Barbuda Council asks PHL to halt work for 14 days to curb COVID-19


The President of Operations

Peace Love Happiness / Barbuda Ocean Club



Dear Mr Wilshaw,


The situation with regards to the spread of the Coronavirus has escalated. To date, four Barbudans have tested positive for the virus. The majority of these individuals are employed by your organisation. In addition, there is daily movement via ferry of large numbers of workers travelling to and from Antigua to work at your job sites.


Over the past few weeks there has been a significant increase in the numbers of positive CoVid-19 cases in Antigua. The situation has become very concerning with the apparent inability of the medical services to cope with the worsening situation. It has therefore become necessary to bring this high traffic of persons between the islands under control as a necessary step in the effort to halt the spread of the virus.


The Barbuda Council is requesting that all operations at PLH and BOC be brought to a halt for 14 days in the first instance, beginning Friday 12th February 2021 and subject to the progression of new cases of infection with the virus. This is to allow our health care workers and medical team to carry out more extensive testing and contact tracing and reduce the chances of cross border spread that could quickly overwhelm their capacity to cope. The Council expects that you and your organisation will see the need to play your part in protecting our vulnerable community.


Thank you for your cooperation in this most urgent matter.









Paul Nedd (Mr.)


Barbuda Council

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  1. Is so much more transparent than Antigua

    So disgusting that they have to allow there’s PLH folks on their island at all

    You can thank the 🤡 PM for selling off the wealth of A&B to foreigners. Don’t worry the 🤡 was surely generously compensated (via bribes).

    • Who else did you expect was going to build the resort? Public works? A local contractor? I don’t think so……..

      • Antigua has given up enough land to resorts and hotels and foreigners. And now to some Chinese investors who are destroying the local ecosystem.

        They dont need to do the same to Barbuda.

        I feel so bad for Bardudans. They don’t deserve this.

    • As Trevor Walker asked in parliament, what is Gaston’s involvement in PLH and other land grabs in Barbuda? The PM said he has a construction company making $100,000 per house. Is his company building the houses in Barbuda? The Barbuda lands being leased by the trust that the Governor General signed off on for about $1,000 per year, who are the beneficiaries of the trust? There are many ways to steal government’s assets without getting cheques from Treasury. Why is Gaston pushing so hard to make Barbuda lands government lands?

      • “Why is Gaston pushing so hard to make Barbuda lands government lands?”
        I know the answer to that question. To him, Barbudans are expendable. They are like the soldiers who are send up front like cannon fodder to draw the enemy’s fire. Of no value. To him, Barbudans have no right to have such valuable assets, because they are non-people. What they have is too good for them. He must take it away from them, because they don’t count, and give it to people who count. Who deserve to have it. And if manna falls his way by doing this, as it most certainly will, then all is well with him.
        I have never met a leader who has no feeling, no empathy, for the people he leads like this one. Even the people who call his name like he is a god and go on facebook and swear how much they love him. Notice, if they criticize him somewhat, they will preface that with claims of love for him before doing so.
        One has to wonder if there is something macabre, or fatalistic, or some element of self-hatred in us that we pay allegiance to this freak of nature and not realize that he is bad, so bad for us. If it was the opposition party leader engaged in all these seditious acts, he would have been booted out of town long ago.
        But the fault is in us. We are uncomfortable with acts of decency and goodwill, and we applaud the rude boy swagger, because as we say, he is like us. He is not stush. Not stush? This is the man who proclaimed to the world that he would rather be on his superyacht than officiating at the opening ceremony of an airport. This is the man who mere months after he was begging the then government for a rental for his place to help make ends meet, was proclaiming that he had $30m. And we, without a hapny in our pockets, we who knew there was something wrong in the acquisition of these millions, cursed those who doubted the millions could have come by fair means.
        I think the man has skills. But most of them he does not even know he has. It just comes natural. He does not think of the consequences of his nefarious acts, he just does them; and because we just can’t believe he will do these things, and ask how could he do these things, he got away, continues to get away with them.
        All Hail the Mustached One. All hail the present day Dictator. He is alive and well in Antigua, the land of the Cowards and Corrupt Ones.

        • He is crazy and craziness runs in the family. If you don’t believe me ask him. He should continue taking his medication and leave politics before he is thrown out and jailed. He is a Psychopath. Can’t help his behaviour. Notice I didn’t call names?

          • Careful! You may have to eat those words some day! Sickness, including mental illness, respects no one. Do you not fear the wrath of God?

  2. PLH really need to complied with the Barbuda council.Our hospital is not fully functional. I agree with the Barbuda council, lock down for 2 weeks.

  3. Barbuda council is grasping at every stray to stop the project.

    There needs to be a wholesale change in the people that occupy Barbuda. Maybe covid will do it.

    • Really? Did you really just wrote something like that?? Covid can take anyone out, it’s not limited, so watch yourself when u digging. There need to be a wholesale change of stupid people like you in this world too…”maybe covid will do it” 🙄

    • The Barbudans do not occupy Barbuda. It is their country. Why shouldn’t the Barbudans object to a Jumby Bay or Mill Reef on their Island? If Gaston really cared about Barbudans, he would not be making hundred of acres of lands available to foreigners for homes. As Trevor Walker said he is not opposed to a hotel being built to provide real employment for Barbudans. I guess Gaston’s vision for Barbudans is as maids and gardeners for rich people and their vacation homes.
      What is in the PLH project for the average Antiguans and Barbudans? Look at the law firms in Antigua involved and this may give an insight that some Antiguans are involved.
      Be careful what you wish for the people of Barbuda does not turn back and burn you.

      • We went up to Jumby bay once and were told by the manager we can stay on the beach because it ls public but we could not visit the rest of the island because it was private property and a lot of wealthy individuals had vacation homes there. The homes are unoccupied for extended periods and he had to protect them from burglars.
        Also once tried to enter Mill Reef and was told by security that it is private property of the rich and famous and an invitation was needed to visit.
        Welcome to the future Barbudans.

    • @.
      Be careful what you wished for. Gaston Browne about a month ago. He wrote a sarcastic letter to the Prime Minister of Barbados. At that time Barbados was blowing up with Civid-19.Now Antigua is going through that same situation. So it is not good to wish ill of anyone.You would wish Covid to destroyed Barbuda? Perhaps your wish for Barbuda is hovering over Antigua at this time.

  4. To this government, PLH is no ordinary company. A lot is resting on them being able to envelop Barbuda. They have paid good money for their incursion. They were promised that the natives would not give them any trouble as they slash and burn the island to carve out their empire. They see themselves as modern day expansionists getting theirs now, and they are strongly and ably assisted by the imperialist, the one sworn to protect Barbudans.

    • When enough foreigners settle in Barbuda maybe they will join up with all the other non natives in Antigua and form a political party and take over the country and put pickey head natives back on the plantations. Do we realize that if three family members settle in Barbuda they will out number Barbudans?

  5. Sorry To Say your point is well made but instead of three family members it will be four hundred homes that will be built in Barbuda for the rich and famous. By multiplying the 400 by 3 you will see that the present population of native Barbudans in Barbuda will be easily surpassed. This will certainly be the recipe for an Apartheid System in Barbuda. By the way, do not forget that the residents of these 400 homes will be Antigua and Barbuda citizens through the CIP, so perhaps eventually they will take over the Council or even the Central government. The only type of residential development in Barbuda should be for tourists in low density hotels that are environmentally friendly. Gaston’s misguided vision for Barbuda will be catastrophic in the long run. Even Antiguans should be concerned about his developmental vision for Antigua and Barbuda.

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