Barbadian consumers to pay less for petroleum products effective Wednesday


The Mia Mottley administration has responded to calls for an ease in petroleum prices at the pumps.

During her 2022 budget speech, Prime Minister Mia Mottley announced that effective midnight Wednesday March 16, Barbadians will pay $3.99 per litre for gas, a reduction of 14 cents.

The price of diesel will also move from $3.46 to $3.32, also a decline of 14 cents.

The savings have resulted from a cap on the amount of Value Added Tax (VAT) consumers pay at the pump.

The measure will cost Government some $25 million in revenue.

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    • Hahahah a Lovell an dem say it nah possible to reduce the price of gas or Gaston and the ABLP. Get your facts right.

      • Boss this is from 2020, they raised the price by 14 cents on the 6th of march, 2022. At the pump they paying 25.191 EC per imperial gallon

        • It’s so sad that these people who are suffering from Politicalitis are spouting so much ignorance and nonsense about the reduction in fuel prices in Bds. Not realizing that the price is higher than Wadadli. By the it would be around $20 EC per gal. All because of Politics you guys becomes scavengers with duttie political games. The old play book of deception is not going to work anymore. Wadadlians are more astute and intelligent to be bamboozle. The truth crush to earth will always rise.

        • That’s not correct. The equivalent of $22 EC per gallon but a gallon is near 4 liters.

          Bajans have a way of life that has cost and as such the government finances the programs we determined as dear to us by collecting revenue. Gas products is one sector they collect taxes on

          Without contributing to taxes we won’t afford our Barbadian way, and provide the services we do at the level we do. Especially bearing in mind or development level and our reduced income tax rates.

          Context is important.

          • Ken you mean a US gallon is near 4 (3.78541 to 1), we use UK Imperial gallon hence its nearer to 5 (4.54609 to 1)

        • @tenman…somebody is being deceptive! Is it you(more often than not with your #spin #tactics and diversions), with your assertion that this is in regards to 2020, or is it ANR, since they’re reporting the same story today March 15th, 2022: Re: Leadership Matters: Barbados Lowers Petrol Prices!

          Again, Tenman being deceptive just for political gain, even though it’s the norm, the Rules of poliTRICKS, you’re worth much more than toilet tissue and #Emesis Bags for these political thugs. Maybe, you should be offering prayers to deal with their shenanigans!

          Again, #WHO’RE being deceptive you or ANR⁉️

    • Boss the writer of the article just made UPP a laughing stock (he quotes 2020 prices) the price per gallon in BDS actually went up 14 BDS cents to 4.13 bds per litre ( 25.191 EC per imperial gallon). Don’t believe me then google Adjustment In Petroleum Prices For March 2022

    • So Harold was right all along. It IS possible to reduce or freeze the cost of cast.

      Ha HA ha – THE JOKE IS ON GASTON- the Crime Minister that don’t love black people.

      Gaston the joke is on you!

      Mia is lowering the price. She is a good PRIME Minister
      YOU Gaston, you are raising the price.
      You and Mr Georges so lie!

  1. Time, and time again, the Honourable Mia Mottley looking out for Bajans. First by removing all ties to the UK Monarchy, and now ensuring that there’ll be no price gouging on petroleum products.


    And yet, Gassy still bows and scrapes to the royals, and increases financial hardship on Antiguans 🇦🇬 … WHY?

    • Boss you shot yourself in the not the foot but the head. you realize that’s the liter price? The article quotes prices in 2020, you recognize the price per litre for gas today in BDS is now 4.130 not 3.99 BDS. Clearly you do not realize they paying 25.191 EC per UK Imperial Gallons. Poor UPP supporters so full of bitterness that they make a clown of themselves. No wonder Antiguans keep voting ABLP

      • Mr HUGHES the man who has to LICK Gaston’s behind because Gaston give him a job on a Board.
        Mr Hughes, please quit while you are behind.

        • “During her 2020 budget speech, Prime Minister Mia Mottley announced that effective midnight Wednesday March 16, Barbadians will pay $3.99 per litre for gas, a reduction of 14 cents.”
          Tabor we in 2022. The price actually increased by 14 cents on the 6th of march 2022

    • After this decrease by $0.14 bajan the Barbadian people will be paying $3.99 bajan($2 usd or $5.40 ecd) per litre which is $15.10 bajan ($7.55 usd or $20.44 ec) per Gallon……
      What really y’all asking Gaston to do?
      Make his own oil?

