Barbados shifts Antigua back into medium risk COVID category


Effective today, two Caribbean islands have shifted categories in the latest COVID-19 travel protocols issued by Government of Barbados.

Antigua and Barbuda, which was formerly on the list of countries deemed high risk by health authorities in Barbados, has now been moved into the medium risk category.

Additionally, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which was in the medium risk category, has shifted to low risk.

The updated list of countries in all categories – high, medium, low and very low – may be viewed on the website of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

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  1. As I strove to figure out what could have been behind Barbados obvious singling out of Antigua and Barbuda for unfair treatment by Barbados, my instincts immediately pointed to LIAT, our strong resolve to keep LIAT flying the friendly skies. But then that possibility almost immediately was dismissed as it seemed far too infantile and ignorant a reaction from someone as learned and mature as the good lady appears to be. So I considered other sensible explanations.. ust when I was about to quit trying to find some logical explanation, I got it! Eureka! It was then that I remembered….. ‘A certain Ass just recently was braying up a storm over-describing the extremely close relationship that existedberween Ms. Mottle

    • @ Anon the 1st.
      If you nah know wha fu say just hush nah! Wha you write yah mek sense to you? Aryou always feel aryou have the answer to ebryting. Sometimes, you must kip out jack, especially when you nah know wha fu say.

  2. @Bullbud
    You could use a few.
    Are you one of the moderators? Regrettably the last part of my post was not printed. Can you even read? Your expressions suggest otherwise.
    Have a few!

  3. Barbados always ignores the garbage out of Anteega aka Stanford laundry. The idiot politicians on that insignificant dot cant buy a clue and wont take a hint

    • Insignificant dot eh? Was that your response when Trinidad swept through Barbados and bought y’all off like a day in the supermarket ? On the contrary, Antigua ignores the ignorance spewed by a bunch of blind sheep who can’t even afford to buy a piece of land in their homeland. Do you even have assets? Must be a few dollars and the shirt on your back… a set of under empowered motor mouths with shit still floating in your streets in this day and age. An inflated false sense of pride and oversized egos with nothing to show, right up there with your clit biting, immoral wolf in sheep’s clothing leader. Why are her ministers disgruntled? Why do they complain of her manner and micromanaging leadership style? I bet you still paying rent and you probably still work for a descendant of a white plantation owner. You Barbadians mine the affairs of Antigua the Dot so damn much, you forgot to strengthen your currency which is at its lowest. We now have UWI, we got back Liat, our trading of goods and services are higher than yours, our standard of living is higher than yours. We can afford to own a piece of the rock and you cannot. Focus on making Barbados great again. England was an island but still managed to colonize most of the world. Kick rocks BLM. Face it, we are a few notches ahead and you people are envious from ever since. Hopefully by the time I visit Barbados again, you will be selling premium liquor, have a jet bridge in your hideous outdated airport and an overall more sophisticated way of doing things.🇦🇬

  4. I applaud Barbados for taking their stand. At least their leaders are protecting their people and country not their bank accounts like the misleaders here in Antigua.

    • It sounds like Barbados has a real leader that is protecting her people.

      Versus Antiguan leaders who opened the borders ASAP and then let anyone and everyone in. Then stopped testing any tourists supposedly because they threatened to sue, LMAO.

      You don’t have a real country if the government cannot or will not protect its people.

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