Barbados ex-minister charged in United States with laundering bribes

Donville Innis


A former minister in the government of Barbados has been criminally charged in the United States with laundering bribes he received from a Barbadian insurance company, federal prosecutors said on Monday.

Donville Inniss, who formerly served as minister of industry in Barbados and as a member of the Caribbean nation’s Parliament, was arrested on Friday in Florida. He was released on bail after appearing in federal court there on Monday, prosecutors said.

Inniss was charged with money laundering and conspiracy in an indictment unsealed on Monday in Brooklyn federal court.

Adam Nate, a lawyer for Inniss, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Prosecutors said in the indictment that in 2015 and 2016, Inniss engaged in a scheme to take about $36,000 in bribes from high-level executives of an unnamed Barbadian insurance company. In exchange, they said, Inniss used his position as minister of industry to help the insurer secure two government contracts.

The prosecutors said Inniss, 52, concealed the nature of the bribes by receiving them through a rental company and a bank located in Elmont, New York, under the guise of payments for consulting services.

Inniss, a legal permanent resident of the United States, lived in Florida and Barbados at the time of the payments, prosecutors said. (Reporting by Brendan Pierson in New York Editing by Matthew Lewis)

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  1. Antigua is the only place that a minister can do all this and still on party tickets this little corrupt country…..Michael browne E books scandal and liberta school money,asot Michael caught on tapes in England asking for car for his mom kick back money and up ro now labour party said he has not been charged who is to charge him england ,gaston still have rhe government buildings in his buildings paying rent ,teco lake who recieved the monies from the scandal with rhe Brazilian company??????tell us we need to know.. y as a minister of government u can purchase a building and within 1 day want ro sell it to the same government for 3 times the amount……antigua for u

    • they get away in antigua because the alleged crimes have taken on home soil where all and sundry in corrupt places and positions protect each other. Mind you though the US is no different its a case of jumbie knowing who to frighten.

      • Yeah all that but the people that did the fences is with alp my friend they join the alp for protection…not talking politics but 10 years of upp ….alp in power for ever so come on both parties but come on alp is about enriching themselves u better get yours

      • And the car park has nothing to do with antigua British American the company in Trinidad was funding that…..but glad u could hardly come up with much lol lol lol ….ok putting aside your party colours since u a senior can u help to name all of the corruption allegations from 1965 against the alp as a young person i need to know …… to much to mention…….

    • @ Corrupt labour Party- You for one as a UPP supporter should be glad .Your former Leader,and other high ranking officials of your Party would already been in Prison.. There are people right now sitting behind bars for incidences which they are proven to be linked to ..People have suffered questionable death ,also involved in those crimes..You always appear so bias and dunce ..Shut to hell up..

      • Am alp my friend pure labour y people love call people dunce so …..and still working for less than 3000 a month i just dont get it …still confused about this @jha atleast let them get a truck for u or something …..anyways am alp just dont like how them running the country..and put your real name next time…..

        • Why dont you use your real name? And why do i need a truck? I work for me and myself..So if i make less than 3000 a month according to you,i am satisfied..Dont punch a clock for any master.. SMDH.

  2. Antigua is the most corrupt country in the world if u dont believe google antigua labour party and scandal trust me u cant finish reading all and ….member the carib arena tapes …..was saying Gaston was going to make a difference since he use to shit in outside toilet and grew up poor ,but seems he grabbing to get what 6 GENERATION of his did not get …gaston start to look out for the country and stop setting up yourself…….nothing wrong in you eating sir but the poor people needs food also ,if u do put things in place for the majority no one can talk..


    People with a ‘…chip on the shoulder,’ often deviate from the subject at hand.

    There may be ‘…merit’ in the contents of some commentaries.

    However, if the news report speaks to ‘…an ex-Barbadian
    minister,’ where do others come into the news?

    Minds impregnated with ‘…Acrimonious Thinking’ could never be free.

