand is to further a national purpose, including the roads, the runway, the buildings and the other infrastructural projects which bring benefits to all citizens and residents,” it added.

The country is said to be experiencing a construction boom and local aggregates is becoming a challenge to source.

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  1. I hear of infrastructure for Antigua with Barbuda sand, what is for Barbuda all the boom is for Antigua? When we beg and borrow money do we say it is for Antigua or do we say it is for Antigua and Barbuda?

    • Barbuda’s name always seems to be used when the Antiguan Government want to beg money,yet when it comes to sharing that money Barbuda appears to get the bones and maggots from the big feed..Are we (barbudans) not classed as equal to Antigua?…it appears that we are NOT and if that is the case..what need do we have to be associated with them?..we can attract good sound and trustworthy investment in our own right and not be subjected to the wills and binding of international incurable debt.

  2. Is this a bad Joke ? I am from Germany and i will watch CLOSELY WHAT THE GOVERNMENT OF ANTIGUA is doing…. What are the exact BENEFITS for Barbuda ? Land Grabbing and Sand Mining for Nothing ?

    • All I would tell is to mind German business and leave Antigua and Barbuda business alone

  3. The Cabinet needs to refresh its memory on what was signed and agreed to at the Independence talks at Lancaster House, It agreed to allow the Barbuda Local Council Government extra devolutionary powers to conduct its internal affairs as regards running of the our Island, this also included a greater financial autonomy. From what i read the Barbuda council had simply requested that they submit documentation when requesting Sand, this serves to keep a form of transparent accounting as to the mining activity conducted on the Island. The Cabinet threatening to cut the monthly subsidy that is needed to run the Barbuda council is just one threat to far in my opinion considering that they are 600,000 dollars short of the actual sum needed, hence the reason behind the Barbuda Council having to reduce the employee numbers and concentrate on keeping the essential services & departments functioning on the meagre monthly allowance it receives from Central GOAB.

    • It seems a little strange that because transparency and proper business practices are being sought to be put in place that such threatening language are used in regards to a legitimate requisition. Arrogance and chip on shoulders have no place in the nation’s political affairs.We need to get down with some serious planning for both states A & B and put an end to the vindictive behavior

  4. Sand being bought out of Montserrat cost the Government over a quarter of a million dollars. But yet still comments were made saying that Barbuda never contribute to their existence; you do the math umlions tons of sand were taken out of Barbuda over the years! imagine what the price tag is. But yet still Barbuda was or is however he wants to call it a welfare state. Where has common sense gone? It’s so lacking in these part of the globe

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