Automatic four months extension for persons living illegally in Antigua who take the COVID-19 jab


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced a major incentive for “illegal immigrants” to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Browne announced today that those who do not have a legal immigration status in the county, will be given four months extension on their time upon being vaccinated.

“The Cabinet recently decided that there will be an automatic extension of four months for illegal immigrants who are unvaccinated. We want them to come above ground, we do not want anyone to stay below the radar because they do not have any time in the country.”

Last week, the government announced that such persons will not be removed from the country if they come forward to be vaccinated.

He told his radio programme today that it is important that all residents come out to be vaccinated.

Antigua and Barbuda is also raffling an 8000 square feet parcel of land for to encourage persons taking their first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses.


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  1. Encouraging illegal Immigration. Is this the mandate given by Cabinet. Or is it a one man Cabinet decision. Is there a Minister of Immigration in the Cabinet? Where is He/She in this matter of National Security.

    • @Mount O…. He/she can’t say crap. When the Top Dawg barks everyone says, I and bowed in agreement. Most of the things the Top Dawg says on his radio station would show up the cabinet notes the next week or the other week after.

  2. This makes no sense. First off illegal immigrants should leave, not have the option to be incentivized. Why do we have to bribe them? I hate it here.
    Listen, stop forcing people to take the vaccine and get your shit together.

  3. One man is the cabinet, the rest are zombie puppets. All in favour say I. They never oppose nothing, bunch of yes crabs.
    Desperate move, soon from now all prisoners who decide to get vaccinated will be pardoned something is seriously wrong. If choksi decide to get vaccinated he is eligible also?

    • Why you Morons always play your dirty Political games? It’s a health issue is f…ing Political game. You guys needs to take an aspirin for utter foolish comments. Cabinet is a collective group of people that make decisions base majority agreement. It’s never a one man show whether it’s UPP or ABLP. You are free to disagree with the decision but no need to play your filthy foolishness with your Diatribes. FYI. Plenty Wadadlians lives in our Country illegally and I am sure would like to protect themselves from this deadly virus.

  4. I wants to see the foolish illegal immigrants who would fall for this deal from the PM. If you’re living illegally, which I do not support 101%, then why revealed yourself to the authorities just to be vaccinated? This deal would help to give the poorly managed Immigration Department a good data of the amount of illegal immigrants in the country. I am sure a of them are working in the government system so the PM need to start looking there…Crossing Guards, Security, Messengers, etc…

  5. Any and all illegals should be deported immediately. This is the kind of govt we have working for us. Get all those govt members out now. They don’t represent us or our nation.

    Start with world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne.

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