      • The telling thing was on the 6th, she increased it from 3.99 to 4.13 (see Adjustment In Petroleum Prices For March 2022 BY SHARON AUSTIN | MAR 6, 2022 ), soon its 3.99 per liter as of Wednesday. Your calculation needs to move that to imperial gallon and not US gallons, in essence we talking something nearer to 24 ec per imperial gallon (its about a 75 cents per imp gallon saving from the 41.3 per litre, so converted to ec thats around1.00 hence they paying a little over 24.00 ec per imperial gallon

  2. The fiscal space does not exist here for such a measure.

    I am fearful of that mentality that UPP is seeking to develop our people into…ie thinking government is the end all for our financial woes and must have monies to assist. This is clearly an unsustainable path UPP is orchestrating and heaven help us if our people fall for it.

  3. Mr HUGHES the man who has to LICK Gaston’s behind because Gaston give him a job on a Board.
    Mr Hughes, please quit while you are behind.

    • Have you no decency and integrity? Spouting so much garbage every time show that you are sitting on your brain. Clearly you are behaving like a sycophant and you badly need medication for your hatred and ignorance.

      • Colombo my bulla buddy. You get active again. I too love that. Get your mangina all moisturised cause I coming in and I coming in hot hot hot. I looking a hot drilling time inside that love tunnel of yours. Your woman strap on obviously not doing it for you. Tonight when she gone sleep, we’ll meet up and our usual spot. Of course you can do your usual licking up clean we our session done. I am excited already thinking about tonight. I can’t promise I will be gentle this time.

    • It’s appears that Everything Harry past out you one of those lick bottom sycophant. Anyways most UPPITES are famous for spouting foolishness. Show some humility and decency when you are commenting. People like you are driving away independent minded people from the evil UPPITES party.

    • Poor you, your need to personally attack, makes me feel sad for you. Will add you to my prayer list. Imagine if Gaston increased the price of gas here at the pump to a little over 24 ec per imp gallon like in BDS.

      • TENMAN you mussa feel very sad fu yourself as well since all u famous for a Fu attack people as well. Go take a break.

  4. Mr.Pm are you going to ensure that local contractors get paid for work done for the government. I am not talking about the guys with the stores all over St.John’s and the brothers and lower Parham road and construction Baba. Hey black picky heads Antiguan need to stand up. The director and PS/ambassador must be in business with them L. Brothers .

  5. Lmaooooo GOOO BARBADOS cuz Antigua wouldn’t even think to do what u did. Arwe nuh lub nobody here. ALP, UPP, DNA, GO GREEN.

    End of the day all antiguans do is sit and complain and bawl and still tekk knock bout cuz that’s what they just are. Banging posts

    Same procedure same tenure
    Same election same lies same price hikes

    U would think after going thru the same things over and over u would learn but nope not antiguans. If me 47 and my granny went thru drought and we still in drought and can’t even provide water but cuss the man bout he enrich he pocket what else won’t this country lie down and take. Lmaoooo

    Lmaooo let’s go Comrade!!!

    aryu soon see flour cost $20 a bag and y’all not gonna do anything but just complain then pay and eat lmaoooo exacTaly in that order!!!

    Y’all just don’t learn lmaoooooo let’s go Gaston Knock them bout then they vote u out then vote in someone FRESH for FRESJ knockabout again and complain about promised lies lmaoooo


    I love the fact how right I just am cuz what’s next someone commenting on what I say? More talking and complaining??

    • @ Laughing, but, you are also talking and complaining yourself.

      Remember, sometimes it’s wisest to keep one’s mouth shut. There’s a popular Antiguan 🇦🇬 saying that sums you up perfectly:

      “A no wanting tongue mek cattle can’t talk …”

  6. Politrics at it BEST!!!

    Jack up the price before and then bring it back down to score points. It’s the same thing supermarkets do. Ohhh myyyyy Mia. I have HIGH hopes for you. Don’t let me down!!!

  7. M thing is it will cost the government 25 million in revenue….

    WHERE IS THAT 25 MILLION DOLLAR SHORTFALL GOING TO COME FROM? What’s being cut and what new tax is being implemented?

    I would love the price at the pump to be dropped in Antigua, BUT ultimately I know that taxpayers will have to pay to meet the shortfall. BESIDES…..aren’t we all screaming climate change and reducing greenhouse gases? Come on people…adjust your ways to adapt to the way the world is going. Hell at this rate, we are going to be underwater soon so start saving for a boat!

  8. really knows its following and how they operate. They know putting out this click bait headlines will pull in the revenue and it worked like a charm good job good job!!

  9. BUDGET2022: Key Fiscal measures
    Article by:Barbados TodayPublished on
    March 15, 2022
    1. Effective March 16, 2022 the dollar amount of VAT payable on gasoline will be capped at 47 cents per litre for six (6) months.
    2. Effective March 16, 2022 the dollar amount of VAT payable on diesel will be capped at 37 cents per litre for six(6) months.

    • The measure never says that they were lowering the price at the pump. They are only capping the VAT. The price will therefore vary

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