Barbados to recognise same-sex civil unions

Actual LGBT pride flag

The Mia Mottley Administration is preparing to recogonise civil unions for couples of the same gender.

The island has increasingly found itself on international lists of having a “poor human rights record” because of this and can’t afford to be blacklisted when it relies so heavily on external funding and investment.

This was announced by Governor General Dame Sandra Mason in The Throne Speech during a historic opening of Parliament at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on Tuesday.

“Mr President, my Government is prepared to recognise a form of civil unions for couples of the same gender so as to ensure that no human being in Barbados will be discriminated against, in exercise of civil rights that ought to be theirs,” said Dame Sandra.

“The settlement of Barbados was birthed and fostered in discrimination, but the time has come for us to end discrimination in all forms. I wish to emphasise that my Government is not allowing any form of same sex marriage, and will put this matter to a public referendum. My Government will accept and be guided by the vote of the public as promised in the manifesto.”

If Barbados wants to be counted among the “progressive nations of the world”, she continued, the country must change “how we treat to human sexuality and relations”.

“My Government will do the right thing, understanding that this too will attract controversy. Equally, it is our hope that with the passage of time, the changes we now propose will be part of the fabric of our country’s record of law, human rights and social justice,” Dame Sandra added.

In prefacing this announcement, the Governor General referenced other “controversial” legislation such as the signing of the Charter of Barbados in Oistins in 1652, universal adult suffrage and a woman’s right to vote, universal free secondary education, the ending of “backstreet abortions” through the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act and the Tenantry Freehold Purchase Act in the 1980s, which opened up the possibility of landownership to those previously unable to afford it.

“Barbados took these decisions because they were the right thing to do and because it was the correct direction for our culture, social and economic circumstances. In each case, we now accept these rights as essential, and part of the national social and legal fabric. However, at the time they were taken, each of these decisions was highly controversial and bitterly opposed,” Dame Sandra noted. (SAT)

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    • Indeed.
      But it shows you how powerful the dollar is when you depend on it. You have to sell and give up all your moral persuasions. I mean what is the end of this when you cannot stand on your biblical morals any longer. After this anything goes. The rest of the Caribbean will follow. Especially with the gay cruises and other gay activities. I wish the Barbadian people all the best. Especially the churches. Antigua will follow suit very soon. Its just a matter of time. Mr & Mr. And Mrs. and Mrs.

      • It funny how we are so hypocritical in this region. If we are so adamant of rejecting the moral imperatives of our former colonial masters, why have we ate up their religion like hungry paupers. Give me a break.

        • Funny you called it their religion. Seems you have no clue of the history. Ethiopia has had Christians even before these Europeans existed. Just study the Rastafarian religion and you will understand more of it. And let me make this point which is just my observation. The Bible talks about the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and called what happened their sin. All what is happening now is reintroduction of these cities in our days and justify them under our laws. Now I cannot tell anyone who they should love and therefore leave everyone to there own. It is there relationship with God and not with me that would matter. Whatever happens in the world was foretold nothing should be a surprise to men.

          • @From The Sidelines – the Spirit, of Christ, the title not the religion of the Flavians, Caesars, Rome, Europe) was hijacked, and reconstructed to suit, the narratives, of their War on HUEmanity!
            These are the same who gave “us” jesus christ; bear in mind, there was no ‘J’ in the English alphabet, prior to the late 16th Century!
            It’s good to know, that the Stone – Ras Tafar I, which the builder refused, is being recognized as such!

      • They never had gay parades in the virgin islands. When Americans started it in the States, it’s a now an annual occasion in the v.i. The carribean islands/people are copy catting Americans. Even in crime.

      • @From The Sidelines…
        Dis spliff YAH kno, nice, relaxing and invigorating!
        The LGQBTAP(P – will be added to accommodate Pedophilia) is a well organized, defined, funded Centries Old Order with a religion/political(one and the same, as in partners in crime), agenda!

        Nothing, as in No-Thing is the #ONLY thing which happens by mistake; ALL others are by design.

