Bar Council responds to Lovell statements on the DPP



The Antigua and Barbuda Bar Council has taken note of an article in the Daily Observer of Saturday December 11, 2021 headed “Lovell accuses DPP of being politically biased – and pledges to ‘fight him as a politician’.

The article stated that the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Mr. Harold Lovell, who is also a senior Attorney-at-Law, has vowed to ‘fight fire with fire’, accusing the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mr. Anthony Armstrong of being politically motivated due to an appeal being filed against a High Court Judge’s decision to dismiss a corruption case against Lovell and two other Cabinet colleagues.

Mr. Lovell has confirmed to the Council that the statement attributed to him is accurate.

The Bar Council has also taken note of a YouTube video making the rounds on social media in which Mr. Lovell expressed similar sentiments, that is, in his opinion the DPP is doing the bidding of the political directorate.

Section 88(5) of the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda provides that, subject to section 89 of the Constitution, in the exercise of the functions vested in him, the Director of Public Prosecutions shall not be subject to any other person or authority.

Section 89 provides that the Attorney-General may give general or special directions to the DPP with respect to offences against any law only in relation to official secrets, mutiny or incitement to mutiny, or any offence under any law relating to any right or obligation of Antigua and Barbuda under international law.

These exceptions do not apply in the current matter.

The Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2004, No. 14 of 2004, provides that the Director of Public Prosecutions may appeal to the Court of Appeal from a Judgment of the High Court. In the case of an acquittal, as in the instant case, the DPP may only appeal on a point of law.

The Bar Council is extremely disappointed in the statements made by Mr. Lovell. As an Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Lovell is obligated to maintain the integrity and independence of the judicial system.

Without producing evidence, but only stating his opinion, the accusations made by Mr. Lovell against the DPP only serve to undermine the public’s confidence in the legal system.

This is unacceptable, particularly from an Attorney-at-Law. The law presumes that, unless the contrary is proved, public officers act honourable and faithful to their duties. While Mr. Lovell may be the leader of a political party, we remind him that he is also an Attorney-at-Law and that he is obligated to maintain and support the administration of justice and the rule of law.






Bar Council

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  1. Who wrote this drivel was it Longworth Johnson? Give me a break! Where was the so-called bar council when the top dawg impune the integrity of the joker DPP when he accused him of corruption, involving Asot and the IHI matter?

    As Lester would say, “just give me an aspirin”

    • Ruler as usuall you are ill informed see Bar Association defends the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution
      6 October 2020, OMG)

  2. Thank you Bar Council. Is Mr. Lovell a PRACTISING attorney??? Does Lovell have surveillance footage, voice messages, voicenotes, text messages or any other tangible proof of his claim btwn the ´political directorate´and the DPP???

    How ironic that he is a lawyer who should know about the importance of PROOF, yet he has now show any…..

    He should not be afraid to present his PROOF and expose them. If he cant then shut up and stop trying to desperately clutch at straws while he drowns.

    • How ironic that the PM accused the said gentleman of being corrupt and the Bar Council didn’t intervene. Are we to suppose that they too, are playing politics and you, Hmmmmm ,can’t think independently but only piggyback when someone has spoken?

      • They wouldn’t have. It’s important to note that Lovell is a practicing “Attorney-At-Law” who falls under there purview, whereas the PM is a politician who doesn’t. They wouldn’t have any legal grounds to say anything to the PM. The DPP would have all right to answer the PM though, as the PM shouldn’t have any say with regards to the DPP. The problem is that these politicians want to control the magistrates, the judges, the police and the DPP and no one is saying no. If they do say no, they create a scandal and fire them.

    • The “Bar Council” visited too many Bars.Had too much sauce to drink.It amazes me that the so called Bar Council found its Balls in this matter.However,there was a letter going around defaming said DPP and not a drum was heard. From those balls-less,spine-less persons on that Bar “Drinking” Council.


      Where was your sense of probity when Gaston admitted a few weeks ago that YIDA funded his campaign
      Where was the bar council?

      Where was your outrage when YIDA RECEIVED TAX FREE STATUS FOR LIFE
      Where was your outrage

      Where was your disappointment when Gaston SIGNED THE MOU even before he became PRIME MINISTER.
      You were pretty silent then

      It seems that your probity, your disappointment and your outrage is reserved for the UPP.

    • POINTE FM, owned by the political directorate announced to the world that they were going to decapitate the head of the UPP. The recordings are available for all to hear.

      Perhaps you missed the show. But THE EVIDENCE IS THERE.

  3. Biased Council not bar council, even the blind can see whats going on, his moves are politically motivated, the PM once called him out for being corrupt the biased council didn’t say anything to correct the PM I can recall but they talking now

    • You are wrong, they did chide the PM (see Bar Association defends the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution
      6 October 2020, OMG). Its worse for HL since he is a lawyer and shoud know better

      • Who decides what is “worse”. YOU. you TENMAN.
        The man who suffers from an inferiority complex.
        You have no credibility to attack anyone.

        The spineless bar association. YAWN.

        • Them & your coomm sense (which you lack): “This is unacceptable, particularly from an Attorney-at-Law.” see Bar Council responds to Lovell statements on the DPP
          December 15, 2021

  4. Hey, BAR COUNCIL, you all still alive!

    Perhaps you should look at the person holding the office of the DPP.

  5. Bring the Bull-bud, then bring me the entire bar association, pull down them pants and clap the bull bud pan dem

  6. Waiting for Tabor to as usual defend HL. Recall just before the 2014 elections when HL went on Oberver radio and llambasted the DPP for not bringing charges against AM. He argued there was suffficient evidence to convict

    • Hey CH, aKa Tenman I did not hear you comment when Gaston and Asot were attacking the same DPP.

      The BOARD job that you get from from Gaston tie up your mouth

      • Them: “This is unacceptable, particularly from an Attorney-at-Law.” see Bar Council responds to Lovell statements on the DPP
        December 15, 2021

      • Not surprised cause something wrong with your hearing. A private whatsapp convo was shared, if anything attack the person who shared it. You have Tabor ready to go yet?

    • No Gaston is the Mudda s**not. He said that he would use the instruments of the state to bankrupt any one who opposes him!

      Where was the spineless Bar Council!
      Why did they not uphold the separation of powers as enshrined in our Constitution

  7. When the police infringed the rights of citizens to engage in a picket on August 8, where was the Spineless Bar Association.

    These learned men and women know that picketing is allowed during a State of Emergency.

    They said nothing. Grow a backbone. YAWN . You learned men and women are so useless.

    • You do realize among the charges of the ring leaders is that of carrying on an illegal march “organizing a prohibited public meeting”? Why is it you don’t go and get your head checked?

  8. Harold is proving more and more that he is nothing but a f**king flushable waste. Even his own has disowned him. How can anyone stand with such a looser unless they themselves are loosers. #FFWHL

  9. I hope his masters at the Lodge will also disavow his statement. Better when he comes to meeting on Friday they should let him bark like the dog he is as his punishment for the entire one hour and 20 minutes of the meeting.

  10. Don’t know if the other two that was acquitted wen to claim the buses in question, however if that video of the reclaiming of the buses doesn’t speak volume then our country will be descending in deeper Kuka.

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