Barbados moves Antigua and 13 countries to COVID-19 High Risk Category


Effective today, Tuesday, November 3, 14 more countries will be added to the list of those deemed high risk for COVID-19 by health authorities in Barbados, bringing the total number in this category to 50.

In the latest updated COVID-19 travel protocols, the new countries which have moved into high risk are Antigua and Barbuda, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Martinique, Norway, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.

These join 36 others in this category, including Barbados’ major tourism markets – the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, as well as the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Five countries are now deemed medium risk for entry.  These are Australia, Bermuda, New Zealand, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

There are only two countries in the low risk category – Egypt and Greenland, while six are categorised as very low risk – Anguilla, China, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, and St. Kitts and Nevis.

It is mandatory that all persons travelling to Barbados from high and medium risk countries have a negative COVID-19 PCR test done at an accredited or certified facility within three days prior to arrival.

Persons arriving from Canada, however, are allowed to be tested on arrival in Barbados, if they are unable to receive their test results in time for departure from their country.

All high risk passengers are required to quarantine at a designated hotel or approved villa at their own expense or free of charge at a government facility, up to the time of a second test, which will be four to five days after the first test.

At the end of the period, if they test negative, they are discharged from quarantine, but will continue to be monitored for seven days from the time of arrival.

Passengers from medium risk countries are monitored for seven days after arrival and must also undergo a second test within four to five days.

Persons from low risk countries are strongly advised to have a negative test taken within five days of arrival, and those who arrive without it will be tested on arrival.

Those coming to Barbados from very low risk countries do not require a test for entry.

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  1. Something is clearly wrong with said list, SLU with 58 active cases is rated safer than ANU with 8. SLU now has community spread (major outbreaks) vs for ANU its Sporadic cases. Anguilla with no active case in months is rated the same as Dominica with 17, and who over the weekend have closed schools in an area to stop the spread. Imagine, DOM with more active cases than ANU, a smaller population, is rated is safer than ANU. The ranking is not driven by data

    • Antigua is letting in everyone and anyone without quarantining and testing them.

      The only people that believe there are 8 active cases on this island are extremely gullible

      • Stop lie. Persons just like those traveling to BDS are required to provide a Covid PCR negative test before coming here. Its working because we have a very low level of imported cases. What increased our numbers was persons (locals / returning nationals) not abiding by the protocols and instead leaving quarantine and infecting others

        • Because Antigua is doing very little testing and probably some other shenanigans

          When people call the hotline with COVID symptoms, they are told to quarantine at home and that they may just have the flu or Dengue.

          In normal countries, those people would be tested.

          20 or more people suddenly died in Antigua and we never heard any more about it. In a normal country in the midst of a pandemic those deaths would be considered to be part of the pandemic until that cause was ruled out.

          Please try to use your brain a little instead of repeating propaganda. COVID can and will continue to come into the country via returning nationals and via tourists.

          The only difference is that there are MANY MANY more tourists coming here than returning nationals and tourists are not tested or quarantined.

          That’s an insane policy that is endangering everyone.

          • Again you are being untruthful. Those persons who died suddenly, those whose death could not be ruled out as being caused by a known illness (based on their health records)were indeed tested for Covid. The officials here pointed out that all sudden deaths who were tested came back negative. The one exception as far as sudden death was the man who worked at the airport as a plumber, who was symptomatic, hence right away tested and later found to have covid. Dr. Lester Simon has stated this and so also the CMO. Hence for you to come here and state nothing has been said is clearly a bare faced lie

  2. It is obvious that Mia has a personal beef with Antigua,and a childish one at that. Even a cursory glance at the the various categories and the countries contained in each would reveal Mia’s sinister agenda. To hell with the hybrid! Antiguan and Barbudans once traveled frequently to Barbados primarily to secure US Visas. However because of the Covid crisis and the mounting deaths that are part of today’s US reality as well as the dangerous racial jungle that the US has become, Mia’s actions are fruitless. Citizens of A & B, take serious note.

    • of how your government is bungling their pandemic response

      and ask yourself why there is no money for emergencies in the treasury

      and ask yourself how your politicians become multimillionaires while in office when they are supposed to be serving the people

      • We spent millions just recently building a infectious disease center to deal specially with persons ill with covid. How many of our neighbors have such? As far as resources, the UK, US who can print money are faced with a current situation in some hospitals where there are not enough beds to handle covid. This is why the UK will be shutting down for a month. The world bank labels covid as worse than any recession we have faced since World War II

        • Bald-faced lie not “bare faced lie.”

          But no, I am not lying. A press conference was held stating that some people who suddenly died were not positive for COVID.

          The problem is the public was never told how many “some” is.

