Barbuda Council Calls For Separation From Antigua



On August 31st 2020, the Barbuda Council wrote the Secretary of the cabinet of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda expressing dissatisfaction with the treatment meted out by the Gaston Browne led government. It claimed that since the passage of Hurricane Irma in 2017 government neglect has intensified.


The council listed a number of grievances including:


  • The repeal of the Barbuda Land Act of 2007


  • The declaration by the Prime Minister that Barbudans are squatters


  • The derogatory name calling by the Prime Minister in reference to Barbudans


  • Threats from the Prime Minister to remove the Barbuda Council by way of referendum from the constitution of Antigua and Barbuda


  • The fact that no audited statement or accounts has ever been generated by the government for relief items received on behalf of Barbudans after the passage of Hurricane Irma


  • The lack of a proper functioning hospital almost three years after Hurricane Irma


  • Permission given by the government of Antigua and Barbuda and its agencies to allow PLH to destroy a RAMASAR site with impunity by constructing a golf course on wetlands in the Palmetto Point area


  • The sale/assignment of leases to PLH for millions of dollars without the knowledge and consent of the Barbuda Council and the people of Antigua


  • Withholding of funds transfer grants, subventions and lease payments from the Barbuda Council which as a result causes the council to fail to meet its financial obligations


  • A total abdication of their responsibility to the Primary school in Barbuda, leaving the task to the Barbuda Council to complete.


The letter concludes by saying: “We have therefore concluded that the relationship between Antigua and Barbuda isn’t working. In addition, the fact that Barbuda is being used as a bread basket for Antigua is testament of the use and abuse of our resources without benefit to our people. It is against this backdrop that Barbuda council is requesting of your government to initiate the necessary steps to discuss a separate future for Barbuda and its people.

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  1. How exactly is Barbuda being used ad a “BREAD BASKET” for Antigua and Barbuda? This letter has Trevor Walker and BPM written all over it.

    No mention of how Trevor Walker helped to develop Barbuda during 2004-2014??

    • Trouble is nobody there wants to be independent. Not even sure about Trevor or anybody from BPM either. They know better than that. Can you imagine somebody saying Barbuda is the “bread basket” or Antigua? Antigua is the “bread basket” or Barbuda. Maybe it was a typo.

  2. Just go ahead and declare your independence. You won’t do that, because Barbudans don’t want it, and you know it. You are just making a lot of noise and a lot of stink. Either declare INDEPENDECE NOW, or act like every other citizen of this great country. Well, what’s holding you up? CHUPTZ!!! You know 98% of the Barbudan people are proud of this twin island country.

    • Have you ever been to Barbuda? The relationship between Antiguans and Barbudans have been far from cordial. To say 98% of them are proud of the twin island country is erroneous and misleading. Did you conduct a survey? Maybe a poll? Don’t make such baseless statements.

  3. Great move. Enough of the abusive and oppressive behaviour of the central government towards Barbuda has become too much. Time to start the secession discussion. Barbuda you will survive. The international community and United Nations will be ready and willing to assist you. Bold move.

    • Do I understand that Charles Tabor is for breaking up this country? If not, explain what you are saying. It sounds like you support breaking up your nation???? Does your party want to break up the country, too? Shouldn’t we be working toward reconciliation, peace, and fraternal brotherhood/sisterhood? That should be the goal, not tear the county apart.

      • CErmle I am for Barbuda seceding from Antigua and Barbuda. It is my position. I am speaking for myself and not for the UPP. The way the Gaston Browne administration has been treating Barbuda is abusive and oppressive. The evidence of this is clear for all Antiguans and Barbudans to see so I will not repeat any evidence here. The land issue and the type of development that Gaston envisons for Barbuda is a case in point. The Barbudans have now said that enough has become too much and are talking secession. They are right and I support their call for secession 100%. By the way, please tell Gaston Browne that when he says that Antigua and Barbuda is a unitary state so Barbuda cannot seek secession that he is talking pure nonsense. Antigua and Barbuda became a unitary state in 1981 and even a unitary state can break up. History is replete with such examples.

    • I really can’t believe you. How are you an intellectual Charles, please tell me. Leave Antigua and go depend on the United Nation for help. Very disappointed, then again is seems you enjoy being a slave. When will we get out of this colonial mind set.

    • From The Sideline I am sure you are not serious. If Barbudans are polled I am sure the overwhelming majority would choose to secede. Tell Prime Minister Gaston Browne to start the process. With all his bravado he would be last one wanting to see Barbuda go.

