Barbuda Council Accuses NODS Of Neglecting Barbuda


With the 2020 Hurricane Season already turning out to be an active one, the Barbuda Council is accusing the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) of neglecting Barbuda.

Council Secretary Paul Nedd says the residents of the sister island are anxious and concerned since the island is not 100 percent ready for the season.

Hurricane Irma devastated Barbuda in September 2017 and, since then, the island has been in a state of recovery.

Nedd says many homes are at a stage where they are nearing completion; however, some are still without electricity nearly three years after the hurricane.

Meanwhile, the Council has managed to put some emergency shelters in place — just in case a storm passes and persons need to seek refuge at another location.

Nedd could not find any explanation why NODS is not undertaking the same level of hurricane-preparedness activity as is being done on Antigua.


  1. What a set of complaining, ungrateful, negative, victim-mentality, insular setta neargah. Not even between 2004-2014 were they grateful for anything? Surely Trevor Walker during 2004-2014 brought some positive development and changes to Barbuda.

    Maybe they are their own worse enemy. Could it be that’s why there seems to be no progress because all they CHOOSE to do is GRUMBLE, COMPLAIN, CRITICIZE & CONDEMN instead of putting their handa to the plow????

    • A very apt observation this. Barbudans need to realize that they are the cause of their own underdevelopment. Until they acknowledge and truly understand this, the vicious cycle will continue.

      It cannot be acceptable that there are assets in Barbuda that can be developed for country’s economic advancement and the Council continuously resists development under the guise that Antiguans want their land, while at the same time expect the government to consistently pay a subvention/remittance to them. It is the height of nonsense that needs to change. They speak about the taxes they pay and that those taxes should be controlled by the Barbuda Council. That is an irrational position for a UNITARY state. In a unitary state, taxation is the purview of the CENTRAL government and not a council. Somehow, Barbudans have been incorrectly taught to think that they are part of a federal system of government. Folks, the Constitution establishes the nation of Antigua and Barbuda as a UNITARY STATE. Therefore, the laws must be consistent in every place that is a part of the state of Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. It is sad that Darren on his morning show is still allowing Barbuda Council members and the MP to spread falls information. The land issue has been fought in parliament and in court and was and is a settled issue. Barbudans want to live under the myth of being Owners in Common of the Land. The Court has dismissed this fallacy and has ruled that Barbuda land is Crown Land. And even when it was leased to the Codringtons it was still Crown Land. Getting Independent did not change that. All that happened is that they became tenants in common of the Crown which is now vested in the government of Antigua and Barbuda, and the next fact is that these two Islands are a Unitary State and not a Federation. If they wanted a Federation they should have fought for that before the Independent. But they went into it as a Unitary State. So there is no separation. The government is government over ALL the land of the Unitary State. And the Council is just a local body within with limited powers. They cannot do with the land as they please, as it is not theirs. The myth needs to be dispelled and Barbudans with brains need to wake up and understand and accept the truth. And from their they will be able to move on.
    Listening to this guy on the radio this morning with his Tim Hector view, which we know Tim to be nothing less than a Communist and Socialist view. And that is what these people see Barbuda developing into. Everything in Common. No wonder the minister of Health had to worn about the incestrous relationship that is happening down there. it is wrong and it is National Health issue.

  3. Hon. Gaston Browne….Please leave Barbuda and Barbudans ALONE. They DO NOT want progress . They admire Trevor Walker as the only MILLIONAIRE in Barbuda. Trevor Walker and the Council have been fooling Barbudans for years. They can continue to drink RUM, Shoot DEER and remain that situation !!!!

  4. Why has the Barbuda Council not given any feedback to the draft disaster management plan that was sent since 2018? A lot of the activities that go with preparation for the hurricane season must be in writing and must be guided by a disaster plan and they haven’t even the courtesy of responding to the draft document.

  5. From the Sidelines:When Member of Gaston Browne’s Cabinet.Visits the Darren,Morning Show.Isn’t that sad to allow them on that show.They want to see NEWSCO closed down.What do they bring to that SHOW.Have you listened to Max Hurst?The spokesman for Gaston Browne and the Administration.You people in the Red Kool-Aid Gang are so filled with hatred towards Barbuda.Perhaps you should stop eating at the pig trough of corruption.Get rid of that gut fat.For gut fat is not a healthy thing.It would seep into your liver and create something.I would not wish on you.Just stop drinking that Red Kool-Aid.Check the ingredients in Kool-Aid.

    • Here we go again spreading falsehood. If they wanted to see NEWSCO closed it would never have been opened in the first place. Cause the amount of debt that was owed by the Derricks would not allowed them to take control of the equipment neither of the name “Observer”. But Gaston allowed this to happen and the government kept holding the empty bag from the Derricks. All Gaston was concern with was the severance pay of all the workers.
      And can you point out to any falsehood that the members of the government go on Observer and spread. Cause I just did give you the falsehood that the Council Member is spreading. Facts are facts.
      The Court has ruled and the Parliament has passed the law and repealed the Barbuda Land Act from 2007. Trevor stood in Parliament can cried his crocodile tears. But that didn’t work. Barbuda with these guys at the helm will never ever developed. Cause as from today the cat is out the bag. Their vision of Barbuda is a communistic vision. Living in communion. He even quoted the Bible to support his view. And he even holds a world vision of brotherly and sisterly love etc. Well I tell you for me it is clear as crystal who these guys really are. Barbudans wake the hell up. Don’t go down that road with these guys.

      You have your nose in the BLUE KOOLAID TROUGH. I believe it now damaged your BRAIN.

      You guys always write NONSENSE.

  6. 12,000,000 years from now Barbudans will still be on the hamster wheel. They want nothing for themselves and their future generations. THE SAME LAME ASS SCHTICK EVERY SINGLE DAY. When will they realize that doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity???

    Continue to allow the likes of Trevor Walker fool dem arf and they will remain right where they are permanently!!!

  7. @Sidelines: They wanted NEWSCO closed.Those words came out of their mouths.They tried and failed to withhold the license.I do not drink any Kool-AID.I voted in Antigua once in my life.I would not come back there for that purpose.i leave that to you Labor Party idiots living there.The Barbudans have something you people on Antigua lack.Backbones,Guts and Balls.NEWSCO has nothing to do with the Derrick’s.I would always contribute financially to that Company.

    • The Barbudans don’t have a thing. They are stuck in the miry clay. Round and round the mulberry bush. Still being brainwashed, battered and bamboozled by Chevva Warkah!!!

    • @ BLACK-MAN

      I am a UPP Supporter but I would like to find out if Shefffield Bowen can run on UPP ticket since He is a CONVICTED FELLON ? I believe that the UPP is giving the ABLP far too many ammunitions for the next election. This Guy should never run on the UPP ticket. ABLP will have a field day with this Guy !!!!!

  8. @THOMAS G. I am not a supporter of any Political Party in Antigua.Seeing that you are a supporter of the UPP.Then you should ask your Political Leader.That question you are asking of me.I thought Bowen’s verdict was appeal and won by him.As far as I am aware.If you are convicted.You appealed that conviction to a higher Court and won.That conviction never happened,slate wiped clean.What happened to that case with Dean Jonas and the lady in Sea View Farm.He was accused of pushing a woman who attended a school function.Which is an assault.He ran on the ALP ticket as I remembered and won.


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