Authorities team up to improve local beach environs


Vendors and other persons who ply their trade on the island’s beaches are being asked to remove all derelict and unsightly buildings erected on or in the vicinity of the beaches on which they are licensed to operate beginning tomorrow Wednesday June 12th, 2019. Beach chair vendors are also being asked to discontinue the practice of leaving the chairs stacked on the beach’s over-night.

Beach vendors and operators who do not adhere to this notice should be cautioned that the said structures will be demolished by order of the Development Control Authority (DCA).

The decision comes after discussions held between officials of the Ministry of Tourism and Investment and the DCA geared towards remedying the issue of illegal and unsightly beach structures.

Continuous consultations will be held with vendors and beach operators to find amicable solutions necessary to eliminate the illegal practice of erecting unsuitable structures to ply their trade without disenfranchising anyone.

The Ministry of Tourism which is responsible for all beach vending activities as well as beach safety and security issues, is currently on a drive to drastically improve and standardize the island’s tourism product.

The demolition exercise will be ongoing throughout the month of June.

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  1. Let us only join hearts and hands across our communities and clean up our neighbourhoods. If each community across the island were to do this, what an even more beautiful country we would have. Just think, it starts with one and spreads until the whole country is engulfed in cleanliness.

    • If there is one thing all Antigua citizens can agree upon is that we need to have clean beaches! Clean beaches means no trash, no stupid vendors trying to rip off tourists, no unsightly buildings, and no gangsters destroying reefs via the rental of jet ski’s.

      If we lose the beauty of our beaches, then our entire country will be destroyed and we might as well look to settle elsewhere. I am glad our government is being aggressive about this and I hope they become even more aggressive in getting rid of blight and trash and trashy people.

  2. This may seem to be harsh to vendors in the first instance. However, a wider perspective view must be taken. Unsightly beaches are a major turnoff to tourists, most of whom will not return to our island but may also spread the word of our dirty beaches . Whereas a few vendors may feel the initial “pinch”, the overwhelming majority of residents and stakeholders will benefit from improved beaches and related products. Let’s take a patriotic few, do the right and clean up our beautiful beaches and environs!!!

  3. The ‘vendors’ at the beaches need to be banned! It is a commercial activity and therefore the government has a 100% right to regulate it, or ban it. I wish the government would simply ban commercial activity at beaches.

    Many of the boats, jet ski’s, etc. that are rented out by local gangs to tourists are destroying our reefs and marine life, which makes our water less clear and less clean. Let’s just ban these gangster thugs that destroy our beaches once and for all!

  4. There is a vendor on the Bird Island south beach that has erected and welded together an iron beach stand there. Makes the beach look awful with that metal vending stall sitting there permanently. Something should be done by the DCA there

  5. The jet skis need regulating. They go too fast near beaches and get too close to swimmers. Some beaches should have bans on jet skis to allow the reefs to recover and for the safety of beach users.

  6. How abt jus stopping beach vendors PERIOD…..the harassment and constant begging to employ their services….is annoying

    Give them a place OFF THE BEACH where they can do their vending…..

    And all materials should be taken with them at the end of the day or GET FINED

  7. Why do we only take action when white people are offended. Yes the vendors should be regulated or removed completely and the beaches should be cleaned at least one a week.

    However what about the u sightless vendors in St John’s the largest ghetto in the region.

    What about the Perry Bay squatters

    What about those eyesores around our secondary schools

    Do we need tourists to complain about these before we take action.

    We all know there answer to that so I’ll take my leave here.

    • When someone makes a constructive comment i must support ,regardless who it’s coming from.This is one of those times..Market Street,especially- looks absolutely deplorable,its also very disgusting trying to drive on the road especially on a weekend.Something needs to be done about those vendors there ASAP. I get actually upset every time i drive up Market Street,i do not like to speak about where people are from,since all my immediate relations including child lives in someone else’s country,but most of those vendors are not from here,they should not be allowed to come here and turn our little city into a Shanti town..

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