Authorities to take the fight against crime to the criminals


Antigua and Barbuda is mounting a strategic approach to arrest a recent spate of gun crime in the country.

The police are currently investigating two separate incidents of shooting which took place at Lower Newgate Street and the Golden Grove Service Station on Thursday.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says immigration will work with the police and army.

A reward of $25,000.00 is offered by the police to anyone who can provide credible information leading to the arrest of the person(s) involved in the recent incidents of robberies and shootings.

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  1. The police should be starting with world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne. That’s Antigua’s number one criminal.

    Don’t let Nigel Christian’s death and investigation go in vain.

    Cutie Benjamin’s hands are dirty too.

  2. ANTIGUAN CITIZEN you certainly do not mince words. Anyway, better late than never with taking the fight to the criminals.

  3. Here are some tips:
    1 Who cashed the cheque to build the new cemetery? Check the Cabinet
    2 Who forged the PM’s signature? Check the PM’s office
    3 Who stole the money from M Freeland’s car? Follow the money
    4 What skulduggery are the magistrates in? Check the former MP
    5 Who offered a bribe to the DPP? Check the Cabinet
    6 Why killed the Wadadli Power Plant? Check APUA
    7 Who is involved in the passport fraud case? Check the Cabinet
    8 Who kidnapped Choksi? Check the Dawg
    9 What happened to the ebooks? Check the former MP
    10 Who stole the gun from ABDF? ………..

    Start with these low hanging fruits get some convictions under your belt then the public will get some confidence to do their civic duty

  4. Charles Tabor.

    I don’t. People need to wake up and stop this nonsense of business as usual. Our nation should be much further ahead in economic status among other things. The reason our nation is in its current situation is due to all current and post ministers of govt being in politics for the wrong reasons.

    Only when we have persons who truly represent our nation and our people can we ever move ahead and flourish. It is long past due we weed out any and all leeches who are in govt and politics for their greedy and selfish creative enrichment schemes. We also need to take back the power and put it back in the hands of our people. No govt should ever have more power than its people.

    If we don’t start the movement, our nation will continue sliding into the depths of oblivion and our people and our future generations will suffer.

    Enough is enough. We all need to stand together to bring our nation up and remove all those who have personal agendas.

    • ANTIGUAN CITIZEN well said. That is the creed that the current politicians and all the future ones should be guided by and this country would be a much better place.

  5. I think they should set up security cameras at all gas stations. And also they should put lights at bus stations, camera and emergency call button for police response. Antigua is a small island, wah all dis crime for? Police should get New York-tough pon these criminals! More police pon the streets! Then people from Jamaica and Guyana, etc bringing their crime too. Anybody caught with a gun should get 10 years. Women should be able to carry a purse-size pepper spray with dem to protect dem.

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