    • It’s not a matter of any chip. It is a case of parallels being able to be drawn with politicians irrespective of their jurisdiction. I remember going to a forum and hearing the same gentleman pontificating. You wouldn’t expect such to be heard as to what is being unearthed now. I also remember him pontificating about our PM with the List issue.

      When we look around the region we have see all of them of the same ilk hence we draw parallels.

  4. Really pompey y u did not speak to the news at hand when you was a police ,y u did not address Robinson,rey John u did not u know y they are your country men… all of a sudden can type long history lessons….crime is crime in Barbados or elsewhere…….

  5. It seems like people forget the 28 years of corruption under Antigua Labor Party government before the UPP ever won the government in 2004. When speaking about the ills of the Antigua and Barbuda government start from the ALP before touching the UPP years in government. Each one has fault during their tenner in government.

    Always tried to avoid comment that borders
    ‘…illiteracy; …idiocy and stupidity.’

    These are seen as among man’s ‘…Gravest Enemies.’

    Extremely adverse to good human relations.
    These breeds ‘…animosity and contempt.’

    Jamaican reggae artist, ‘…Lieutenant Stitchie,
    has cautioned …Young Girl, Wear Yu’ Size.’
    Baca is urged to ‘…Know the Facts.’

    He might be confused, and confusion is bad for healthy discussions.

    ‘…Rey John’ has been identified as the proprietor of ‘…Vipers Night Club’
    [Antigua News Room: July 30, 2013].

    Never met him; do not know him, and care not to.

    Aware that he was remanded to prison on the charge
    ‘…Shooting with Intent to Murder.’

    Baca would be correctly informed if he would only read
    that news report.

    Reading makes a ready man. He may wish to visit ‘…iwitness News: SVG’
    [August 7, 2018].

    He might see what ‘…misinformation; …falsity or stupidity’ often provokes.

    Sure if ‘…Baca’ was capable of ‘…lending understanding’ on certain subject areas,
    he would do so. Then he would then be making meaningful contributions to this website.

    This may show that he is trying to get away from man’s ‘…Gravest Enemies.’

    • Yes Pompey you the smart one and under your watch crime was rampant but because u can rite history lessons with cap letters you now know everything……people like u only know plenty now u not apart of the police force…..wendell Robinson was apart of your system you knew what he does,rey john was a part of your system u knew what his deeds are people on the street know but what u did ……nothing ,but now u know who dumb …..i see u now as a person that is probably looking clout google big words and wright long long long i know it all pieces…go and get some rest now the force is in way better hands now …..crime free carnival u hear that that is great policing u never did such ……

  7. U seems to be having a seniors moment pompey sorry the john that was in the force and wendy Robinson am talking but i understand u going through that phase my grate grandfather did also np have a blessed day sir much love and respect

  8. Baca,The Senior citizen seem to be more intellectually sound than many on this blog,like yourself- your entire comment, consists of all common letters,no full stops,comma’s ,etc.. You need some lessons in English Composition i suggest..


    Even as you have been hiding behind ‘…pseudonyms,’
    you have been added to the list of friends, even for
    your ‘…negativity and persistent mischievous ranting.’

    In your ‘…junior moments,’ (in a while), you will be provided by a
    ‘…senior,’ with something more enlightening to read-


    If your mind is free of that which shuts out ‘…knowledge; …wisdom;
    and of course, understanding,’ you may glean or learn something.

    Never give readers the impression of a ‘…block-headed mule’
    [Mighty Sparrow: Dan is the Man in the Van: You Tube].

    You might also learn something from Sparrow’s song.

    He might be unhappy that ‘…J.O. Cutteridge’ succeeded in
    ‘…cultivated comedians.’

    Cheerio! My friend.

  10. Well Lord look at how Mr. Pumpey touch some soft spot. Why y’all so mad at Mr. Pumpey he just made a point which so true. Dwl.

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