Barbados: LIAT severance payments to be completed by early August


(Barbados TODAY) — By early next month, payment of severance to all Barbadian ex-LIAT workers will be completed. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Toni Moore said on Tuesday that all unresolved issues should be sorted by July 31 and outstanding payments will come shortly after.

Earlier this month, Barbados TODAY reported that the 89 former LIAT workers who were among hundreds from across the region terminated by the Antigua-based airline in 2020 had started collecting severance pay.

Moore told a press conference at the union’s headquarters that final payments were expected to be fulfilled during the first week of August.

“We are satisfied that the relevant ministries, that is the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Finance, are now at a level where they should be ready to wrap up that issue most definitely by the end of next week,” she said.

“It effectively means this week, all of those calculations and so on should be sorted so that workers can receive the differences that they are owed …. The monies should be paid during the first week of August or so.”

Prime Minister Mia Mottley announced in Parliament during her wrap-up of the Budget debate in April that the Government would pay $10 million in outstanding severance payments to the Barbadian workers. She assured them that they would be fully compensated.

Payments of up to $75 000 are being made in cash to each worker while any amount above that is being paid in bonds.

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  1. In the meantime here in Antigua, Gaston says to LIAT workers “tek dat in y’all Rasshole!!!”

    • It’s crazy that you said that because it’s not antiguan workers wanted money from Gaston It’s all the workers of liat want to eat out Antigua bearing in mind liat was owned by I think 4 island. The PM offered all a them a pay off and much more than what Barbados is paying but the union in Antigua playing politics. You can continue chat shit cause all some of you want is to see this country fall a ground because you all preferred party is not in government. How dumb can people be that when their party in government all is good and when their party is not in government they wish the country drop off the earth but it won’t happen Antigua is a blessed country that’s why Antigua full up a people from all over the world, a little America them call this country. Oh lord why we stay so, not even when the national anthem a play some of you stand at the attention just because you all party not in government it’s a disgrace

  2. And let me tell you this I am a born Antiguan by Antiguan parents, grand parents and great grandparents and great great grandparents so me love this little 268 me call home, so whoever in a government in government however I refuse to abuse this country just because of Gaston or lovell you got to be crazy and me done live with so many prime minister and the country still a stand from VC bird, Baldwin, Lester and now Gaston some of you just want you all party in power to get benefits and am talking about the two side now ABLP and UPP all the two parties run behind the middle and poor class to get votes and when they get in is only a few they deal with, the big shots according to them Haddeds, cool and smooth etc while your black ass a cuss other black people over party. Not fugging me I support country and if Gaston a do shit I will be the first fu cuss he and pan radio to and if he doing good I will be the first to say run the thing daddy but no you people are not like that because you all looking board jobs and all kind a contract and the election didn’t go your way so the country must fail. What a shame me say

  3. Labbbbbbbbeeerrrrrrr !!!!!

    Gaston is a colossal waste he has money for useless concerts….how many companies he has that NO ANTIGUAN ever heard of billing the government monthly for….

    Keep stacking generational wealth that your children may never see!!!!

  4. Barbados paying bajans workers…then Antigua Workers Union should look out for Antiguans Workers…plain and simple.

  5. Why Some Antiguans act so Dum why should gaston pay all liat workers, He Offered Half of their severance and even we antguans want him to pay all liat workers????. Com on if it was UPP IN power you all will not say that and i support them but fair must be fair.

  6. Gaston Browne,please take note from the Government of Barbados.I did not read where they were trying to stiff the former LIAT workers.Like taking a hair cut of their full amounts of severance.Those former LIAT workers in Antigua are too quiet and laid back.In order to get things done.There are times when you have to get up and get it and be counted.

  7. If it was a profit to be share Mia and Ralph would have all interest…… We the ex staff of Liat want 100% servance…. All them islands was benefiting from Liat tooo…. Gaston giving half so why the other no take up the other half…. Staff have done over 10 15 20 25 years and more….WE NEED OUR MONIES PLEASE…. MORTGAGE LOANS RENT ETC HAS TO BE PAID…

  8. As I mentioned before, there is no CARICOM. There is no WE. It’s about Each Island for themself and God for us ALL. Mia has demonstrated that clearly. And the Unions have no problem with that. Neither the Unions in Barbados nor those in Antigua and Barbuda. And the rest of the shareholder Islands like St. Vincent are noticeably quiet. Who will carry the brunt of the severance if every Island takes care of their own citizens? Antigua of course, because LIAT had its headquarters here and therefore most workers were stationed in Antigua. And that is how they are giving it to Antigua. And those are what we call our friends. Give me an aspirin.

  9. Wise up brothers and sisters of the OECS. All 4 shareholders Antigua, Dominica, Stvincent and Barbados a major shareholder of LIAT (1974) LTD.are to be held culpable for paying severance to the workers.This is a direct political attack on the government of ANTIGUA by the government of BARBADOS to bring the ANTIGUA government down and inflict hardship on the people’s of the OECS by paying the 89 employees in Barbados DESCRIMINATION.Wise up PM BROWNE and do something your government is at stake.Stop spinning top in mud and be pragmatic.Alternately OECS do not buy ANY products made in BARBADOS.

  10. The BARBADOS government has done it before. Nothing new when DISCRIMINATING the CLICO policy holders in the OECS by paying the policy holders in BARBADOS while most of the money from the OECS was transferred to BARBADOS to build their economy and be proud to boast home drums beat first, while people are suffering and dying in the OECS. It is now 14 years since the case was in the appeals court in BARBADOS, awaiting a decision on their blatant corruption, while the policy holders in BARBADOS gone scotch free and laughing. Rise up OECS policy holders. BARBADOS thinks nothing of you and believe to be royally chosen. Note the total population of the OECS compared to the population of BARBADOS. Do the maths and divide them.

  11. As a major shareholder in LIAT (1974) LTD BARBADOS is inciting discrimination by setting a precedent in paying the 89 BARBADOS base employees 100% of their severance and telling the rest to wait for the ADMINISTRATOR/ANTIGUA HIGH COURT ruling.NOTE article 7 of the revised treaty of CHAGURAMAS.It appears there are two (2) laws one for the MEDES and another for the PERSIANS.You pay one you pay all the workers100% of their SEVERANCE/REPARATION as a major shareholder BARBADOS EMANCIPATE us.

  12. Interesting the two BARBADIAN lawyers representing the OECS/CLICO case in the BARBADOS appeals court ,one of the lawyers is now the CHIEF JUSTICE of BARBADOS.Conflict of interest.

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