Barbados-based Ex-LIAT workers to get $75K in cash


(Nation News) — The Government of Barbados will be honouring its commitment to about 89 former LIAT workers, paying almost $10 million in cash and bonds in severance.

While wrapping up debate on the 2023 Financial Statement And Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Prime Minister Mia Mottley said each worker would get $75 000 cash in severance.

Those who are owed more will be paid in bonds.

“The Government of Barbados will take responsibility for all the Barbadian workers of LIAT,” Mottley said.

The severance payments will amount to just over $4.07 million, while the bonds will value just under $6 million.

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  1. This is how you take care of your people. Kudos. Gaston Browne prefer to cuss and try to swindle people. Dont forget Labourites, Barbados in the dreaded IMF program.

    • You guys are so dumb. Gaston Browne was offering dat more then what Mia is offering
      Gaston’s offer was not limited to Liat workers from Antigua alone. And it was to give all Liat workers a combination of cash, bonds and lands. Mia is only offering the 89 Barbadian workers there severance and no matter how high the amount is they will only get BDS$75K in cash and the rest in bonds. And do you hear the Union rejecting that? So Mia took Gaston’s idea and offered it to ONLY Barbadian workers, yet our Union here wants our government to pay all LIAT workers. Gaston haters do not even know how to compare the two offers and see which one is better

      • GB is nothing but a crook who hates his own people in particular LIAT workers and their families. To this day, he nor his Government have even allocated a single square foot of land! To those to whom he offered 16% of their severance in cash, they have only received half (8%) of that!!! Not a cent more. For some that was only $900!! Compare that to 75,000 cold cash offered by the Barbados PM. Long Chupz!!

        Finally, crooked Gaston’s deceitful offer only covered 50% of owed severance. Ms Mottley is paying ALL ALL ALL of her people’s severance. Who loves their people and who hates theirs??

    • @Watching … 4 million in cash and 6 million in bond … And u consider this taking care of people .. the 50% cash component .. plus the balance in bond and land … Was a way better offer you can always sell land or use it as collateral .. now Mia is offering Bajans only.. what about the other workers in the system since Barbados was the major share holder … People like yourself expect Antigua to pay the entire liat establishment which amounts to $110 million .. bro get a life and stop hating just for hating sake … Mia following Gaston’s lead …

    • jackass remember UPP wanted Antigua government to pay all liability workers. if we had done that would Barbados pick up there responsibility. y Antigua would have to pay for Barbados and they had shares too

  2. @Curious, your are really out in left field. Mia Motley doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. She is taking care of her own. Gaston Browne should follow suit, instead of hurling insults and tantrums like the incompetent, failure he is. Our idiotic, insulting PM boasted of having purchased these other stakeholders shares for one dollar. What, you cannot understand what that means? When you purchase something, you inherit the liabilities as well as the assets. That’s how stupid a move that was. Hating? Bro, pay attention to details. What the hell example does Gaston Browne have for anyone to follow. You sound like one of those ALP useful idiots.
    As dishonest and arrogant as Trump was, did you not hear him say, America is for Americans? That Americans come first?
    The other Caribbean islands are taking care of their people. Gaston Browne could take a page from THEM. You continue to try to rationalize and defend this man here in Antigua as our country sinks into scandals, failures and poverty.

  3. So now the Gaston haters promote the theory of every man for themself and God for us all. So, it’s best we send home all the Barbadian, St. Lucian, Trinidadian, Jamaican and other Caribbean workers that used to work for LIAT and take care only of the Antiguans and Barbudan. And the sad thing is, when Mia makes these statements, you hear nothing from the Unions and the Pilots. Not even to say whether or not they agree with the 75K cash. Was that negotiated? At least Gaston left that open for negotiation. Will the Barbadian Pilots and LIAT workers stand in solidarity with their colleagues and demand that Mia include ALL LIAT workers and not only Barbadians. Is this the new Single Market and Economy? So as leaders of the Caribbean we do not practice what we preach. Because Mia is clearly saying, I only take care of my people. I don’t care about the rest. And because we hate Gaston so much, it doesn’t matter. And at one time Gaston challenged them to give him their shares, so that he could implement his plans for LIAT. And they said they would give him them for a token fee of one dollar, but that never happened. Cause they are adamant not to let Gaston succeed with the resurrection of LIAT. It’s either LIAT moves its Head Quarters to Barbados or LIAT gets dumped. I wait to hear what the ABWU has to say about Mia’s Budget Speech. Because they were quick to respond to what Gaston Browne had to say.
    My suggestion for Antigua and Barbuda to go it alone still stands and that travelers with an Antigua and Barbuda Passport should be given subsidies on their airline tickets. Because, after all, it is their tax dollars which is allowing the airline to stay in the air. It is the same when LIAT workers or their immediate family travel, and they used to get discounted rates. We should benefit from what our tax dollars are used for.

