Autopsy finds Lashauna Bridgen died as a result of the injuries she sustained following a traffic collision on Friars Hill Road


Update on Friars Hill Road Accident

An autopsy on Tuesday revealed that 29yr old Lashauna Bridgen of Yorks died as a result of the injuries she sustained following a traffic collision on Friars Hill Road on January 20th 2022.

Bridgen was crossing Friars Hill Road from East to West in the vicinity of mandolin Place, when it is alleged she was struck by a car traveling from South to North on the said road.

She was transported by EMS to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center, and was later pronounced dead.

Further investgations are ongoing

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  1. It is saddening to see a young lady had to die. In my opinion,Friars Hill Road is a Highway. That area around the Business Sector should have an over the Highway, walkover. It would allow for Pedestrians to walk from one side to the other,without any interferences with traffic. The traffic would flow under it with ease. This is not a new phenomenon. I have seen pedestrians walkovers all over the USA built over many Highways.Why the planners did not think about that in their plans. Was it a lacking in foresight? I do hope going forward they would incorporate such a thing in their Highways plans in very heavily travelled pedestrian areas.

    • That’s a good idea for such busy toad that should be put in place because they consider it high way an I Kno an ant high way there’s a over head walk way, because there’s no speed bumbs on that road,an drivers drive an forget that not everybody own veh ppl got to walk to get to where they going

  2. Yes I think they should build an over head bridge, just like the UK, the government needs to take health and safety very carefully, the same way that young man who died at pigeon beach, a big iron like that should never be seen at least have sort of boarder line to how far you can swim. Just the same way I traveled to English Harbour coming from Shirley’s driving and making a left turn by the burial on to the main road, I was distraught to see abig hill in the road, where I guess apaua must have fixed a problem but yet made the problem worse it’s looks so horrible for a tourism country and I’m guessing no one in English Harbour has called to make a complaint about the situation. Drivers are ought to pay keen attention on the road as myself and the government needs to buck up and the workers of apua needs to stop working so sloppy, it’s a disgrace for you and your country. Put health and safety first. Thank you

  3. Now that the autopsy is out, and the cause of death have been determined by the medical examiner will the careless driver be formerly charged for this cruel act:???

    • Ask Kamalie Bird why he drop her there. Something very strange. I wouldn’t put anyone out on the side they aren’t going.

  4. Do you think that we can afford this NOW? . We should have consulted regarding this before the hot mess and hot mix contracts were signed!!

  5. I see ppl blaming the driver who let her out there,smh if the driver of the in coming veh was driving in his lane she would have been alive how times I see ppl drop ppl out veh an they wasn’t going on the side the drop dem kmt,if that driver was paying attention he would have seen her Crossing even if she saw the veh an try to ran the fact he speeding he still go hit her because he never saw her,the morning they brought her in at the hospital I saw her laying on the stretcher her body looks twisted one of her hand literally damage an bend up one of her eye cover with blood an she been in pain I felt it deep looking at her my poor fren smh so tell mi now what the darn person who drop her off got to do with this Yu all jus always looking the wrong person to blame if the driver wasn’t driving speedy she would have been all blaming her boyfriend smh the man took time out that early in the morning taking her work smh,that driver need to be chsrge he took her life,I understand he’s in pain an angish of course he never meant to kill her he never saw her I honestly would not want him to be chsrge for murder because she was in very dark clothing but a charge must be made for reckless driving so he learn his lesson,he’s already gonna be living with guilt that he took somebody life an that road will br back memories to him because it’s an accident so I ut gonna be unfair to charge him with murder

  6. He no Tek him time when he drop her off plus why wouldn’t you take care of your woman? He started lying about the incident. If it wasn’t for someone taking a photo of the vehicle, he still would have denied dropping her off

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