Barbuda Council Announces The Closure Of All Ports Of Entry


The Barbuda Council has declared that passengers are not allowed to enter Barbuda as of the 26th March 2020, 11:59pm.

This travel restriction will proceed for fourteen (14) days and may be subjected for extension by the Barbuda Council.

The following are exempted:
*Essential Flights (Emergency Medevac for Patients)
*ACB Charter Flights
*Cargo Vessels
*Fuel Barge

For any additional information, please contact the Secretary of the Barbuda Council at (268) 780 – 2544.


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  1. Barbuda Council does NOT have the AUTHORITY to close the Ports . The Government of Antigua / Barbuda has that Authority . What the Council announced is Illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  2. The Barbuda Council doesn’t have such authority. That Authority is retained by the Central Government of Antigua and Barbuda. They attempt to fool people all the time.. Barbuda is not a country on it’s own.

  3. Please let Us live in peace . Barbudans comply with the law . Do not follow Observer Radio with Their stupid utterances. Do not follow Knight , Cleon Athill and Others. These People are bad Advisors.

  4. They don’t have the authority yes, but THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Kudos to the Barbuda Council for caring about the health of the Barbudans at this time. Antigua is TOXIC and a HEALTH HAZARD right now.

    • Chupzzzzzzz!!!!! Wah mek u nah go and tap dey then side Antigua so toxic. #dumbazz

  5. Come on Trevor. We know that You know better . Stop your NONSENSE. Just remember what you called the Barbudans a few weeks ago when you were on the pulpit. Smarten up Trevor.You DO NOT RESPECT BARBUDANS.

  6. Time will tell with those Barbudans!! Barbudans seem to be people who think with their feet and not their head…… Come on Barbudans, what are u trying to prove? The time is not now stir any ants nest. Trevor Walker should know better. As a Christian he should know that the bible advocates, one should subject themselves to authority.
    There is always a right & wrong way of doing things… Two wrongs cannot make a right… The Barbudan council answers to the central govt….. A man who plays warri with God may end up and get no seed…… Remember Mr.Walker & your fellow Barbudans, there is always severe consequences when one takes the law into their own hands…..

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