Barbuda Council Asks For Report On Use Of Hurricane Funds

UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

The Barbuda Council members have asked for a report on the relief funds collected post-Irma, and the uses to which the funds were put.

The team of Councilors led by Barbuda MP Trevor Walker held a two-hour meeting with the Prime Minister/Minister of Finance on Monday.

The Prime Minister reportedly presented for a second time the accounting of the funds collected. The document has been laid before the Parliament since November 2018.

“The Prime Minister cautioned the BPM Council Members to desist from making—or encouraging others to make—statements that suggest relief funds are being stolen or misused,” a Cabinet statement said.

“That claim is untruthful! When their statements are broadcast abroad, the donors are disinclined to deliver the funds and they will frequently deliver funds to international organizations and to charitable institutions, both of which are in the business of attracting funds which are diminished by administrative costs,” the statement added.

The BPM members would not agree to a public truce of words, according to the government.

The meeting also included a request for backpay, not unlike the $51 million dollars in backpay collected by unionized workers in the Central Government’s employ.

The shortfall in monthly Treasury payments to the Council; more than $500,000 are dispatched and delivered on-time monthly, do not meet the needs of the Council; it was agreed that the 60/40 formula which guides the Treasury is being followed.

The Barbuda Council is unable to raise the additional percent since the economy of Barbuda has been decimated by Hurricane Irma.

On the issue of the new runway.

The Prime Minister reported that Barbuda has to have a larger runway if the new hotels are to work.

Undermining the progress of the airport is contrary to good sense, the Prime Minister remarked; the environmental report on the airport was undertaken by the construction company and all the holes which existed under the surface were filled-in following the radar system utilized.


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    • No. The ‘accounting’ whatever that means, whether it’s cooked books or omissions were laid before parliament.
      The report however is a different kettle of fish
      Documents laid before parliament should be public and presented to both sides of the aisle. If Walker as an MP is asking for information it stands to reason he did not get it.

      • Documents laid before Parliament are ALWAYS presented to both sides of the aisle. If the MP for Barbuda decides not to share the information with his constituents, who’s at fault?

      • Dude, a documents laid before Parliament IS a PUBLIC DOCUMENT. Anyone, including you, can go to the Parliament and access Hansard and look at any document. Please desist from speaking about things you know not of.

  1. If the PM and cabinet have nothing to hide then make ALL the documents public including the bank balance of all three accounts from the second they were opened. But they can’t and won’t do that because they know the money was squandered and innapropriately used. And I was reading that ACB was actually an offshore bank, how true is this?..

    • Dude, a documents laid before Parliament IS a PUBLIC DOCUMENT. Anyone, including you, can go to the Parliament and access Hansard and look at any document. Please desist from speaking about things you know not of.

        • You have problems reading and comprehending. Let me repost my last sentence
          “ Documents laid before parliament should be public and presented to both sides of the aisle.”
          I then went on to say that whatever information the Barbudans or Walker we’re seeking is NOT covered in the public documents.
          We know how this administrative loves to mark their own exam papers so it stands to reason that they are not satisfied with the information presented.

          • You are the one with a comprehension problem. Any document that is laid before the parliament is given to each member of parliament. Therefore each party represented is in the know of it. And all documents tabled are accessible to the public. As tenman told you you can go and request your copy of any document of parliament. There is no secrecy in Parliament. It is the people’s house. That is why every sitting is broadcast live on National TV ABS. Both the Upper House sittings and the Lower House sittings. Please educate yourself so that you do not sound stupid to the entire world

    • They have (you were probably not listening) and stop misleading, documents laid before parliament are available to the public, Simply go to the parliament building and request a copy. You may also email [email protected] for details

  2. Trevor Walker has the Document also. Any document in Parliament is distributed to both Parties. When will Barbudans wake up to Trevor Walker keeping down the People of Barbuda. Everything is Gaston Browne when Trevor Walker is getting rich by the minute. He owns the only gas station and the Supermarket. He is the Guy retarding progress. Wake up Barbudans and see what Trevor Walker is doing to the Island.

    • Hmmmmm. Careful the “lone gas station owner” in Barbuda nah hear you. They have been brainwashed for so long that it’s hard to break free from their modern day Jim Jones elected to represent them. Notice he did not even join them at the ACB picket.

      As their MP who sits in the Lower House of said Parliament, why did he NOT advise them that the document was laid before Parliament since November 2018?? He appears to be playing games with their emotions, but they are “in too deep” to realize it.

  3. Partisan politics fo bang darg! Such behavior retards progress. When will we awake from our slumber.

    • Truth is truth.What Partisan are you talking about? If the documents were already Laid before the Parliament what more are they asking for? Speak the truth as it is man,that wont make you Partisan,You cant change the truth or cover with self righteous Bi-partisan conversations..What is your view on it?

      • TCharles, dont bother with them,The only Bi-Partisan man that ever walked this earth was the man Christ Jesus. Any other is just undercover Hypocrisy.

  4. The choir singers are out in full force for this one. Pity dem cyan read and understand standard English. They can only repeat the talking points.

    Let me spell it out for them

    Walker got documents on Barbuda disaster spending presented to parliament on November 2018.
    He along with his council members are asking for a report on monies spent.

    Either Walker and the Council are not satisfied with the information presented in parliament OR he wants further information on the months following November 2018 through March 2019 OR both.

    • Stop trying to CLUTCH AT STRAWS!!! The Council can speak for itself. You’re giving that Knight man a run for his money with your political skullduggery. Stop trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Your lame attempt at mischief-making is pitiful.

  5. so PM….
    How were the holes found under the runway from the radar report filled in after the runway was compacted a with marl dressing on it? By magic ?
    The runway was done with marl and the radar work done after !

    You say the larger runway is needed for the hotels to work, do you have an economic report or study that says so ?
    If so maybe you need to share that as it will be the proof that the runway is actually needed?

    Nobody undermining progress.
    Concerned citizens just asking for the law to be followed.
    I don’t believe the government is above its own laws.

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