Baptist Academy proud of its Grade Six National Assessment success

Stephanie Archibald with Dr. Hensworth Jonas
The nation's top student Stephanie D. Archibald with principal Dr. Hensworth Jonas

ANR reached out to the principal of the Baptist Academy Dr. Hensworth Jonas to get his thoughts on the recent successes of his students in this year’s Grade Six National Assessments (G6NA).

The school was fortunate to not only have its students claim the top-3 spots in this year’s national assessment, but also have a total of 16 students in the top-100 (highest single school tally this year).

Q. Describe what it means to have, not only the top student, but the top 3 students in this year’s assessment.

A. I am overwhelmed. If this gets any better, I wonder if I am able to stand it. Our Secondary Division has been ‘hitting sixes’ with the number-one CSEC students over the last two years. To have the Elementary Division give us the number-one G6NA student this year is very satisfying, especially with a history of many such performances. It is actually the number-one class.

We have the top 3 students in the nation, but we also have the most students in the Top-100, a total of 16 students from a class of 25, with everyone in the class placing in Level 1 of the 4 levels of attainment in the G6NA. I have the best Grade 6 teacher in the region, Ms. Nadine Smith, who also doubles as my vice principal for Elementary Education. It is a team effort, for Grade 6 can only work with what has been passed on from the lower grades.

To God be the glory!

Q. Most of the students in the top-100 are female (63). Why do you think that is?

A. The fact that females are dominant this year is only coincidental at the Baptist Academy. I know that it is an issue nationally and regionally. However, if our statistics are studied carefully, it will be obvious that both the boys and girls of the Baptist Academy are performing with excellence. For example, the last two number-one students at CSEC were boys.

Tianna Bretney (L) andChelsea Barlow both tied for second in the 2018 G6NAs

In 2016, the CSEC class of only 15 students had more gold medals at the National CSEC Awards than all the public secondary schools combined. These medals were distributed between both boys and girls.

Q. What is the key element that allows for your school to always have students excelling at the G6NA?

A. If I am forced to reduce our entire philosophy, methodology, culture and administrative interventions to one thing, I would have to settle for the unity and consensus in our team on all of the above, a unity rooted in our spiritual commitments that is based on glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. This keeps us motivated and on mission despite the many challenges that we face.

This also gives us consistency with our best practices, for the mission is bigger than the ego of anyone on the team.

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  1. The key phrase “from a class of 25”. Perhaps some research should be done to find out the numbers of students from the other schools

  2. Most of the nation boys are falling behind academically. They need strong male role model in society to encouraged them. The bad influence in these boys life are mostly from grown men or from their peers. The few boys who are excelling in their academic…congratulations and keep aiming for higher achievement. The girls who are dropping behind, I encouraged you to keep trying hard and stay positive in your studies and keep away from bad influence. And put God first and last in everything you do.

  3. Congrats to these young ladies- If i am correct,they all seem to have done a bit extra with their Hair for their Photo’s .This also is a Church School,and by all indications has very strict rules.. They style of hair did not prevent them from topping hundreds in the grade 6 exams.. I hope others realize that the chaos they caused with their draconian rules could have been avoided. Self Righteousness is disgusting to God..

    • I personally know each one of the girls in the photos and they DO NOT have extensions in the pictures provided above. The rules of the school allow the wearing of extensions and braids. What kind of “chaos” may I ask ‘JHA’ is caused by “their (Baptist Academy’s) draconian rules”? Persons outside the school, who know ABSOLUTELY nothing about the runnings and rules of the school need to stop speaking as if they are knowledgable about the school and its policies. The school retains the right to implement any rules it deems necessary, after all, it IS their school. Quite frankly, people like you speak out of ignorance.

  4. @ Hmmmmm-What made you come to that conclusion? The argument from the previous School,wasn’t focused on weaves only,braids was also in question.. The top student clearly has a weaved extension.The others are braid add on’s neatly done.. It isn’t what you do but how its done.

  5. I can’t believe the focus has gone to hair. When we move away from what is important, that is when confusion happens.
    Thanking Almighty God for the success of our school, it’s students and staff. To God be the glory.

  6. It’s not what’s on their head that matters it’s whats inside. Clearly Baptiste Academy knows that. Congrats to the entire team at Baptiste. “Academic Excellence with Biblical Values”

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