Barbados firm to help APUA detect leaking pipes

APUA Minister Robin yEARWOOD

Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet invited a Barbados-based firm called INNOTECH to share with its members, its successes in waste management and in detecting leaking water pipes buried beneath the earth.

The firm displayed a video recording showing garbage disposal containers that are on wheels and garbage trucks that had been retrofitted to do the heavy lifting of these containers, so that the sanitation workers do not have to lift rubbish-filled, heavy containers.

The containers each have a barcode/strip that, when scanned, provides the household location and the quantum of waste that the household generates each week. The World Bank data confirm that the wealthier a nation, the more rubbish its citizens and residents are likely to discard.

The firm has also indicated that it has access to the technology that will allow it to detect leaks in the network of pipes that carry potable water to homes and villages.

The technology was employed in Barbados where 1150 points of leak were identified in the water network.

The water authority there tested 60% or more than 600 of those leaks so identified and found the technology to be accurate.

 The APUA Utilities Minister immediately agreed to have that technology deployed, especially in those areas in St. John’s where they are certain that significant leakage is taking place. 

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  1. Robin Yearwood and his daughter continues to create untold problems for Antigua; whether it’s runaway water or runaway illegals.


    I very much welcome the help from our regional and CARICOM partners in Barbados; however, it does beg the pertinent question – why after almost TWO terms in office, the ABLP have now decided to take action on leaking water pipes?

    And if it all goes wrong, Robin Yearwood will conveniently place all the blame on APUA. Nice maneuvering ABLP.

    • I almost forgot to update the citizens of Antigua of the promise made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne a few months ago:

      Today is Thursday the 1st of September 2022, and there are now just 30 days before the island-wide implementation of our new water supply system.

      Even though Gaston Browne has gone strangely quiet on this life-giving and life-saving matter, the citizens of this great country will keep reminding him.

      30 days and counting boss man …

    • First he said UPP hate foreigners and then he put his daughter there to allow in all kinds of people. All for election and votes.

    • So wait the government now realize that the issue of leaks need to be addressed. At one time they said that leaks in the Point area was one of the reasons for our water woes. Senator Damani Tabor has been saying months and months ago that their is technology to determine leaks. No we hire a Bajan company to help us to find the leaks. Better late than never to our reactive and incompetent government.

  2. Why does APUA need to bring in Bajans to “detect” leaks? Yearwood is the most useless redman in the entire WI. PM Browne, call de elections now!

  3. Every day it’s another excuse to explain the delay in the fixing the water problems. Cabinet sounds like it would make a good Netflix series with all these dramatic characters. Let them continue with their foolishness because we voting them out.

  4. INNOTECH detect underground leaks – Sir Robin IMMEDIATELY says ‘yes please’
    Were the personal ‘cents per gallon lost & found’ agreed upfront?

    Has Sir Robin put this large project out to tender? Or are INNOTECH the only company with the technology?

    Let me say, any leak detection, followed by immediate pipe replacement, IS a good thing.

  5. One Thought or Two
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    Our economic growth and social development REQUIRE that transformation from the colonial education for elite management and unskilled labor.
    We must get rid of our STEM INFERIORITY COMPLEX! STEM is achievable and rewarding for everyone, man and woman. We must want to know STEM and business principles. Apply the knowledge to start and build business enterprises and get things done to produce something of value.


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