          And the other problem is we have no idea how soon after death they were tested, what sort of sample was taken, and how accurate such a test was. In addition to not know how many of the sudden deaths were tested.

          So, no, not a lie. Just more hiding information from the public and trickery on the part of the government.

          But they have made a miscalculation which is at some point if they don’t do the right thing and handle this pandemic appropriately, the number of deaths and sick people will be too high to hide.

          That is scary for everyone. And it is sad that you would support such things.

          • It was you who wrote “20 or more people suddenly died in Antigua and we never heard any more about it. In a normal country in the midst of a pandemic those deaths would be considered to be part of the pandemic until that cause was ruled out.”

            Clearly your post above shows you contradicting the aforesaid comment. Tell me though, what country is the world had persons who were asymptotic who it was judged died from Covid? Seems to me your aim to ensure A&B makes the Guinness world record

          • Means but yes if you had been paying attention one feature of COVID-19 is seemingly healthy people suddenly dying of strokes and MI’s.

            That has been documented in probably every country that has been affected by the pandemic

            And there is absolutely no contradiction in what I said above. People who suddenly die during a pandemic should be considered to have fallen victim to that pathogen until it is ruled out.

            As far as the public knows, it was never adequately ruled out in some, many or all cases. All we were told was that “some” of the sudden deaths were tested and were negative for the coronavirus.

            But how many is some? When where these people tested and by what methodology? And how accurate are results obtained from deceased persons?

            As said above, only an extremely gullible person would believe that there are 8 active cases on this island.

            It is easy to compare the numbers in many other countries with similar demographics. Many of those countries have done MUCH more to stem the spread of the disease and yet their numbers are much higher by proportion than Antigua.

            Antigua’s numbers are low because very few people have been tested on this island.

            And many symptomatic people (as stated below and as we have heard over and over again) are simply not tested. They are told to quarantine themselves and that they probably have a cold or the flu or Dengue.

            Keep up the nonsense. That is not going to protect you or anyone else from the negligent way this pandemic is being handled.

            For all we know there are hundreds or thousands of active cases walking around this island with cases only growing each day.

    • 100% correct..It is Pellucid that there is some animosity .. I have been there on three Occasions and do not really like the place at all.The people are very unpleasant..

  3. @”you should take serious note
    Blsh, blah, blah! Most of your weary questions have already been asked and answered in the nation’s audit of the period 2000 – 2014. A decade of unscrupulous and wanton waste of the country’s resources. In referring to Covid-19, you must be confusing Antigua with America whose daily death toll is currently in the thousands. I suugest that you use your seeming good health to thank God for ALL of your blessings to date and pray that you don’t ever end up in a situation where the Government’s “bungling their pandemic response” does not leave you gasping for breath.. in vain.

    • Antigua had ONE problem, which was how to maintain the country, make sure everyone is fed and can live without tourism.

      Now we have TWO problems, which are the economic one (which is not solved by opening the borders to declining numbers of tourists) AND how to care for the increasing numbers of sick and contagious people in Antigua because the borders were opened prematurely without appropriate protocols.

      Sadly, this is not going to work out well unless the citizens demand that the government immediately change course.

  4. Meanwhile Prime Minister Browne is busy gossiping about other governments. PATHETIC. Maybe the lower number of cases in Antigua & Barbuda can be attributed to the lower number of tests performed. Do you think that the other governments are oblivious to the fact that we are barely testing, while allowing almost anyone to enter the country?

    I recently travelled back from a high risk country. Upon arrival at the airport, personnel responsible asked whether I had a negative PCR test and merely glanced at my mobile device; not even confirming that it was indeed my name on that screenshot that I showed or whether the results were from a credible source. I was sent home to quarantine for 14 days, but was never contacted by the authorities despite signing documentation stating that I was subject to being contact daily for the 14 day period. I had flu like symptoms including fever and cough, within those 14 days and upon contacting the hotline I was advised to continue to quarantine at home and monitor the symptoms as it is likely that I only have a common cold. In this pandemic yah! To this day I have not been retested and have recovered, not knowing whether I had COVID 19 or a common cold. Luckily for them I am a responsible citizen and quarantined at home for 21 days as an extra precaution. Someone else in my situation could have caused some serious problems for this nation.

  5. It is so damn laughable to see u Antiguans would side wid one ABOMINATION woman who lub fu kick one man wen he down just fu likkle politics. Mia nah lub nonbady and she bex LIAT flring even though she and the skirt chasing Vincy PM try fu ground um so dem can get fu dem own airline flying.

  6. Just ignore red wine correct term…He is a propagandists . All the other countries know Antigua is fudging the numbers. As far as the sudden deaths NO scientifically trained personnel uses generalizations like some and few…they use absolutes that is just to cover up the cause of death. Barbados following our Facebook posts and taking notes and acting accordingly

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