      • Tabor overwhelming is not 2/3
        The CCJ couldn’t even reach the 2/3 mark.
        Not one election held in Barbuda had either party win 2/3 of the seat. It was always split down the middle one time going one way the other time going the other way.
        You know what baffles me more with the BPM and you. You have such a blind hatred towards the PM that no matter what he does or has done you will never be grateful.
        It was the very same PM that took a helicopter over to Barbuda after the storm to see how the Barbudans were doing since all communications had ceased. It was the same PM also that saw another storm coming towards Barbuda to evacuate the entire Island in less then 24 hours with the help of Venezuela. Only one life lost.
        it was the same PM that housed all the Babudans for months for free and give them food and clothing and some were paid their salaries.
        It was the same PM that went all over the world and the Unit Nation to make the case to get assistance to help rebuild Barbuda and the rebuilding is been going on since then with many Barbudans having their homes repaired at no cost to them and now others are been given a new house at no expense. Those things didn’t happen by themselves. It was the PM that went out to solicit help. Not the BPM the solicited not one penny. And when you look at what the entire operation has cost the central government you wonder how we have disadvantage Barbudans. Some of the placed that housed them had to be renovated again. Some staying in hotels left a hefty bill for the government. Just name it. When hurricane Luis passed over Antigua Antiguans had to build up with their own money. Sorry for who didn’t have insurance. Yes we had a few donor like Allen Stanford. But that was so marginal compared to what was given and still is given to Barbudans. These are very ungrateful individual

    • I hate to agree with Sideline but I think that is where BPM should start. In as much as I dislike ABLP, I find this suggestion of the BPM to be crazy. And why must the govt initiate something that BPM wants to do? How exactly will Barbuda survive? And what happens to those Barbudans who dont want to seceed? What happens to the properties own by Barbudans in Antigua since they will now be aliens? What happens to trade? How do they start a police force, a civil service etc, etc? Their only solution will be to start selling the same land they are now so vehemently against. I just cant understand how Barbuda cant see that their basis for land ownership is not grounded in law. Also, that Britain who owned the island has given their interest to the state of Antigua and Barbuda.
      Now, I disagree with the large tracks of Barbuda land being leased out and the exploitation by politicians over the years. But that is why they need to fight a different fight. There is no way any government is going to seek the consent of a council that is sub-ordinate to them.
      My suggestion for Barbuda is to fight for their rights as a legitimate part of the state of Antigua and Barbuda.
      This succession talk is too fraught with potential danger for the pickny of Barbuda who are better off being a part of a larger society from which they originally came.

  4. Barbudans…… becareful with what you do & what you ask for? Remember UNGRATEFULNESS IS WORST THAN WITCHCRAFT!! Getting Independence would certainly be to your own demise! What do you really have to sustain your livelihood? Barbudans you need to think twice. The twin island state has a leader, who cares, who likes to empower and who has a vision to ” take you out of rags & place you into gabs “. The Trevor Walkers & the members of the BPM lack those qualities and hence why Barbuda has not made no progress…

  5. Kudos to the Barbuda council and MP Walker, time to cut that naval string, we have to stand up for something or fall for nothing.we fed up. I’m so happy … oh lord you heard our pray and cry….

  6. Thank you Jesus. The best news I received for the year.happy,happy can wait to celebrate.walker we got this..

  7. I don’t understand ppl who haven’t walk a day in our life have the most to talk. Speak for y’all self. What happen to barbuda sand Money? What happen to Irma? The lists goes on. God guide us.

  8. How Many of actually kn whats going in Barbuda and how do the barbudans really feel, yall talk to much if sometimes we mind our own bussiness this world would a be better chupzz come off a barbudans BK

  9. How can yo want independence with out a proper sea or airport. Then what happens when independence is given and the government is so cold to just add visa access cut all relations period with Barbuda I have nun else to say lets see how this goes

  10. When all is said and done, it might be for the best for ALL concerned. Antigua does NOT need Barbuda to survive. In fact they have been millstone around our necks for far too long, financially, emotionally and psychologically. Let them, as tabor so mindlessly puts it, throw themselves at the mercy of the UN and international agencies who would gladly help them. A typical slave mentality. Born to be “looked after” by white civilizations. Before giving away this intricate and integral part of MY history and heritage to lawless vagabonds, make an offer to them of Redonda, currently uninhabited and a perfect fit for their population size and needs. Trevor can then declare himself Prime Minister of Redonda, or President, or King, or…….. whatever.

      • Foolishness,Antigua needs Barbuda.Barbuda also needs Antigua.There are persons in Antigua.Who have become multi millionaires from the selling of Barbuda’s sand.They have also become filthy rich.By engaging in buying leases at peppercorn prices.Then selling said leases to the highest bidders,for millions of dollars.To the detriment of the people of Barbuda.There was always a level of tensions between both islands, people.That for most part was orchestrated by our Politicians.However,in all of my years.This Administrative period is the very worst I have witnessed.I am looking back to decades of the ABLP,PLM,ABLP,UPP and now ABLP again.When will the tension end?

  11. Independence was not profitable for alot of caribbean countries, the politician benefits the most and enslave their own by giving away all the resources to enrich themselves . They depend solely on tourism no other creative measures for development. Its time for a change in leadership .The next Prime Minster is here. Be Strong my people i understand how you feel. Moses will defeat pharoh and bring Antigua and Barbuda out of political bondage that held us for over 40 years.

  12. If there was an Antigua News Room in 1981, I am sure the English would have had nearly identical arguments in denying us our independence. I find it amusing how people can belittle Barbuda and desperately cling on to it in the same breath.

  13. I hope A fair outcome! I don’t want the islands to separate (we are always stronger together). Give the People who live in Barbuda the financial and physical support needed to live as good as if they lived in Antigua hence Antigua and Barbuda are together.

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