  4. @ Curious, I’m sure you will agree that 50% of anything can never be superior to 100% of the same thing. It just can’t can’t happen. As someone who’s directly impacted let me break it down. If an employee from Barbados is owed $150,000. in Severance the Barbados government is proposing to pay 100% of the severance. The government will pay cash up to $75,000, and in the case of this employee the remaining $75,000 will be in government bonds that is guaranteed, so in 5 years the remaining $75,000 will be paid out. That employee would have received 100% of their entitlement.
    The Antigua Government is proposing 50% of your entitlements, so that same employee benefits have first been slashed from $150,000 to $75,000. So far clearly not superior. Additionally the $75,000 that will be paid out is broken down into a third cash, a third government bonds and the last third in lands. That means the Antigua government is only going to give cash up to $25,000. It gets better, for you to access your $25,000 in cash you will be paid 35% of the $25,000, yes you read right 35% which is $8750, but for you to get that $8750 you must sign and say you give up the legal right in the future to seek your full compensation in the courts. So let’s be clear frustrated employees have gone and gotten their $8750 over a year ago and signed away their rights and up to this day not a word about the bonds or lands or the rest of the cash payout not a word.
    So to summarize in Barbados you’re paid 100% of your severance of $150,000. $75,000 in cash the remaining $75,000 in bonds.
    In Antigua you’ll be paid in the first instance $8750 in cash and sign away your rights to see redress in court and over a year later you’re waiting for cash lands and bonds up to a maximum of $75,000. What size of land will the government give you for $37,750? These employees that went and got that initial payment are now the worse off with no legal recourse to get what is theirs. You would have received 7% of what is yours in this “compassionate “ offer. That’s the reality and I speak from a position of authority and facts as I am directly impacted by this fiasco.

    • You are speaking from a position if ignorant and not understanding that Gaston Browne’s offer was for ALL LIAT staff to accept 50% of their severance pay in a combination of Cash, Bonds and Lands. The entire liability is over US$100 million. Antigua was willing to absorb half of that alone. Mia only wants to deal with her countrymen and women and only give them maximum of BDS$75000 in Cash and the rest in Bonds. Her total liability that she is willing to absorb is only BDS$10million or US$ 5Million. So, you guys tell me who has the more superior offer? You must be a set of UPP dummies to not understand that Mia is just saying to the rest of the LIAT workers ‘screw you’. Hatred for Gaston Browne makes you guys blind.

    Barbados owes 49.4% of LIAT shares,
    Antigua owes 34%
    St.Vincent and Dominica 11.3%
    Private Shareholders 5.3%
    If the Staff Liability is US$120Million the distribution will have to be as follows:
    Barbados 49.4% from US$120M = US$59.4M
    Antigua and Barbuda 34% from US$120M = US$40.8M
    St. Vincent and Dominica 11.3% from US$120M = US$13.56M
    Private Owners 5.3% from US$120M = US$6.36M
    By Mia only accepting to deal with US$5M of her liability one can see that she is in fact trying to shun her full responsibility to the LIAT Staff. And we will see if the Barbados LIAT staff will stand in solidarity with the rest of the staff in the other Islands. Or if they will think only about themselves. I’m waiting to hear and see what the unions have to say about this. Especially the Pilots.

  6. @ from the sideline, the Antigua government’s compassionate offer was never extended for the employees outside of Antigua, again as someone who’s familiar with the terms and conditions of the offer I speak without any fear of contradiction. It was not offered to employees outside of Antigua. I mean it would create a logistical nightmare for the government to give lands to employees who live and reside from as far north as Puerto Rico to as far south as Guyana, think about it. You’re also claiming that my hatred for Gaston Browne is making me blind, in my previous post I said nothing about Gaston Browne I spoke only about the government. You don’t know where my political allegiance lies, so please don’t try to extrapolate what doesn’t exist. You’re not being honest if you continue to the deny the bare fact that 50% of something can never be superior to 100% of the same thing. For anyone to state that is just creating mischief or doing voodoo mathematics. Quite a few of my former colleagues out of desperation went and cashed the check that they received that varied between 7% – 8% of their entitlement and up to now not a word on when the rest will come if ever. Now if that to you speaks to a superior offer compared to what the Barbados government has offered i can’t convince you otherwise.

    • # sideline have his head so far up browne boy ass all he can smell is dung and wtf is browne boy that somebody should like him.


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