        Antigua almost had its first official gay pride parade. If it wasn’t for the outcry, of several citizens, the Emancipation Celebration, one and same hijacked
        and infiltrated by the same LGQBTAP, as they turned Our ancestors freedom Celebrations, into a #Slutfest, through the introduction of Bacchanal(Bacchus – Greek god of Bacchanalia), and Wine, Drunkardness & Orgy(Dionysus), again two years ago, St. John’s was already draped in the flags, of these news recruits, of the Flavian/Roman Dynasties, to “Mash dung Tung,” while “Satan kunming dung;” jamming wid, de Red Hott & Burning Flames.
        BTW – you know who we refer to as, A Flame, on the streets?

  1. Sodom and gomerah will be destroyed those who support it will be apart of the destruction repentance and salvation is necessary

  2. Join the clan when the leader is x + y what would you expect and as for gay and lesbians they are as tick as fleas on a hound all over the Caribbean even in Antigua
    so just live and let live.

    • @From The Sidelines – the Spirit, of Christ, the title not the religion of the Flavians, Caesars, Rome, Europe) was hijacked, and reconstructed to suit, the narratives, of their War on HUEmanity!
      These are the same who gave “us” jesus christ; bear in mind, there was no ‘J’ in the English alphabet, prior to the late 16th Century!
      It’s good to know, that the Stone – Ras Tafar I, which the builder refused, is being recognized as such!

    • @GG – Governor, it’s all well and good to, “live and let live;” however, this is not the agenda of this well defined, organized, funded religious/political organization.
      Here’s hoping, that you’ll feel the same way, when Education Funding are withheld, from Our public schools, if they refuse to teach, the LGQBTAP ideology in public schools from kindergarten to High School.

      The psychological effect from…

      A…body parts for sale(Trannies want uterus, penis, ass etc, and silicone does a lousy job as replacement parts.

      B…the Healthcare System will be burdened with the physical and mental fallouts.

      C…the opioid and pharmaceutical drug crisis has taken “roots” in the Caribbean, too!

      Just some, #FriendlyReminders, as;

      …habits, become Norms!
      …norms, become A Way Of Life!
      …a way of life, defines a People!
      …a People, define a Culture!
      …said culture, shall predicate;
      …this culture, will dictate
      …the direction’s, said PEOPLE take!
      …for, as Time is left in their wake!
      …the Space, which they occupy;
      …shall not be as a mistake,
      …but, the result of things in which, they participate!

  3. Sick!!!! Where is the power? Man to man, woman to woman? No power. It’s the power that allows life to come forth. The power manifest only man to woman. All you supposed to be intellectuals we smart till we dumb. Smh…

  4. Record number of murders in 2019 (twice what Antigua has ever experienced), and this is all Mia can come up with? The decline of Barbados continues apace. This is not your grandfather’s BLP.

  5. Antigua is small and we know everything that is going on. But yet we pretend as if we don’t know. Many have come out of the closet in this country. Especially those holding high political office. Both in the UPP and ABLP. A former UPP minister is said to have left her husband for another woman, a former speaker of the house is also said to have left her husband for another woman. An ABLP former minister is known to be having male friends. The former chief of police is said to have inappropriate conduct with some male officers and has been fired. We have a fashion designer that is said to have male friends even though still married. I mean we have many of these stories in our little paradise so don’t have to be surprise if Antigua sooner rather then later follows Barbados. The forces of this new age are powerful. My advice is bring up your children in the Lord and trust them to follow those teachings as much as possible. Because they will fall to peer pressure. What was taboo now may be normal in the future.

    • …@From The Sidelines, once this “officially” becomes Law, in Antigua, since, according to you it’s only a matter of time, We must insist that they legalize #Obeah, as well.
      Btw – before u rant about religious beliefs, ALL RELIGIONS practice #Obeah.

  6. It is alleged That the prime minister of Barbados is a lesbian. That’s what a lot of Bajans say. Listen to her when She speaks. What do you expect.

  7. 2 Timothy 3 – This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves …Without natural affection … Yep, we are definitely living in the last days. Jesus is coming soon. Signs of the time are every where.

    • Antigua will never follow Barbados in this abomination, not under ABLP maybe if the other party wins sometime in the future.

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