Sanitation Workers Find Foetus In Perry Bay Area


Police Investigate Discovery of Foetus

Police are currently in the process of conducting further investigations into the discovery of a foetus in the Perry Bay Area.

Sanitation Workers of National Solid Waste Management Authority alerted police of a foetus that was discovered inside a brown paper bag among garbage in the vicinity of Hoppers Playing Field around 10:30am on Friday 13th March. A medical doctor later arrived on the scene and pronounced the foetus dead shortly after 12pm.

Meanwhile, Police have expressed their concerns for the well-being of the mother of that foetus and are advising that she seek immediate medical assistance and counseling as soon as possible.

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  1. Wow today really is “Black Friday” aka Friday the 13th. Coronavirus offically confrimed in Antigua, brother stabbing and killing brother and now baby found at the dump!!😲. Lord have mercy on us!!!!

    • Really now. Soo many things happen on any other date! All this is just coincidental that they have happened on the 13th.

  2. they need to lock the mother up for discarding her baby like that. there are people all over the world who cant have children. If yall dont want no kids tap way from bud or use protection.

    • While it was not the correct course of action to take, suppose it was a case where it was a young girl who had been raped or molested? Let’s not outright condemn the individual without first ascertaining all the facts.

  3. Two wrongs cannot make right. Now if we assume that its the worst case that she got raped
    1. Did she report the matter to the police?
    2. Did she indicate to the authorities that she’s pregnant and she did not want the child?
    3. Did she realize that she was taking a medical risk, aborting her own pregnancy?4 Did she realize that such actions was a violation of the law?
    5. Did she not consider that the CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES was breached?

    Inspite of her mental or psychological state of mind, SEEKING PROFESSIONAL HELP to terminate the process would have been the best approach rather than taking things into her own hands.

  4. What the hell is foetus the word is fetus this is a baby that was born fetus is an unborn regardless of where or how people need to stop because you don’t know the mother’s story always remember know the facts before you open that pillow of feathers

  5. You Guys are too BRIGHT for me. What the Hell is the BIG deal . FETUS / FOETUS was found PERIOD. Hope the Mother seek medical attention.

  6. I am reading all of your comments. Some of you folks are so judgmental.Reminder,judged not,less you would would want to be so judged.Many of us have sisters,cousins,aunts and daughters.We never know what would and could befall them.So just say a prayer for the persons and or persons involved.

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