Autistic man missing in Antigua since December 1st has been found


UPDATE: The autistic man missing in Antigua since DECEMBER 1 has been found safe.


Family members are searching for a relative, “Eliasz” who they believe to be missing in Antigua and could be in danger.

According to family members, the man was on vacation in Antigua but has not been seen since December 1st.

A friend said: “We need to make contact with people who are local to try and find him. Local police have not been helpful.

He is autistic and could be in danger.”

The man’s sister said: “My autistic brother went missing abroad in Antigua.

He hasn’t made contact with my mum for 3 days which is highly unusual.

His phone and social media are dead.”

She added: “British Embassy wont help as Eliasz doesn’t hold a UK passport

Poland doesn’t have an embassy in Antigua

Police in Antigua are being very unhelpful and have basically lied to us. Feeling lost”

If you have seen this man please contact your local police station.

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  1. Leave the bashing of our police to us. Your family knows that your relative is autistic nevertheless you all allowed him to travel unaccompanied.

    You white people think it’s the Era where yall run things. Enough is enough..

  2. What does really wrong with some people? If the boy decided to turn off his phone and not post pictures of him vacationing then what does that have to do with the police? I wonder if these people know what is privacy?
    Or maybe they think Antigua is a single village

  3. I am not at all surprised that the police were unhelpful and lying. Incompetent fools.

  4. I am not at all surprised that the police were unhelpful and lying. Incompetent fools.

  5. It’s ashame people coming here and these things hsppening and they have to say the police is no help shame shame things likw this the gorce need to put there butt out there to help local and none local shame shame

  6. What those people are saying about the Police.Those are some of the same things. That are being echoed by the people living in Antigua,daily. So why are you chastising those people.Is it because they are supposedly,White.

    • Because them damn fresh and forward and pass them place like their police are any better. You know how many unloved cases of missing persons goes on in their damn country. And Why the hell did they leave their autistic family member in a strange land unsupervised hmmmm. Them need to STFU and be grateful he was found alive.

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